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Easy way to find out which Polish coat of arm/Clan you belong to.

David_18 68 | 982
15 Feb 2009 #1
If anyone of you are interested to know which Coat of arm/Clan you belong to, just visit this site and type in your surname.

If anyone of you found the coat of arm you belong to, then please share it with us.
Sammie 1 | 6
15 Jul 2009 #2
I did go on the site, unfortunately, I don't read Polish, but I typed in the family name anyway and got this.
Niestety, w bazie nie ma słowa: Kustowski
Niestety, w bazie nie ma słowa: Olsewski
Niestety, w bazie nie ma słowa: Guziak
Have no clue what that means, can you translate please?
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
15 Jul 2009 #3
Have no clue what that means, can you translate please?

The site's database doesn't contain these surnames.
noski 1 | 27
16 Jul 2009 #4
what does this say
herb szlachecki.rodziny nalazace do herbu
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Jul 2009 #5
noble coat of arms. families belonging to the cost of arms.
BTW, try Olszewski, the standard spelling of the name.
krysia 23 | 3,058
16 Jul 2009 #6
Found two different herbs of my ancestors.

It was one of oldest coats of arms. In the middle ages it was one of the richest and took second place in the country after the king's family.

Olszewski is there, with the big "W" and this is what it says:
Najstarszy wizerunek herbu pochodzi 1343 na pieczęci Dobiesława, sędziego kaliskiego. Wcześniejsze wystąpienia kasztelana kruszwickiego Lupusa z 1212r. mają inną formę. Nazwa Abdank może wywodzić się (wg legendy) od słowa "dziękuję" (Hab Dank) wypowiedzianego przez cesarza gdy protoplasta Skarbek wrzucił do jego skrzyń ze złotem swój pierścień.

markskibniewski 3 | 200
24 Jul 2009 #7
I have found my surname to be connected in some way to the Ślepowron clan.Is anyone else associated with this clan or knows something about it? I am unfamiliar with this clan and am very interested if anyone knows of any worthwhile reading material or sources I may look at to gather more info on the subject rather than Wikipedia.
Peter 3 | 248
25 Jul 2009 #8
If you go by the way my family's surname was spelt back in the 1700's it'd be part of the "Sas" clan.
sadieann 2 | 205
25 Jul 2009 #9
Received a photograph of the arms/clan ironically, from Poland today. This is on my husband's Mother's side:

Herb Szlachecki Rodziny
Nalezace do herbu

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Aug 2009 #10
BTW, Sas here does not mean Saxon but is Hungarian for eagle.

Family's Noble Coat of Arms
Belonging to the Coat of Arms
Sammie 1 | 6
22 Sep 2009 #11
Thank you, I knew I had left a letter out of the name. lol
vetala - | 382
30 Dec 2009 #13

Hello there, relative. My family has this CoA except ours looks slightly different due to marriages with other noble families. Unfortunately I don't know much about it other than that it's actually a very common CoA and our former president Jaruzelski had it too.
OP David_18 68 | 982
20 Jul 2010 #14
I did go on the site, unfortunately, I don't read Polish, but I typed in the family name anyway and got this.

Maybe it's harder for people with an Americanised surname.
carynjam77 1 | 2
22 Jul 2010 #15
I don't think my surnames are in there. I looked up Stszeszynski and Walczak. I don't know polish so I am not sure. Can anyone help me with this. LOL. Sorry.
MilwaukeeSon 2 | 5
29 Sep 2010 #16
This was very interesting. Unfortunately, I don't know Polish, otherwise, I'm sure I would've gotten a lot more out of it.

My results were a mixed bag. Some names did not show up at all. Some names, like Markowski, showed up, some even in multiple clans.

Some names did not show up as I spell them, but did show up in slightly different variations. For example, my great grandmother's name of Domachowska did not show up, but Dmachowski did. Are they two different names, or just a variation in spelling? I have no idea. Anyone else have an opinion?

Of course, the most interesting one was Kicki which came up as:

"Herb szlachecki. Rodziny należące do herbu: Kicki, Kiczki lub Kiczka, Plużewski"

I saw above what the translation of that is, but it just leaves me with a lot more questions. I don't think my great-grandfather was a member of the nobility, but I guess he could've been descended from a member of the nobility. Are there any records on-line that I could search for this?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Sep 2010 #17
DMOCHOWSKI: 2 noble lines belonging to the Pobóg and Korwin clans

KICKI: 5 noble lines - Gozdawa, Godzeimba, Gryf, Jelita and Kicki


P£UZEWSKI : no noble assocaition

Most major Polish heraldic devices are viewable at:
f stop 25 | 2,513
30 Sep 2010 #18
I found almost 10 different coats of arms for my last name, but my father tells me we fly Prus I ;)
30 Sep 2010 #19
lol.. Another one of those things that supports most Poles thinking they are noble.. rofl
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Sep 2010 #20
PRUS I aka PÓ£TORA KRZYŻA: Prus (Prussian), also known as Półtora Krzyża (Cross-and-a-Half), depicting a white cross on a red shield with an extra half-bar protruding on the right, was said to have originated when three pagan Prussian warriors converted to Christianity and were awarded the coat of arms by the Polish king. There are other Prus crests numbered II and III which differ from Prus I.
tosha 2 | 7
30 Sep 2010 #21
I typed in Kniazew and this is what I got. My grandparents were Russian/ German, but not sure what area they came from. They're family name could have come from Poland... any thoughts?

Families belonging to the coat of arms: Kniaziewicz, Kniażewicz, Ostojczyk


Families belonging to the coat of arms: Brasewicz, Dyniatyński, Kagiel, Karwat, Kimborowicz, Kniażewski, Kogiel, Kowalski, Kozakiewicz, Lubecki, Mikołajewicz, Młodawski, Młodowski, Mordasewicz, Murdelio, narwhal, Piotrowicz, Snacks, Snarski, Wizgird, Włodawskie, Zilina

11 Mar 2011 #22
enkidu 7 | 623
11 Mar 2011 #23
Are you really, really believe in that?
Do you really think that if your surname is listed, then you are of noble ancestry?
I all of this is just for fun - I'll understand this.

But if that's serious. Woa. That's a mess.
valpomike 11 | 197
11 Mar 2011 #24
Dabrowski has many, how do you know which is yours? Grandparents came from not to far from Warsaw.

20 Mar 2013 #25
any chance you know anything about "Lapic" or "£ąpyć"? I could be way off...

polonius 54 | 420
22 Mar 2013 #26
There is a £aspczyński coat of arms which is a take-off on the better-known Jelita.
8 Apr 2014 #27
My granfather name was Jozef £oś. Are all £oś 's under one crest. I saw Dabrowa. There are different versions of the Dabrowa. The one I found states we are Counts. How can I be sure I have the correct version?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
8 Apr 2014 #28
I think only noble families have Coast of Arms. You should know your genealogy tree quite deep to know if any ancestor was noble and had cast of arms. It's not just simple relation surname = specific coast of arms.
19 May 2014 #29
I cant find my last name, Babieradzki nor Palka
Szalawa 2 | 243
19 May 2014 #30
I bear the Szaława coat of arms, My grandfather told me about it saying we are szlachta


Some palaces belonging to this clan destoyed after WW2 located in Volyn



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