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Easy way to find out which Polish coat of arm/Clan you belong to.

Polonius3 1,016 | 12,529    
30 Nov 2016  #61


That is correct. There were three szlachta (gentry) lines amongst the bearers of the Murawski surname: Dąbrowa, Korab and Łuk. PM me for more info.

Kreuzritter - | 1    
1 Dec 2016  #62

ok will do. need 1 more message cause i just signed up.
27 Mar 2017  #63

1 Apr 2017  #64

kasper wesolowski
Wnuk Antoniego - | 2    
7 Apr 2017  #65

Any information on the Skrodzki family? Four different "herbs" come up on the list.
DominicB - | 2,602    
7 Apr 2017  #66

@Wnuk Antoniego

A "herb" only has meaning in the context of a particular ancestor. They have no meaning today, and haven't had any for a long, long time. If you are able to trace your family tree back to the 1700s, then you would be able to find out what, if any, herb a particular ancestor had. How far have you been able to trace back your family tree?
Wnuk Antoniego - | 2    
7 Apr 2017  #67


Thank you for the reply. Yes, I realize the herbs don't really mean anything anymore. So far I've researched back to the late 18th century - but the research is ongoing!
Ziemowit 9 | 2,757    
7 Apr 2017  #68

So far I've researched back to the late 18th century

This period valid for finding a herb (coat of arms).
DominicB - | 2,602    
7 Apr 2017  #69

So far I've researched back to the late 18th century

If you have indeed identified ancestors from the late 1700s, then the only way to connect them with any herb is to find documents that explicitly connect them to a herb. Without documented evidence, there is no way to determine whether a person belonged to a particular herb or not.
25 Oct 2017  #70

1 Nov 2017  #71

Looking to find out the family coat of arms for the family karakuszka
DominicB - | 2,602    
1 Nov 2017  #72

There probably isn't one. Do you have any evidence that any of your ancestors of that surname were nobles? Or even Polish in the 18th century?

The name is apparently ultimately Ruthenian (Ukrainian) in origin, and is derived from the Turkish word "karak", which means a type of "minor leader or official". The name is used by a very small number (27) of modern Poles, both in that spelling and in the more Polonified spelling of Karakoszko. However, they are almost certainly the descendants of Ruthenians who had become Polonified at some point in time. The current day Poles with that surname live near Jarosław in southeastern Poland, not far from the Ukrainian border. My guess is that there are also people with that surname in what is now the Ukraine.
28 Dec 2017  #73

2 Jan 2018  #74

I been trying to find information out about my family. Zakrowski. I have no clue if they changed it when they came to the country. I have nothing to really to go on just my grandparents were polish.
DominicB - | 2,602    
2 Jan 2018  #75

Probably Zakrzowski. A very rare surname, with only 27 people with that name in the country. that belongs to a single family that originated and still lives predominantly in or near Katowice in southern Poland.
3 Jan 2018  #76

Looking for Przybylinski and Sztyler both polish. Help :/
27 Feb 2018  #77

I am looking for the coast of arms for surname RYDEL and Miklas. Thank you :)

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