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Looking for any and all information on Dabrowski/Dombrowski from Poland

Antek_Stalich 5 | 997    
3 Jun 2011  #61

Not a "Kowalski" by any stretch

Funny thing, among 300+ my relationships on Facebook, there is only one Kowalska (who I know very little). I can't remember I know any Kowalskis except her. Is it really so popular Polish name? Yes, I know one Kowalewski but this is not Kowalski.

Dąbrowski: Distant relatives of mine are Dąbrowskis; and I also know someone else called Dąbrowski and some other Dąbkowska. Yes, that's very popular name.

OP valpomike 11 | 197    
4 Jun 2011  #62

So are Smith and Jones, here in the states, but many are family. I am looking for any and all Dabrowski's/Dombrowski's. I hope some can be family.


Merged: I am looking for any and all Dabrowski-Dombrowski's

My last name is Dabrowski, and my grandparents came from Poland just after 1900, from near Warsaw. When they got to the U.S.A. some of the family changed the spelling of the name to Dombrowski, but not my father.

I have been searching for any and all Dabrowski-Dombrowski's all over, in hopes to find some family.
Are you a Dabrowski-Dombrowski who could have had family come from the area near Warsaw?
Please get back to me, and let's check if we can be family.

mtam1216 - | 1    
15 Sep 2011  #63

My great grandmother was Agniewszka Dabrowska and she immigrated to the USA approximately 1893 and lived in Cleveland, OH. She was married to Vladislaw (Walter) Lasa. The came from Znin, Rogowo. Her father was Maciej Dobrowska and her mother was Katarzyna Malak. If you have an opportunity to access records through the Family History Centers (Mormon Church) you will find quite a few Dabrowskis listed in the Znin area. Agniewszka had a brother Joseph who also immigrated to Cleveland, OH around 1892.

Dabrowski is a very popular name so not sure it this area is helpful to you.

OP valpomike 11 | 197    
15 Sep 2011  #64

My Grandparents came from, Grandmother, Maryanna M/N Grabowski, came from Piotrowice, Poland, and Grandfather, Ferdynand came from either Broszka or Broszkow, Poland.
I have the parish priest, in both area, check, on my visit, for any and all records, and was told, he could not find anything, due to fires, and wars.

Both of these cities, or villages are not far from Warsaw.
Can you help me?
I have sent many e-mail and letters to Poland for information, and to date have received nothing back, and it has been a long time.

18 Nov 2011  #65

Thebigdombrowski is still searching for the origins of Walter and Sophie, though I have more recent information. I can't seem to resolve their immigration to the US and they don't appear in the US census with the children and locations I have records for.

Walter (Wladloaw or Wladplaw or Wladyslaw) Dombrowski, 1892 - 1964, WW2 draft card lists Rosher as birthplace, WW1 lists Galecia (SE Poland). Worked for Seaborad Refrigerated lines in Jersey City (ice house), lived on Pavonia Ave.

Sophie (or Zofia or Zofja) Keilar, 1895 - 1961, supposedly from Krakow, sister Mamie Pierzynoski listed in the obituary, immigrated 1913 according to family folklore.

Both are buried in Holy Name cemetary in Jersey City, New Jersey.

They had children:

Anthony (Toni on birth certifcate) 1919 - 1988
Walter jr (Woctaw on birth certificate) 1917 - 1994
Chester (Czezlaw on birth certificate) 1922 - 2011

Walter (1894 - 1962) is my greatgrandfather.

I have birth certificates, cemetary plot receipts, and draft records, but nothing that can put either of them on a ship from Poland or link them to family in Poland.
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
19 Nov 2011  #66

Not family, but thank you anyway.
None of the Dabrowski lived in New Jersey.

Still looking.

gadeborski 2 | 15    
30 Nov 2011  #67

I am a Deborski and have run into the same sorts of problems. I have a lot of information on the Deborski clan after they came to the US, but little to nothing before that. I am almost certain that the current name is not the name used in Poland. When I do a Soundex search in databases like the Social Security Death Index for Deborski, a whole bunch of names show up, including Dabrowski, Dombrowski, Taborsky, etc. This often happens with names that have "ow" - some of my relatives are Klimoski and some are Klimowski, others are Pankoski or Pankowski. The apparent changes that resulted in Deborski seem to be more radical.

Most of my Polish ancestors settled in Colorado around 1900 and became coal miners with a few farmers and shop keepers in the mix.

Gary Deborski
Michigan, USA
polishmama 3 | 280    
23 Jan 2012  #68

Dabrowski is a very common Polish name in the Baltimore area. As well, Dombrowski and Dobrowski (but pronounced Dombrowski). When I mean common, I mean, in the Polish community there, for a while it was as common as Johnson or Smith today. From what I recall, many came over preWWII. If you drive through the Polish Catholic cemeteries in Baltimore, you will find countless graves with that name. With just a last name and nothing else to go by, it would be impossible to find out more.
29 Jan 2012  #69

My name is Dariusz Dabrowski. I live in Poland. This way I'm trying to find the ancestors of Adam Dabrowski (or Dombrowski – both spelling are possible) my grandfather's brother, who emigrated from Poland before 1913. He arrived to New York from Hamburg, in March 8, 1913 on the Pennsylvania ship. He was 24 years old at this time. He took part in World War I in Europe. He used to live in Baltimore and he was married. He has four children - sons: Bernard(?) and Edward and daughters: Josephine (born in 1931) and Joan (or Jane) (born in 1937). Adam Dabrowski - senior has been lived at 1639 Fleet St. in Baltimore 31 MD.

The only documents that are in my possession it’s the letter from 1949 and photos of Josephine and Jane from that period of time. I have also the photo of Adam - senior from 1944 and 1949. As well I have the photos of his granddaughters. Adam's son - Edward Dabrowski (or Dombrowski) has been living in air base in Hickam on Hawaii, in 1953. Probably he was the US Air Force pilot, and he took part of war in Korea and perhaps in Vietnam. I have two pictures of Edward's daughters from 1953. On one of it is caption: "Hickam A.F.B Hawaii, Oct 1953 Pats (or Pato?)"

I want to contact and find some more information about Dombrowski (or Dabrowski) family and thanks to anyone who can help me with it.
Any information please sends to my e-mail address:

Yours faithfully,
Dariusz Dabrowski
3 Mar 2012  #70

My grandfather was from Poland. His name was Waleryan Dombrowski. He married Lucille Szymanski. I do have more information but I will wait to see if I get a response from this letter. Rita Dombrowski
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
3 Mar 2012  #71

My family name, well they were in Poland was Dabrowski, it was changed some time after they got to the U.S.A.

2 May 2012  #72


Hi Rita,

I am researching this family as I believe Lucy was a relative on my wife's side.

You can reach me at jcengel [Insert at Symbol]

drmick - | 2    
2 Jul 2012  #73

I saw your many posts on this site. I have had recent success in finding info about my Dąbrowski (Dombrowski) ancestors. I keep looking for more. My mother's father came from Dobrzyniewo Duze near Bialystok before 1910. Stanley Dąbrowski was the first in his family to come to Brooklyn, NY before 1910 and his name became Dombrowski. As you probably have found Dąbrowski in Poland is about as common as Smith or Brown in the USA.

I traced our family's history back to the 1800s in Poland and found a lot relatives names but I can't tell if any of them survived WW2 so far. I got most of the info by accident from the VA while trying to track down one of Stanley's brothers, Albin Dombrowski that was killed in WW 1 while serving in the US Army.

Albin Dombrowski was drafted in 1917 while living in Fayette , Ohio.

During that search with the VA, They sent me a package on Albin Dombrowski, but it was the wrong person. He was a veteran of WW2 from Syracuse, NY. No relation to me.

I would be glad to share any info with you.

my direct email:
Mick Dousman
Dobbins, CA

I ran across this story while searching for Jozef Dabrowski

Wladyslaw Dabrowski, son of Jozef and Katarzyna, born on 5-25-1810 in Jedwabne, county of Lomza
I am sure the '1810 ' was a typo, should have been 1910

VIII. Wladyslaw Dabrowski - the defendant pleaded not guilty during the trial, however, in the UB and in The Prosecutor's Office he admitted to guarding Jews for two hours. Witness Eljasz Gradowski talked about him, too. The defendant testified that he had refused to go and Germans hit him on the face and forced him to go. The testimonies of the witnesses: Dabrowska Maria and Jozef Kalczynski that the defendant was laying tiles on the roof of the church at the time, cannot be accepted in the light of the earlier quoted data. Because guarding Jews on the square meant harm in respect to life's safety - which the defendant was well aware of - based on how the events were developing, and how they resulted in bringing Jews to a place of execution - the defendant's act then qualifies from article 2 of the Decree. It needs to be indicated that from the initial stage of the German's conduct, which was assembling Jews - the defendant might have not been able to predict the course of the action, such as the burning and the shooting of the Jews at the cemetery. As for the penalty, considering the significant distance in time since the commitment of crime, the Court has established a sentence of 8 years in prison as satisfactory.

Google this : The Verdict of Circuit Court in Lomza in 1949
15 May 2013  #74

I have a wooden overseas luggage box which appears to have been used to transport Wladyslaw Dabrowski's possessions from Bremen to London (and maybe onward?) on the MS Arkadia in 1962.

This ship was owned by the Greek Line and it's final destination was New York.

Here's a photo of it if you are interested....

www icloud com/photostream/#AD5qXGF1JGBU3d


Forgot to say my email address is
19 Jul 2013  #75

my Last name is Dabrus, my Great Grandfather or Grandfather forget at the moment, when coming to canada changed our last name from Dąbrowski to Dabrus. my email is if needed
Polish Ancestry    
5 Jun 2014  #76

Hello Mike ! are you still looking? My Dobrowski's moved to Montana. But, I do know that they lived in Indiana for a while. I am just beginning to research again after taking a year off.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
5 Jun 2014  #77

Hello Mike ! are you still looking?

Sadly, he is not. RIP Mike.
19 Jan 2015  #78

Hi my name is Malak....I'm from Poland Znin......I've some information about my family....I'm looking aby information about Malak....Dąbrowski/Dombrowski....Ciemnoczolowski.....imigrated to addres:
DSKI - | 1    
26 Mar 2015  #79

Merged: Dabrowski/Dombrowski

Looking for family history on Dabrowski/Dombrowski. I have some going back to the arrival and name change in the USA on 2 JUL 1901.

This is the information I have if it helps anyone and I would like to see if others can help me go further back...

Franciszek Dąbrowski Born 1849
- son Michal Dombrowski Born about 1885 both arrived New York, NY on 2 JUL 1901 on the ship the Zeeland from Antwerp, Belgium

Michal Dombrowski became a naturalized citizen on 21 DEC 1913 in Hudson County, Jersey City, NJ and previous naturalization was Russia.

Michal Dombrowski married Alexandra (nickname Olga) and had 4 Children:

-Alice Dombrowski
-George Dombrowski
-Irene Dombrowski
-Chester Dombrowski (1911 - 1979)

---- Chester married Mary Kleschick had 4 Children:
-------------------------------------Mary Dombrowski (now Braun) (1945 - living)
-------------------------------------Rita Dombrowski (now McFarlane) (1947 - living)
-------------------------------------William Dombrowski (1949-2004)
-------------------------------------Michael Dombrowski (1951 - living)

---------------------------------------------- William Dombrowski married Maria Stephano and had 2 children:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shayne Dombrowski (1974 - living) ME
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shannon Dombrowski (now Cambra) (1977 - living)

If this helps anyone or if anyone has any ties, further information, more detailed history please let me know...
DominicB - | 2,602    
26 Mar 2015  #80

It's one of the most common names in Poland, used by hundreds of families that aren't at all related to each other, like Smith or Jones in English speaking countries. You're going to have to do real genealogical research. You'll need to know places in Poland where these people came from.
19 May 2016  #81

My grandfather Anton Leon Dombrowski born (I think) 1907 from Poland passed away January 1979. He had 17 siblings.
This is the only information my mother gave me. Anton married Joanna
Cirotzki. They had 3 children...Gregor, Martha and Elizabeth
TheOther 5 | 3,328    
19 May 2016  #82


There is only one male Dombrowski in the Social Security Death Index who died in January 1979. His name was Anthony Dombrowski, and he was born 30 Oct 1890.

If he was an immigrant, try to find his name either in the Ellis Island database, or get hold of his naturalization record.
scotslass68 - | 1    
28 Nov 2016  #83

Merged: Trying to find out information about my grandfather- Henryk Dombroski

my grandfather Henryk dombroski was in the polish army and was based here in Scotland at Moncrieff house ,Perthshire around 1941/1942 I say this as my father was born in 1942 my grandfather left here and went to france then apparently went to America ,he was born in warsaw 1913, I am wondering if there is any dombroskis out there that have any relatives tht may fit this,think he went to America around 1946/47 as he was corresponding with my gran until my father was around 5,
4 Jan 2017  #84

my great grandfather was Joseph Dombrowski lived in Hamilton Ontario Canada born Juzef Dąbrowski emigrated from podkarpackie region in Poland (border crossing records from Canada to Niagara Falls NY say he was from Sandomierz or Radom Poland). His father was Adalbert who had a brother Frank Michal who emigrated to Hamtramck Michigan and a sister unknown in Poland.
HelenDombrowski - | 1    
23 Nov 2017  #85


Ancestor to Count Dombrowski

Royal at birth. Heir to the Son of 7 horses

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