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Looking for any and all information on Dabrowski/Dombrowski from Poland

valpomike 11 | 197
21 Apr 2009 #1
I have been searching for a very long time, for any and all informantion on Dabrowski/Dombrowski's of Poland. My grandparents.

My grandparents came from Poland around 1900-1903, and passed well living in Gary, Indiana.

If you know of someone, or some place, that help, please send this along.

Thank You all for the help I know you all will be.

Please contact me direct at

Michael Dabrowski
Valparaiso, Indiana
24 Apr 2009 #2
Gee... This is very popular name in Poland. What region of Poland your grandparents came from?
OP valpomike 11 | 197
24 Apr 2009 #3
In my visits to Poland, I only came across a few people with my name, going all over Poland, and checking phone books.

My Grandparents came from near Warsaw, my grandfather came from Broszka, and was born May 30, 1875, and grandmother came from Piotrowice, and was born July 10, 1887.

When on one of my trips to Poland, I did check all the church's around these areas, and was told by the Priest, they had no record, and either, the records were burnt in fires, or just missing.

I have been looking for several years, and tried on a few visits without any luck so far.

Mike Dabrowski


I only have a bit of information on my grandparents, but if you can help.

Grandfather, Ferdynand Dabrowski/Dombrowski born May 30, 1875 in Broszka, Poland, passed away Dec. 14, 1954, Gary, Indiana

Grandmother, Maryanna Dabrowski/Dombrowski, could be M/N Grabowski, born July 10m 1887 in Piotrowice, Poland, passed away August 1, 1954, Gary, Indiana.

This is all I have, I have both death records, but does not show place of birth of parents information.

Michael Dabrowski
Babylon 16 | 192
30 Apr 2009 #4
OP valpomike 11 | 197
30 Apr 2009 #5
This could be great information, if I could read it. It is in Polish, and I can't read Polish.

What does it say? Is there a way to get this in English?

Thank you for your time on this.



Do you know of a site, like the last one you sent in English?

caprice49 4 | 224
17 Aug 2009 #6
This could be great information, if I could read it. It is in Polish, and I can't read Polish.

The site lists various locations and number of Dabrowski in each location.
OP valpomike 11 | 197
7 Dec 2009 #7
Still looking for any and all information on Dabrowski's in Poland, or in the USA.
Can you help?
tadoz 2 | 35
7 Dec 2009 #8
Have you tried Primary School records in Broszki:
Szkoła Podstawowa w Broszkach - 4
98-270 Złoczew
Phone: 0438202243
OP valpomike 11 | 197
25 Aug 2010 #9
Thread attached on merging:
Looking for information on my Grandparents, Dabrowski/Donbrowski

I have been searching for any and all information on my Grandparents, Ferdynand and Maryanna Dabrowski/Donbrowski, who passed away well living in Gary, Indiana, in 1954.

They I am told, came from Poland after 1900, but don't have a correct date. They, again, I am told came from some small villages just south of Warsaw.

Are there any Dabrowski/Dombrowski out there who can help, or anyone with some new ideas to try. I have tried everything I could find.

Grandmother had family in the area of Detroit, Michigan, with you prior to marriage, name, Grabowski.
I am open to any new ideas. Please try and help me, since my Grandparents passed away when I was just young, and they spoke broken English, and I no Polish.

I have tried on two visit, to Poland, to check church records, and was told that they did not have anything.
I hope to see your help soon, since I am not getting any younger, and want to pass this infrormation on to my children and grandchildren, so day.

25 Aug 2010 #10

It might help if you start looking for DĄBROWSKI instead of Dabrowski. Dąb means oak in Polish.
OP valpomike 11 | 197
27 Aug 2010 #11
So what do you mean by this. I know that this could be the case, but can not type with the mark under the A, as you show, can you help.

katbob65 1 | 1
27 Aug 2010 #12
[Moved from]: Dombrowski. Looking for relatives for family history!

Wanting information on my family. Are their any relatives living?

My grandmother's name was Magdelena Dombrowski. She was born in the United States but her parent's were born in Poland. Her father's name was John Dombrowski and her mother's name was Mary. Do not know the mother's surname. Can anyone help?

Thank you so much!

Kathy Znaniecki
Trevek 26 | 1,702
27 Aug 2010 #13
So what do you mean by this.

Not sure if you know, but the ą letter gives a specific pronunciation. Roughly, it sounds a bit like 'ahn' to an English speaker. That's why you have the Dabrowski/Dombrowski spelling.

In a Polish search engine the ą could make all the difference.

The name Dąbrowski is pretty common in Poland. The ą letter is roughly pronounced 'ahn', so this is why you have the 'dombrowski' spelling (also, remember the 'w' is pronounced as a 'v').

Have you seen this thread?
OP valpomike 11 | 197
28 Aug 2010 #14
So what do I need do next for more information?

Trevek 26 | 1,702
28 Aug 2010 #15
Writing to the adress someone gave above is one idea. Another might be to contact the Mormons (really!) as they have a huge geneological library and have copies of church records from a number of places.

Also consider looking at shipping records etc.
OP valpomike 11 | 197
28 Aug 2010 #16
Thank you for your help, and I have, before tried all the scources you gave, and no help, but I won't give up. Do you have any more ideas?


There are many Dabrowski/Dombrowski's around the world, and I would like to talk with, any and all, and would like to find out if you could be family. Write and tell me where you are from, and something on your family background. I have been working on this for several years, and need all the help I can get.

I will look for your reply.


Any Dabrowski's/Dombrowski's, out there, or if you know of one, please have them contact me direct at and could be some one can help me, in my search.

Thank you all in advance, for any and all help you may be.


You mean, all the great people here, and no one can help me, please do whatever you can, even if it is just a idea you have.

plk123 8 | 4,149
18 Sep 2010 #17
have you ever actually followed up on any ideas that you were even given?
OP valpomike 11 | 197
18 Sep 2010 #18
I have, without any luck tried each new idea, and am still looking. Please, if you have a new idea, I want to try it. I will not give up, this information is on my bucket list. I know you all know what a bucket list is. It is a list of things I must get done before, I kick the bucket, and pass away.

20 Sep 2010 #19
Where is your wife?
OP valpomike 11 | 197
20 Sep 2010 #20
Why, I know where your is.

delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
20 Sep 2010 #21
Uh...why don't you just type "Dąbrowski/Dąbrowska" into facebook? There's plenty of them around, I know at least 4!
OP valpomike 11 | 197
21 Sep 2010 #22
I have tried that, with the Dabrowski/Dombrowski facebook site, and still no help, but I did meet some more, with the same name. I check if often.

plk123 8 | 4,149
21 Sep 2010 #23
I have, without any luck tried each new idea, and am still looking.

that is not what i have heard now more then once..

Uh...why don't you just type "Dąbrowski/Dąbrowska" into facebook? There's plenty of them around, I know at least 4!

and there are hundreds and he's not related to most of them.. but one would have to follow up on clues that one comes across, from time to time, to figure out who is whom.
1 Oct 2010 #24
I'm a Dombrowski as well but don't know too much about my grandfather's parents.
OP valpomike 11 | 197
1 Oct 2010 #25
As I do, never give up your search. Someday the door will open, for both of us, and we will know all. I have been searching for years, and won't give up, you should not either.

The Dabrowski's rule, as we both know, but don't know why, yet, but someday we will.

26 Jan 2011 #26
Anyone still checking this thread? I've been searching for Dombrowski roots in Poalnd as well but have very little info to go on. I've scoured shipping records, manifests, marriage documents, birth and death, baptism records, graveyards, history forums, property records, rootsweb,, ellis island, and the LDS only to hit a dead end.

I'm specifically looking for info on a Walter (aka Wladyslaw) Dombrowski, b. March 29 1893
Military records indicated he was from Rosher (sp) Poland (could be Rzeszow).
Walter was known to be illiterate upon arrival in the US so the spelling may be incorrect.
He married Sophie Keller on October 18, 1916 in Jersey City, NJ.
He worked for Seabaord Refrigeration in Jersey City.
He died while living at 321 Pavonia Ave, Jersey City, NJ in 1964.
He and Sophie had several children:
Walter Jr

Any hits appreciated.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
26 Jan 2011 #27
I've been searching for Dombrowski roots in Poalnd as well but have very little info to go on.

That's simply because there is no such name as Dombrowski - the name is Dąbrowski, a quite popular Polish name. You also should be aware that females with that name are called Dąbrowska in accordance with Polish conventions.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
26 Jan 2011 #28
DOMBROWSKI/DĄBROWSKI: both spellings are used in Poland, the dominant one being Dąbrowski (over 80,000 users), whilst the Dombrowski version is used by some 2,700; a topo nick from places such as Dąbrów nad Dąbrowa (Oakville).

For more info on the name's origin and etymology, where its users live, the noble clans they belonged to and the story behind their coat of arms, please contact me
OP valpomike 11 | 197
26 Jan 2011 #29
I just wish I could be of help, but not family, that I know of. Don't give up, I have been at it for several years, work some each day, and will not give up. Dabrowski/Dombrowski's rule.


I just sent off a e-mail to the above address given, and it comes back no good. Can you please re-check and get back to me on this.

9 Feb 2011 #30
So I guess it's safe to assume that Walter is inaccurate as well?

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