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What does my Polish name mean?

11 Jul 2019  #271
Lol, I just want to know the meaning of the family name. The lady with that name was good looking but middle aged so older than me. :P
pawian 154 | 8,546
11 Jul 2019  #272
The meaning? Hard to say. Closest association is with klik which comes from English click. So Klicks could be clicks, that`s all.

but middle aged so older than me.

You shouldn`t be so biased, age doesn` t matter.
kaprys 2 | 1,672
12 Jul 2019  #273
I used to know a couple called Kliks.
As for how popular it is
As for its meaning I don't know, it might be a Polonised version of a German surname considering the surname's distribution or a Polish surname with an obsolete meaning.

Once I met a lady called Lux - and that was probably a transcription of Luchs.

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