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Want to find a person

JonnyM 11 | 2,615
24 Dec 2011 #271
Slawomir Grata

Is he about 25?
11 Jan 2012 #272
plzzz can anyone help me find my relative, their last name is czahoroski. im in america and have no clue how to find out how to contact them. ive tried looking things up on internet but no luck. anyone with information or advice it would be greatly appreciated. my email is ... thanks plz help
17 Jan 2012 #273
I'm looking for my aunt and uncle. Lila Dukala in Dabrowa Gornicza and Ryszard Dukala in Chelm. I lost touch with them and would like to reconnect. A phone number or mailing address. I've tried searching the web but no results come up for my aunt.
gumishu 13 | 6,134
17 Jan 2012 #274
consult a Polish detective - they can easily find people (they probably have access to the copies of national PESEL database although it is illegal I think) - most Polish people don't have any records on their names in the internet
stinger54 1 | 1
20 Jan 2012 #275
[Moved from]: Fabrycy

Just an off chance I might be lucky (or not)
Is there anyone here with the surname, 'Fabrycy'. I'd be delighted if there was. Perhaps someone may know someone of that name. Seems my source is from around Katowice.

My apologies for being rather ignorant, regarding my lack of knowledge of the Polish language. This certainly restricts my ability to do searches etc.
I await with hope on a positive answer, cheers, S
rygar - | 40
20 Jan 2012 #276
it is male name (rather not used nowadays)

but also may be surname.

(first thing from the top after typing 'fabrycy' in google - took me about 1 second to check)
24 Jan 2012 #277
Try "Wies Sw.Jozef na Pokuciu" on Facebook.
2 Feb 2012 #278
hello im from belgium i had a relationship with a girl in spain now after several years im trying to find her again can somebody help me please her name is anja gebauer im not sure about her adress but i think it was os korfantego

27 at katowice poland she has long blond hair hope to hear from somebody
10 Feb 2012 #279
Merged: people search

I am looking for an old friend who probably lives in Warsaw. How can I find him using the internet?
23 Feb 2012 #280
Hi! Looking for polish woman i met in Croatia about 10 years ago. Just found this note at home with her details at the time. Searched some social websites + google without any results.

Her name is Joanna Kowalska but was called Asia alot.
Adress: ul. Dziewiarska 11/1
92311 Lodz Poland.

Phonenumber at the time +48692384135, tried calling it but a middle-aged man answered :)

She should be around 24-30 years of age now.
15 Mar 2012 #281
I'm looking for my old friend Krzysztof Beza who lives in Warsaw,Poland.Please help me locating his currently address and home and cell phone numbers.

Thank you.
brett mcleary
19 Mar 2012 #282
hello my name is Brett Mcleary and i am looking for a polish girl how moved back to Poland sometime after 1990 her name is ANNA and i have been told that her last name was LUCZEWSKI i always thought it was LUCHFSKI or LUSHFSKI. i am desperate to get a hold of this women if anyone knows her or can find information about her i would appreciate it as i do not have the money to fly to Poland.

between 1986 to 1989 she lived in Australia with her mum and dad at the following address .

STREET - 13 laburnum grove

She also when,t to DOVETON HEIGHTS PRIMARY SCHOOL well she was there.
she had 2 friends that lived down the hill from her house
i lived at 7 laburnum grove and CLINTON BOORER lived at number 5 laburnum grove

can anyone over in Poland help me i think Anna would be about 34 now
thank you
19 Mar 2012 #283
Do you have a photo of Krystyna? I know a Krystyna Targonska. She is 25!
catsoldier 62 | 595
20 Mar 2012 #284
hello my name is Brett Mcleary and i am looking for a polish girl how moved back to Poland sometime after 1990 her name is ANNA and i have been told that her last name was LUCZEWSKI i always thought it was LUCHFSKI or LUSHFSKI.

Even if someone did know where she is or how to find her, how do we know that you are not looking to cause her problems? You could be an ex boyfriend posing as Brett McLeary on this forum to find her.
brett mcleary
20 Mar 2012 #285
if you found her and told her how was looking for her she would know i am telling the truth.. we where kids at the time and really good friends if she really wont's proof tell her that when we where kids how was the first boy to give her flowers and if he did it again would she get the flowers or just the note she will know what it means. back then i was using my step fathers surname but now i am now going under my fathers surname of Brett masters and i am in Perth western Australia and it is not hard to find me as i am on Facebook to under both names. i can prove to Anna how i am there are many things only Anna me and Clinton Boorer know about and i have a photo she will remember to. she is a deer friend and was there for me at a hard time in my life and i would very much like to see her again. i can not get to Poland or i would come looking for her myself so with out some one,s help ni may never find her or see her again.
21 Mar 2012 #286
Is there a way to access a Polish phone book online?
I am looking for relatives to my grandfather. I have looked up the surname and found that there are several throughout Poland.
I was hoping to find an online phone book and I could just look up last names (without knowing a first name or any one person specifically)
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
21 Mar 2012 #287
What's his surname? If it's Kowalski or Nowak you're out of luck!
polishmama 3 | 279
21 Mar 2012 #288
Is there a way to access a Polish phone book online?

It would be better if you found out through genealogy search who his relatives are, such as brothers & sisters, and looked that way.

You can also share the name here and maybe someone knows... Good luck!
22 Mar 2012 #289
i am looking for someone in poland i was chatting with. she told me her name and age and gave me her mail id but the mail rebounded. i dont think she intended to give a wrong id, it was probably a mistake. and i cant use search engines, i dont know polish (or whatever the language is called). so i am looking for help.
polishmama 3 | 279
22 Mar 2012 #290
Sorry, but there currently is no white pages for Poland online. Unless a person wants to be found in Poland, you won't find them. As rightly should be because otherwise people have no privacy and therefore no rights. And then crazy stalkers can find them. -.-
31 Mar 2012 #291
How do a find persons from poland using their email. .can someone please look up for this email - is suppose to be the symbol and symbols cannot be used) .thnx
sanvan9396 - | 1
26 Apr 2012 #292
Hello, I'm from Croatia and i had a pen friend from Poland somewhere between 1980-1985. In the meantime i moved and lost every contact with him.

It's been 30 years and I would love to find him but all I have is this old address:

Ryszard Patok

Please if anyone knows anything about this man,let me know :) thank you!
23 Aug 2012 #293
We are trying to trace the above person. Last known address is Wroclaw 54 - 129 UL. Bajana 57. M20. Poland

7 Sep 2012 #294
Some years ago I knew a girl in England. Her name is Boźena and she was from Tarnowskie Gory and studied in Krakow. In spite of my efforts I can't find her. Can anyone help me?
19 Sep 2012 #295
lee i am looking for mr MUG is it you you wally
Pwoj - | 1
7 Oct 2012 #296
Hallo I am looking for my father his name is Andrzej Wojtysiak 03.10.1956 Wroclaw I don't now him didn't never now him. Please help me to find him I just want to now that he is okay. I now that he have a son and I think they live in Wroclaw but I am not surre.
nancy_ringel59 - | 1
12 Nov 2012 #297
[Moved from]: Leszek, Ela, Marcin & Peter Sielski - looking for my cousins in Poland

I am looking for my cousins: Leszek, Ela, Marcin & Peter Sielski from Lodz.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
12 Nov 2012 #298
I am looking for my cousins

first stop: social media (facebook etc). if they are still alive.
6 Jan 2013 #299
hi kind ppl :)

I'm looking for girl whom I met at Warsaw. Her name is Joanna (or Johanna - don't know which one is correct) and she was at "radisson blu sobieski" in august 2012. I've Her foto and uploaded it to google+. maybe someone can help me to find this person PLEASE.
15 Jan 2013 #300
I'm looking for my father.. It says on my birth certificate that his name is Jazec Kuropatnicki. He lived in Sweden for a couple of years until 1994. After that there's no information where he headed. Can somebody help me find him? I'm desperate! If you have any advice how I should do that doesn't cost money or if anyone knows him or his surname, please write to me! You can send me a mail to emma.gustavsson at live . com


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