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What does my Polish name mean?

26 Feb 2023 #361

Meaning of family names and possible crests

Yurkoski, I think.spelled jurkowski originally

And dorshefski

I found some info about a coat of.arms but unsure if jurkowski applies to yurkoski.
26 Feb 2023 #362
Jurkowski is okey and it comes from Jurek. It is aktually Jerzy, a very common name in Poland.
The second is Dorszewski and comes from dorsz and dorsz is a kind of fish (cod) in English.
26 Feb 2023 #363
Is the Slavic name Snowid still in use, or is it obsolete?

I have never heard it used in real life or in historical books or literature.

Snowid - Old Polish masculine name , composed of the elements Sno- ("sleep") and -wid ("to see"). So it can mean "the one who sees dreams".

Would the same hold for the name Poniat?

No sources for it as a first name. It only functioned in surnames, e.g, Poniatowski.
26 Feb 2023 #364
Any ideas on meaning of the surname PELCZAR?
26 Feb 2023 #365
A question about the family name KOSZARSKI.
Might the translation be BASKETMAKER'S SON, or something
in this neighborhood?
26 Feb 2023 #366
surname PELCZAR

Sorry, it means nothing. It only sounds similar to felczer which means feldsher.
29 May 2023 #367
My God Father (Uncle)'s name was Walerian but as a little kid coming to Canada and wanting to use an English variant of his name like his older sister (my mom Zuzana) did he felt that Valerian in English sounded girly, so he went with Walter. I couldn't find much on this, but my mom also had issues as her first name (Janina) she mistranslated and went by the wrong name for years on her driver's license, health card, etc until just a few years ago in her 60s applying for a new Passport they had an issue. Which is odd because they never had an issue with her translation of her name before. So now legally she has one name on her Passport yet a different name on her other documents. She thought Janina translated to Jeannette because another Polish lady with the same Polish name went by that translation. According to the Passport people though it was wrong, and they would not accept it even though she went by that for over 60 years.
11 Jul 2023 #368
Could you please tell me what surname Bubrzycki means?
11 Jul 2023 #369
what surname Bubrzycki means?
19 Sep 2023 #370


hello I know a lot of the Żydek name comes from Andrychów Poland, but i am just looking for anymore info
20 Sep 2023 #371
anymore info

What exactly do you want to know?
21 Sep 2023 #372
basically just anything to do with the name, where its from, and if anyone can locate any familoy members
my babcia had 3 sisters 2 of whom have passed and 2 brothers who we are unsure about. i believe one moved to the USA but not 100%, their names are Henryk Zydek and Tadeusz Zydek. Tadeusz had 2 children a boy and a girl, Henryk i am not sure about
22 Sep 2023 #373
basically just anything

Let's start with the meaning of the word Żydek. Żydek is a small or young Jew. However, the person bearing this surname does not necessarily have to be Jewish. The surname is currently rather unpopular in Poland.
Stan Kosick
26 Sep 2023 #374

Solijan/ Soljan/ (Americanized Solian)

Hello. My great-grandmother was from Trofimowska. The surname was Soljan (sometimes spelled Solyan, Solian, Solijan). She joined a few of her brothers in the US but some stayed back. This was 1905 or so.

I am looking for any information regarding the Name.
9 Nov 2023 #375
Does anyone know the origin of the surname BERWERTZ?

Judging by the results of online surname profilers, it's an extremely rare surname. The "tz" suffix is clearly not Polish and suggests Germanic or Ashkenazi Jewish origins, but I'd really like to find out more.

Years ago, there used to be someone on here who used to post meanings of Polish surnames, but I think the thread has been deleted. I have no idea if they still use this site or not.

This was my great-grandmother's maiden name; maternal family origin is in woj. mazowieckie.
9 Nov 2023 #377
Right poster, wrong thread - that link is for this thread :-)

I haven't used this site for at least 10 years, so the thread I was thinking of must be from 2013 or earlier.
9 Nov 2023 #379
No problem, I had both threads open and pasted the wrong link earlier
20 Nov 2023 #380

Name search - Kobuszewski

Hello everyone
Trying to find origin of surname
Kubushefski there must be correct spelling somewhere. The 1940 census has that spelling also. Supposedly my grandfather came to America in the early 1900 hundreds. Probably changed spelling at Ellis island. Any help would be appreciated thank you Kubu
20 Nov 2023 #381
My guess would be Kobuszewski.
21 Nov 2023 #382

He was a cool actor.
30 Nov 2023 #383
thanks for the reply. Most people think our name russian
5 Dec 2023 #384
Has to do with white cloth mean same bialo is white sukno is cloth kenskl would be on ending like (of or from)
5 Dec 2023 #385
Most people think our name russian

That's because you are Russian.

Your grandparent came in on a Russian passport - he's Russian.

Your grandparent is Russian - you are Russian.

5 Dec 2023 #386
@Kubu, don't listen to Bobko - he's a RuSSian imperialist.

Trying to find origin of surname Kubushefski there must be correct spelling somewhere.

It's Kubuszewski.

Most people think our name russian

It isn't Russian, it's a Polish surname.
5 Dec 2023 #387
It isn't Russian, it's a Polish surname.

Prove it.

5 Dec 2023 #388
@Bobko, Jan Kobuszewski - died before 1874:


That's "Kujbyszewskij". Similar, but not the same. Also, it seems to be only a place name and not a surname in RuSSia?
5 Dec 2023 #389
Jan Kobuszewski - died before 1874

Not to be confused with another Jan Kobuszewski, who died in 2019...

Jan Kobuszewski

... :)
1 Jan 2024 #390

last name origin

My last name is Martusewicz. Does anyone have an idea of its meaning or origin.

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