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Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents

18 Aug 2016 #61
I am trying to help my daughter find out anything about her birth mother, we have a first and last name as well as last known address. What is the best way to start this process? Should we contact the attorney we used while in Poland? The agency we used? The orphanage directly? We adopted 16 years ago so I don't know how long records are kept or where.

We don't speak Polish and I'm sure she doesn't speak English but we would like to at least get some medical info. if possible.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
10 Sep 2016 #62
Hi there, Looking for my biological family. I was adopted in 1988. Any searching tips?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,840
10 Sep 2016 #63
mattier ask your adoptive parents. They must have a wealth of information.
rian2355 - | 1
7 Oct 2016 #64
Nyphri20 / piotrze, your message is already a few years old, how is your search going? Did you find your other siblings? My sister (i.e. within the adoption family) has a very similar story, she was born in 1994 in Poland. Feel free to contact me if you want to compare the original names.

Nyphri20 / piotrze, my sister, born in 1994, was adopted from the orphanage of Stargard SzczeciƄski, does that match the area in which you were looking?
kingadanuta85 - | 2
14 May 2017 #65

Adopted from Poland

I am Kinga.
I was adopted from Poland in 1993.

Hoping to find my siblings.
3 Jun 2017 #66
date of birth? birthplace?
Agnieszka81 - | 3
25 Oct 2017 #67
I am looking for a brother born on 17th June 1086, adopted (most likely) by a family from the Netherlands (unconfirmed information). Please help, maybe you are in this forum. If so, please email me at:

Please help, maybe there are some forums where adoptions looking their parents, parenthood.
Second think on facebook we do have forum, if you looking your parents you can put there your messege, maybe there is someone who looking for you.

The name of the forum:Adoptowani poszukujacy swoich bliskich", there some good people can help you!!!
27 Oct 2017 #68
1k years ago ????
Mileoan24 - | 1
12 Oct 2018 #69
Hi what is your date of birth ??

Hi please contact with me .
18 Nov 2018 #70
Hello, this isn't something I normall do at all. However, I am looking for my brother Adrian (I'm not even sure how he spells it) and my birth parents. I was born in Krakow Poland in 1995 - I was adopted by a family in the U.S and now reside here. My brother would be 2 years older than me - my mother and father would be most likely in their 40(s) at this point. They were teenagers when I was born. I'm trying to include as many specifics as I can. Incase by some chance someone from my family sees this. Thank you.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
18 Nov 2018 #71
Such family reunions rarely end well. After the initial excitement, hugs and a couple of tears, what's next? If you don't have that figured out because of language and distance, let the sleeping dog sleep in peace.
kristi giora
21 Nov 2018 #72
I am in great need of help. trying to find my biological parents. I just found out that we were adopted. I have a twin brother and we were born 09/26/1969. I think we were adopted in Warsaw .. I think we were adopted when we were 1 .. and then moved to Greece and the USA

and help or where I can start looking is greatly appreciated ... you can send me a message at Kristinagiora (messanger/FB)
16 Jan 2019 #73
Hi my name is santino was adopted in poland am age 23 born in 1996 and am just in a place don't no where and how to start my investigate need help
jillianjaye - | 1
12 Jul 2019 #74

My name is Jillian Meisinger and I was adopted in Poland. My date of birth is 07-08-1987 and Carol & John Meisinger of Bristol, Connecticut. U.S.A. adopted me around 2 or 3, maybe from Bialystok Poland. In my home state of Connecticut in the United States, I'm having a hard time finding my adoption records. Unfortunately, the adoptive parents Carol & John Meisinger will not provide me any information on my adoption. This family also disowned me at a young age, causing a lot of hurt anguish for myself. I feel a whole in my heart and am looking for any information in finding who my biological parents are or where I came from?
pawian 176 | 15,393
12 Jul 2019 #75
the adoptive parents Carol & John Meisinger will not provide me any information on my adoption.

In that case, your quest is doomed to failure. However, when there is will, there`s a way too. If you have a lot of money, you can hire legal investigators who might try to find it for you.

Here`s an example:

But that will cost you many thousands $, including travels to Poland.
Philip 666 - | 41
12 Jul 2019 #76

If you had a legal change of name at the time of adoption it means that your case went through family court and then the case was locked.

you need an expert.
MariaO - | 1
11 Aug 2019 #77

I just connected 3 siblings together when on of them was adopted from Poland to Sweden. They had a family meeting (many emotions after almost 40 years...)

Maybe I can help also in your cases?
Please send me a private message at -

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
11 Aug 2019 #78
Such re-unions with the natural parents seldom end well. Life is not a Lifetime movie.
HelpingHand - | 1
11 Sep 2019 #79
I found this thread trying to help my cousin find her birth parents. Her & her sisters were adopted in Poland by an American couple. Would someone be able to point us in the right direction? She has been trying for years with no luck. She has her birth mothers full name & birthdate as well as a former address. As far as her birth father, she has only his name. As I understand, Poland has strict privacy laws so it is difficult for us to do this on our own. Any searching she has done in the past has been a dead end. She really need some answers...or closure. Thank you for any guidance!
12 May 2020 #80
I was born in 1987 and was adopted from an orphanage in Bialystok, Poland. I know no information myself and am seeking help to find my biological family. Have you had any luck?
kaprys 3 | 2,511
13 May 2020 #81
Contact the orphanage.
17 Mar 2021 #82
@kristi giora
I am looking for my mother's birth mother in Warsaw Poland. Have you had any luck with your search. Any tips. Kasia
Novichok 1 | 2,804
18 Mar 2021 #83
Looking for birth mothers seldom ends well.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,840
18 Mar 2021 #84
Honestly kasia don't bother you don't know what worms might be under that stone. My mother was also adopted. Nobody wants to be ' found '.
nyphri22 4 | 5
12 May 2021 #85
Adopted from Poland and i need help with finding siblings. Anyone know any private investigators or an agency that will obtain records?
kaprys 3 | 2,511
2 days ago #86
Due to privacy laws it might be tricky.
Get your own birth record first - make sure it's the original one with your biological parents' names.

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