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What does my Polish name mean?

13 May 2020 #301

Jaskiewicz origin and meaning

I am trying to find the regional origin of my last name. Some have speculated that it is Ruthenian, but my family Polish.
13 May 2020 #302

This surname comes from the Polish name Jan (one of the most common in the Polish history)
Definitely Polish.
9 Aug 2020 #303
looking for the meaning and origin of names Gursky, Rachwal, Wesolowski, Elczuk, Zemska
kenski - | 1
9 Aug 2020 #304


Hello, I am looking for information about the name "BIALOSUKENSKI" which is listed as a Polish Jewish name. I am interested in this name because it seems to correspond to my name "BELOSOUKINSKI" which is written this way on French papers. I did not find any other correspondence knowing that my family comes from ODESSA and came to FRANCE in 1917. On the list of victims of the SHOAH figure many assassinated BIALOSUKENSKI. Could you help me confirm that "BELOSOUKINSKI" and "BIALOSUKENSKI" are the same last name? Alas, I was born in France, I never learned Polish and I always thought that I was Russian, because my family comes from ODESSA and that on the French papers appears that my great-grandfather comes from Russia. Thank you for your help and your light.
cleveland0426 - | 1
16 Sep 2020 #305

Need help finding information on surname Podwika

I am helping my family find information on their past relatives the surname is Podwika his grandfather John Podwika came to the states abt 1905-1909 from poland his death record says he was born on Jan 28 1887 in Brzozowa Poland from my understanding there are several places with that name i dont have much information to go on other then is fathers and mothers name was Josephus Podwika and Anna Uchwat
pawian 173 | 12,617
1 day ago #306
Podwika means Wimple in English.

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