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Want to find a person in Poland

25 Jan 2013  #301
Hi there

I am looking for someone by the name of Peter Charsnetsky. This is how it would be pronounced in English but the Surname spelling is most likely incorrect and it translated differently in English than it would be in Polish? Any help would be great.
kpc21 1 | 763    
25 Jan 2013  #302
Piotr Czarniecki or Czarnecki?
27 Jan 2013  #303

This is probably a stretch, but I've done all that I can think of so far, it seems like looking up people in Poland is pretty hard as it is, but I have a second cousin who may still live in Poland.

He visited from Poland when my dad was a teen. I only have a letter that he wrote back to them after he visited, his name is Peter, the year was 1977, and there was no envelope with return address, but on the letter was a town name of Ostrow wlkp.

From what my dad, aunt and uncle can remember he came from my great-grandfathers family, my great-grandfathers surname is Tamol.
Unfortunately, my grandparents are no longer alive, and I only found one living sibling of my great-grandmother, who didn't remember much...
Ach! I'm at such a stand still in this search, for all I know he may not even be in Poland anymore. But if anyone has any suggestions, tips, that I could find this long lost cousin...I'd greatly appreciate it.
jon357 65 | 13,992    
27 Jan 2013  #304
Is it Peter or (much more likely) Piotr, and do you know his surname?
27 Jan 2013  #305
He did sign the letter with the spelling "Peter," so I don't know..and more unfortunately, I'm not sure of the surname, I just know he's related to and very well could be a Tamol.

I'm guessing it's a dead end search. But I've considered looking into Polish consulate here for visitor info/records?
busted - | 1    
  4 Feb 2013  #306
[Moved from]: How to find someone in Lodz, Poland

Hello to All!

I registered here to post this specially. I have full name, date of birth, previous address, ID number, ex cell phone etc. of someone. I cant find this person new address and new phone number. I know exactly that she lives in Lodz and know some places where she hang up ( gym and her friend store etc..) If someone have any idea to find her it would be great to know, even if you are from lodz and can find the person someway, i am willing to pay 500 euro for this information. I couldnt find her in social media or anywhere i can look even I am good investigator.

PM for detailed infos.

Thank you!!!
smurf 39 | 1,991    
4 Feb 2013  #307
Seems legit.
phtoa 9 | 236    
4 Feb 2013  #308
Seems legit

& not creepy at all
smurf 39 | 1,991    
4 Feb 2013  #309
Would you tell him though?
500 quid is decent money in Poland. :P
jump_bunny 5 | 237    
4 Feb 2013  #310
Surely she would have contacted you by now if she wanted to... stop being creepy and leave her alone, just a suggestion.
APF 4 | 106    
4 Feb 2013  #311
Haha from where are you?? Polish girls are often involved in storys like that ..
jump_bunny 5 | 237    
4 Feb 2013  #312
Polish girls are often involved in storys

On what grounds did you make that statement? Please elaborate.
Agnes 1 | 2    
  24 Feb 2013  #313
Looking for a guy named Mirek Radziszewski probably in Bialystok. Im also guessing around 50-60 years old now. From what I know he is not married or have any kids. I have a picture from 24 years ago if that helps. I am his daughter and woluld like to contact him. He worked for my mom in Grodzisk 24 or so years ago.

If you can help me or have any information please email me at agnes_sauseda@yahoo
altayeb bur    
24 Feb 2013  #314
plaeas i need any information abut pani loucyna ko£osko she leave in £od-
Wroclaw 44 | 5,401    
24 Feb 2013  #315
Looking for a guy named Mirek

if you can't find him it might be easier to find other relatives, friends first and make contact that way.
Agnes 1 | 2    
26 Feb 2013  #316
I dont know really anyone that would know him. He worked on my moms farm and got my mom pregnant with me.
26 Feb 2013  #317
I dont know really anyone that would know him.

I know somethings are truly cost prohibitive, but if you've the funds to venture a trip, it might reveal things you never thought possible. Many people are unwilling to say things online or on the phone that they might feel less cautious about saying in person. Sometimes, just expending the money and effort to do something extraordinary is enough to compel people to say things they might not wanna disclose to someone whom they aren't presently facing.
  26 Feb 2013  #318
Looking for a guy named Mirek Radziszewski probably in Bialystok

Agnes you are looking for a Polish guy from Bialystok on a English speaking Polish forum who worked on a farm in Grodzisk,yet you are from Warszawa, Bialystok is a 75 mins drive away from WAW????

Furthermore you are at most 24 years old and you mark escapeartist as your forum/interest 99.9999999% of people under 24 years old in WAW would not know that website exists nor would they be of net-worth to find its contents interesting. I would suggest if you are in the bracket of finding escapeartist interesting and useful, you also have the means to hire a PD to find MR.

Something is not right in Dodge City...
5 Mar 2013  #319
Im looking for joanna petlicka's daughter?
is it you?

Hi are you Joanna Petlicka's daughter 5_horizon?
8 Apr 2013  #320
Hi. I am looking for a family member from Poland, but it is seriously impossible to find anyone there. His name is Jarek Zabka, and he was in Canada(Ontario) during the late 80's and early nineties. I cannot find him anywhere in Canada, and I am assuming he went back to Poland. I also know that during the early nineties he had a brother named Eric Zabka who lived in California. They are both impossible to find, and I am also guessing he went back to Poland as well.
18 Apr 2013  #321
I am trying to find Tomasz and Ewa Zasada. The last address I have for them is Angielska Grobla 7b lok. 6 GdaƄsk 80-756. Is there anyone or anywhere I can get help in contacting them. They had a son Christofer who was born in 1987.

20 Apr 2013  #322
Hello I am polish private investigator. Got quite big experience in finding living relatives. Can I post my email here ? Mayby I can move some of your unsolved cases forward.
MartinN - | 2    
20 Apr 2013  #323
solved it :Click on my nick to see my email
a45rcher - | 1    
20 Apr 2013  #324
[Moved from]: Looking for zbigniew ligus

persons name is: zbigniew ligus

Address is: 54-436 Wroclaw

I wish to contact him and can't find elseware

Thank You
johnb121 4 | 184    
20 Apr 2013  #325
Sorry Ed, that's just the post code for Wroclaw.
14 May 2013  #326
Thank you, Martin. I am trying to locate someone who recently moved back to Poland to be with family after a traumatic experience here in the States and figured a private detective would be a good place to begin. However, finding someone who can easily navigate both the Polish and American systems is not always easy, and it's not always a light expense. I highly doubt this person has internet access and may be "off the grid" completely, although he would have relatives also in the Krakow area that should be (somewhat) accesible. I will contact you privately for more information.


7 Jul 2013  #327

I am looking for a person called Dariusz/Darek Jablonski.He is soldier, from Wroclaw, born on 6 July 1983.
Could you please help me?...

Thank you,

Wroclaw 44 | 5,401    
7 Jul 2013  #328
Dariusz/Darek Jablonski.He is soldier, from Wroclaw,

facebook is your friend. plenty of jablonski's.
7 Jul 2013  #329
Thank you, I tried but didn t find him.
It seems he doesn t have a Facebook account:(
Any other ideas?
mochadot18 13 | 238    
8 Jul 2013  #330
I am looking for Ursza Genowefa Kaczmarczyk. Last know pleace of residence was Krakow, anyway I'm sure no one has/does know her but what the hell why not at least ask if you need moe info ask!!!!

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