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Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents

annasurma1983 2 | 5
10 Nov 2011 #31
hello who is adopted from Poland please contact me
kingadanuta85 - | 2
19 Feb 2012 #32
I was adopted from Warsaw in 1993 when I was 7. My family name was Kavecka.
19 Feb 2012 #33
Are you sure about that spelling? The letter V is not a Polish letter. Are you trying to trace your birth family?
28 Feb 2012 #34
My family's name is Pruchnicką, but I don't know if my siblings were adopted too or not, so their last names may have changed.

My family name is Prucknicką, I'm looking for 4 siblings born between 1980-1986
ReservoirDog - | 132
28 Feb 2012 #35
If you are female: Pruchnicka, If male - Pruchnicki.
25 Mar 2012 #36
I wrote you a few years ago and I have been able to find my biological family. It is an amazing story.
I am going back to Poland to meet my biological family this summer again and would like to see if I can find the orphange in Wroclaw this time.

I know I was in the "Children's Home #2."
Any information would be great, or any leads would be helpful.
Thank you for any help and look forward to hearing from you.
26 Sep 2012 #37
Did you find your sibs? I am trying to find my girls sibs. Please let me know. Perhaps we can help each other?
mochadot18 15 | 241
20 Apr 2013 #38
Hello I was adopted from Poland when I was 4. I am now 19 and have been living in the U.S since. The other day I wrote my orphanage and all they gave me was my court case. That is all they said they could give me. I know I have my adoption papers at home that say what my mothers name was and all. I was wondering what I should do next, one person said try to get in touch with a lawyer, but I don't really speak polish (only a few basic phrases). I also have no idea how I would find a lawyer. I was born in Krakow at the,kontakt.php If anyone could please write back and give me some suggestions. I plan on going to Poland in like 2 years for my senior year of college.

Thank you
18 Aug 2013 #39
I was born in Kielce, May 1986. I was adopted to the US in 1989 along with my sister. Trying to retrieve any information on my birth parents. I believe my mother was a seamstress. My polish name was Mateusz and sister is Anya. I belonged to an orphanage and the lady who ran it was Ms. Stojek. That's about all I know.
25 Jan 2014 #40
I was adopted from wroclaw too. I left Poland in 10982nd.
My papers say I had at least ten siblings. I was only four so
These siblings remember me. I need to find d them !

Wroclaw is my home city... I dont think I was put in an orphanage...I am the 11th child..named Jola when born
18 Feb 2014 #41
My Husband Szymon Szulawski(not birth name adopted parents renamed him) was born in Warclaw Poland April 22 1974. He is looking for his birth mom she was 19 around the time he was born. He now lives in CA.........
12 Mar 2014 #42
How did you find the address I am looking for my birth parents I was born in Gdansk . How did you find information please I want to find them so bad but I havent found anything please please help me.
20 Aug 2014 #43
Hi there,
I was wondering if you can help. I also was born in Wroclaw in 1974 in January. I have no information about my birth parents, no address of the orphanage and to be honest Im not sure where to start from. As a baby I was left in the hospital and than adopted about a year later. Would you, please let me know if you managed to find the way to get info about your husbands biological parents? Many thanks Anna
23 Aug 2014 #44
they gave you up! dont bother it just leads to more pain. ive been and done it found a alcoholic "mother" who told me my dad could be anyone who had vodka in the early 80's if they valued you then why did they give you up my "mother" told me the agency paid her for me and it was common to sell kids to americans at that time
fromPoland - | 2
1 Sep 2014 #45

Jola, have you tried to obtain your original birth certficate from Poland?

I helped my friend to find her biological parents in Poland. The best way to start it is to obtain your original birth certificate from Poland so you can see their original names.
25 Oct 2014 #46
I would be able to help you to find your biological parents in Poland.

It might take some time, but it is feasible.

I am a lawyer based in Poland, contact:
19 Jan 2015 #47

I was born in Warsaw and then Adopted in 1964 by Americans. I have all of my papers, parents name and such along with where I was born.

I would like to try to learn more about my parents and even find them if possible . Can anyone help me with this effort. I would then travel to Poland to see if still alive and if so meet them and also gain any health records.

With Best Regards

10 Mar 2015 #48
Merged: ADOPTED IN POLAND? where do i start...

hi I was born in Poland 1995, I don't know when I was adopted, where or anything. my adoptive polish parents moved to Australia, they refuse to tell me anything of my biological parents... WHERE DO I START???? I haven't ever seen my polish birth certificate.... I speak polish but I could potentially only speak it because of my adoptive parents... I could be ******* Russian for all I know... is there anything I can do? I have burns from around about the same age I was adopted (I think 2 years old) on my face, chest, stomach and arm... surely a hospital or doctors or something must have papers regarding this as im assuming it has something to do with my adoption..
Hrvatwithapolak 1 | 23
16 Mar 2015 #49
Merged: Looking for a way to find girlfriends biological father

Hi everyone,

I'll keep this short and sweet, here are the facts:

1) Girlfriend was adopted by step-father 3 years after she was born (evidenced by her birth certificate being printed 3 years after she was born)
2) I know the father's first and last name...but its very common.
3) I know his approximate year of birth, but thats it. Don't know where he was born or anything like that
4) I know he has two son's in their 40's.
5) I know where he worked just before the girlfriend was born.

Any detectives on here..or can anyone point me in a direction?

Thanks so much for your help in advance.
pigsy 7 | 305
16 Mar 2015 #50
First thing where are you starting your search from(location)?
jon357 67 | 16,848
16 Mar 2015 #51
Sounds a bit obvious, but in point 4 you say he has two sons who are fairly young. Do you know their first names? If so, something might come up on Facebook or Nasza Klasa...

Easier to find if you have an idea of the town or even region they're in.
16 Mar 2015 #52
2) I know the father's first and last name...but its very common.

How do you know it? Common practice in Poland when the mother doesn't know the name of the father of a child or doesn't want to name the father of a child is to use a common name which doesn't actually belong to anybody the mother knows.
Hrvatwithapolak 1 | 23
16 Mar 2015 #53
Hey everyone,

Thanks for your comments, i'll respond to them all right now in the best way i can.

1)@pigsy, i'm searching from vancouver, bc, canada. I've tried using but haven't come up with anything yet
2)@jon357, excellent point. Unfortunately, this information comes from the girlfriends mother. I have no way of knowing if its correct or not, but it seems like this entire situation is sensitive so i have no way of knowing if she's being withholding due to embarassment or something else. This is part of my problem

3)@Harry, quite frankly i don't. But based on my searches there's a lot of people with this last name in poland. Didn't know it was common practice to use a common name which doesn't actually belong to someone the mother knows........thats really depressing. But i'll take your word for it here.

The name is question here is Wieslaw Zawadzki
jon357 67 | 16,848
17 Mar 2015 #54
Yes, there are lots of people with that surname in PL - in fact I know a couple of families with that name, one where there were adoptions. PM me with the part of Poland in case that's not a coincidence.
Hrvatwithapolak 1 | 23
17 Mar 2015 #55
@jon357, PM'd. Thanks so much!

Got lucky, thanks to they managed to find records from the gdansk state archive as this guy worked at the shipyard. Got everything we needed, including an for the next step. Michal Gierszon was the guy i dealt with, great english and very prompt in his responses.

Would highly recommend.
Polish lawyer
30 Mar 2015 #56
I am a lawyer based in Poland and would be able to help you with all the adoption inquiries and cases, including questions on Polish records and archives.

contact: +48 695 644 003

25 May 2015 #57
Merged: I was adopted in Poland 26 years ago. Now I'm looking for my mum in Lodz - how to get some information?

Hello i was adopted 26 years ago. I know my mothers name. I also now the orfinache were my stayed. How should i get information?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
26 May 2015 #58
I'd suggest you contact the orphanage for starters. If they will not supply the information, you could engage an adoption lawyer who might be able to help. Some have tried private investigators (detective agencies). Good luck!
10 Dec 2015 #59
Hi All,

I am at the first stage of trying to find any information I can about myself. All I know is that I was born in 1985 put into an orphanage in Białystok, adopted in 1987 to US family. My birth first name is Gabriel. My adoptive parents tell me that that is all the information they were provided by the agency. Are there many orphanages in Bialystok? Is there anywhere I can find names of children adopted to US families from Bialystok in 1987? Where should I start this process? Thank you
30 Mar 2016 #60
My new book called "Separated Lives" is a true story about the adoption of a baby boy and years later a friend taking him on a fascinating but uncertain journey to search for his birth parents. It is available from Dorrance Publishing (in Pittsburgh, PA), Barnes & Noble and

Author: Lynn Assimacopoulos

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