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What does my Polish name mean?

11 Jul 2019  #271
Lol, I just want to know the meaning of the family name. The lady with that name was good looking but middle aged so older than me. :P
pawian 159 | 9,463
11 Jul 2019  #272
The meaning? Hard to say. Closest association is with klik which comes from English click. So Klicks could be clicks, that`s all.

but middle aged so older than me.

You shouldn`t be so biased, age doesn` t matter.
kaprys 2 | 1,790
12 Jul 2019  #273
I used to know a couple called Kliks.
As for how popular it is
As for its meaning I don't know, it might be a Polonised version of a German surname considering the surname's distribution or a Polish surname with an obsolete meaning.

Once I met a lady called Lux - and that was probably a transcription of Luchs.
dwwitz - | 1
28 Jul 2019  #274

Family origin of Wieniewitz

Has anyone ever come across anyone in Poland named Wieniewitz or any variation of this spelling? GG Grand Father was Lewis or Luis, immigrated to USA before 1891
kaprys 2 | 1,790
28 Jul 2019  #275
It was probably Wieniewicz. Possibly Ludwik.
halp lol
4 Aug 2019  #276
I saw the name Bromke referenced once or twice in the previous thread, but I have no idea what it could mean. Any suggestions?

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