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Making a Polish ad online on a website to find / search for people?

xkaydees 3 | 3
12 Sep 2010 #1
Is there any website similar to the people search, where I could post an online ad to look for a person? And also wondering if a moderator or someone could help me in translating my ad from English to Polish. Thank you.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
12 Sep 2010 #2
you can use the translation thread
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
12 Sep 2010 #3
If you are looking for someone in Poland try the Poland's Yellow pages.
researchers 4 | 19
15 Jul 2013 #4
Merged: Find a person on fellow .pl?

how to find a person on ? is their any chance to find the person by his email? or any idea .. because i have a doubt on my friend that he has his profile on this website but iam not able to find the profile myself... please help how to find i have his name and email and mobile number any help guys?
jon357 67 | 17,053
15 Jul 2013 #5
No it is not possible. There is however a way to find him on that site. If the person really is your friend it should be very easy. Why are you looking?
researchers 4 | 19
15 Jul 2013 #6
he is my friend but i have doubt that he is on this website also .. on this website i dont found him .. with his name or number ... anyways thank you
jon357 67 | 17,053
15 Jul 2013 #7
Why not ask him for the name of his profile?

BTW, they don't use names/numbers, however the search function is very detailed. It shouldn't be too hard, assuming he's honest about his weight, age, height, eye colour etc.
researchers 4 | 19
15 Jul 2013 #8
Lols well i asked him and he refused that No he don't have any profile on the website but i still have doubt that's its a lie and he is dear friend of mine and i don't know if he is gay .. just wanted to check so...anyways i already stopped searching now as its not very important for me.

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