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Komorowski clan-name Korczak

Polonius3 994 | 12,380
15 Jun 2010 #1
The likely future president of Poland, Bronisław Komroowski, is from the noble Korczak line. His father was Count Zygmunt Korczak-Komorowski. The clan-name was often part of a Polish nobleman's signature, hence they signed themselves eg:

Stanisław Pobóg-Konarzowski, Aleksander Dołęga-Radzimowski, Michał Lubicz-Kuźmiński, etc.
Besides Korczak, there were at least 15 other noble lines amongst the Komorowski blue-bloods, entitled to use one of such clan-names as: Abdank, Boża Wola, Ciołek, Dołęga, Gryf, Kotwicz, Lis, £abędź and Ślepowron.

Does anyone on PF use a clan-name as part of theri signature?
sobieski 106 | 2,118
15 Jun 2010 #2
He is also directly related to Mathilde, Crown Princess of Belgium. Her mother is a Sapieha-Komorowska.
5 Jul 2010 #3
is there a society or group of the Korczak clan descendants? it is a pity that such valuable heritage be lost or neglected by desecendants. no excuses!

i would like to :) my grand father Ostrowski is from the Korczak clan, i have his crystal seal with the COA engraved and his initials. i don't know how to validate the origins and be allowed to carry the name. i do not live in Poland and am not a citizen. sadly i need a schengen visa to visit.
Ironside 53 | 12,493
5 Jul 2010 #4
Bronisław Komroowski, is from the noble Korczak line.

he is impostor
Varsovian 91 | 634
5 Jul 2010 #5
We have been told by the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE on this forum that they have personally inspected Komorowski's credentials and have established beyond all reasonable doubt that anybody who mentions anything to do with the facts that:

(i) Komorowski was the first defense minister after independence and ideally placed to be in charge of WSI (military intelligence), which was shown to be totally infiltrated by Russian spies and subsequently shut down, and

(ii) Komorowski's father and grandfather were Russian stooges,


Sorry, Ironside, you too must be a LIAR.

Varsovian the LIAR

Mediocrities of the world, I absolve you!
2 Aug 2010 #6
Yes regarding comital title. However the family does belong to the nobility.

1jola 14 | 1,879
10 Jul 2011 #7
How about his wife - the First Lady? She likes to talk about her husband's family, but I've never heard her talk about hers though. What is her family line?
Ironside 53 | 12,493
10 Jul 2011 #8
What is her family line?

delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
10 Jul 2011 #9
Can you refer me to where she openly talks about her parents, please?

Perhaps you might want to start by telling me what someone's parents have to do with them as a person?

I mean - no-one is suggesting that your children are influenced by the actions of an alcohol-fuelled father, are they?

Please keep to the topic and don't post smart-ass comments. Thank you.
1jola 14 | 1,879
10 Jul 2011 #10
Perhaps you might want to start by telling me what someone's parents have to do with them as a person?

If you have children, you will understand.

I'm sure she is a nice lady, raised five children, respected her parents and all. I do remember when a first article in the press came out about her family several months after she rode Gaff's coat tails to the Presidential Palace. Not as glorious as her husband's family, that's for sure. With both parents' dedicated career in the voters might have considered that when making a choice.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
10 Jul 2011 #11
Delph, were you being ironic with the reference to sb's parents?
2 May 2012 #12
hello, can anybody tell me about the Polish family - first wife and children - of my beloved cousin by marriage IGNAZ KORCZAK KOMOROWSKI who lived from the 1950s to 1980s in Fife, Scotland, being unable to return to Communist Poland?

He always told me he had a son who was an army officer, but that he durst not contact his son lest he cause him harm.

Hugo de Burgh
my email address is deburgh
and I am at
2 May 2012 #13
hello, can anybody tell me about the Polish family - first wife and children - of my beloved cousin by marriage IGNAZ KORCZAK KOMOROWSKI

Try the Sikorskiclub in Glasgow or

Good luck
11 Aug 2013 #14
Thank you!
komorowski - | 1
12 Oct 2017 #15

Count Michael Komorowski

My Grandmother's father was Count Michael Komorowski. He might have been born in 1852, as he was supposedly 38 years old when he married in 1890 to Kornelia Szarzynska in Milwaukee in 1890. His occupation was listed as a Vetrinary surgeon. My great grandmother, Kornelia Szarzynska, spoke five languages fluently and graduated from a French University before coming to America. Her two half brothers, Pharmacists, Max and Charles Szarzynski who knew Michael Komoroski, already in Milwaukee, seemed to have brought them together. I don't think my grandmother ever saw her father Michael as he disappeared early in her father's marriage. No one in my family knows what happened to him. Maybe he went back to Poland. According to one cousin of mine letters in Polish talk about bitter disputes regarding his inheritance. The letters cannot be translated because they are in the older Polish language. My grandmother also did some research in the 1960s and found out she is a cousin of General Bor Komorowski. There is also supposed to be a stained glass window in a church - of St. Michael that his parents donated. I will try to find where my Polish forebears were born or lived, but on the marriage certificate it says Austria or Prussia. Any suggestions for finding out more about my ancestors? I also hit a dead end with the Szarzynski bothers
kaprys 3 | 2,249
13 Oct 2017 #16

You can check some information here. They seem to be quite a notable family.
Eighteen century Polish can't be that different from modern day Polish, especially for a native speaker.

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