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What does my Polish name mean?

pawian 224 | 24,560
29 Jun 2021 #331
That is most definitely not a Polish name...

Of course you are correct. But it doesn`t have to be Jewish - it can be of German or Dutch or Scandinavian origin - those nationals could settle in Poland long ago and became Polonised. The OP asked about the Jewish origin - that is why I said it sounded neutral - I didn`t say ity was a Polish surname.
26 Sep 2021 #332
is there anyone with the name of Pskowski in or near RUS Poland
AmastiCleveland - | 1
11 Dec 2021 #333

Surname Mastej-Setlak

Does anyone know anything about the surname Mastej and the family history behind the name? From the Galician region of southern Poland.. When my great grandfather Jan Mastej came to America came to America with his 2 kids Julia and Joseph and pregnant his wife Magdalena Setlak Mastej. In 1919 Ellis island had them change the name to Masti and that is what my current last name is to this day.. When they got to America they traveled to Caspian, Michigan.. Magdalena died while giving birth to my grandfather Adam, and the doctor also presumed my grandfather dead and threw him onto a bed where he bounced onto the floor. Adam was still alive and never knew of this incident until he enlisted in the army for ww2 and was asked of his broken shoulder during a physical? He knew nothing about it and had to ask his sister Julia Masti who informed him.. The doctor was ran out of town and later the Mastej's moved to Cleveland to work in the steel mills..

I was looking for information related to Possible brothers and sisters of Jan's as well as cousins and so on... I do not have birthplace information ether.. Only from poland and at the time it was under Austria-Hungary control and his immigration papers show that as his country as well.. Ruddy skin complexion , green eyes and height 6'0 foot. His fathers name was Petar Mastej. Jan remarried to Anna Tipprovich and they had 1 daughter together. Anna had 2 boys from her widowed husband Eddy & Charlie Tipprovich. Eddy would later change his last name to Masti to help him get a job in the steel mills. My name is Adam Masti and I was named after my grandfather Adam Masti. Adam fought in ww2 in Anzio while in the army and was a truck driver. He died in 1989 in Parma,Ohio a suburb of Cleveland.

Let me know if anyone has any information on the surname Mastej.
25 Feb 2022 #334
I am trying to research my maiden name and find my family in Poland. My last name is Tutka and it is my understanding my family comes from Lublin. My great grandfather left in 1914 and came to America. All I know is his name which was Dominick. I have no other info. It would seem from what I have found that Polish names ending in KA are not common and Tutka in Poland and globally are rare. I would love to find out more about my surname as in where it came from, the meaning etc.

Thanks so much in advance!
5 Mar 2022 #335
Moved from:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what the last name KAPS could have been derived from? I've asked several Polish people and have told me that it doesn't sound like a typical Polish name and sounds like it was actually changed. My father was Poland, his mother from Biyalistok (Bereznowska) and father from Bielsko-Biala (Kaps) ...
Looker - | 1,131
5 Mar 2022 #336

Here is the map of this name - most popular in Germany, but people with this name are also present in Poland (more that 300)

Couldn't find the meaning for this exact name, but for similar - Kap is here:
8 Mar 2022 #337
Hello. I think I posted to the wrong forum. Reposting here. Great grandmother was a Kaczorowski, left Jeleniewo Suwalki 1905 to US. What does name mean? Is it common name in Poland? Jewish? Husband was Konetzki, left Janowka Augustow possibly 1899. Same questions. Thank you.
12 Apr 2022 #338
@TwentiethNovemb e
Polish name have a root word and the root word has many different discrepancies. Wicz mean from Village, Wices from the valley, but if you see a z it noble name. Their are three Slavic langauges, High Slavic were the name like Mieszko is, Lower Slavic were the name like Mieszko is and Common Slavic were the name Myszko would be. Their are rules of language just like English but today's poles burl them now or have forgotten. Check Poznań Project if you get a hit their the surname not Jewish, the Jewish community like all Poles tried not to forget those that where lost. Look at the FHL Family History Libraru or Geni or Myheritage to for hints.
12 Apr 2022 #339
Ski is the ending for Polish Name in the language, ska is the ending for your grandmother, mother sister, sko is full family as I understand it. Slang or later on medieval period ski became ske so, males in USA have ski or ske. Some dropped the I or e all together. Since your in USA American Polish Families in World War II changed the noble z in their surnames to sh for z so Myszko became Myshka.
12 Apr 2022 #340
Polish Jan is John in English or American so Janowka is a form Joan or Joana Augusta. Look up in public library the German Empire Atlas for 1892, German Polish town names if it close to Kraków you may see the town. For #337
12 Apr 2022 #341
Hello in the New England area of the USA their Polish American Clubs lodges where they speak Polish and American freely. Jan is John, Maciej I think is Mark, Masteus is Matthew. So it some from of John Matthew I think. Try Poznań Project search with the church information for marriage record search. Birth and baptism are around same time so try that with Poznań Project. Polish American that arrived between 1850 to 1862 through 1870 where many descendants of the Napoleonic Grand Duchy of Poland or of the Kingdom of Poland armies. So they left from Pommerian or Pomorskie in Polish. Then to Hamburg Germany on Shipping companies like the North German Steamship Company insurance was Lloyd's of London today. The son Joseph will show up in Polish records as Jozef.
12 Apr 2022 #342
Karpo is a region in Poland, Brygiada of Karpa or Karpinski is near Bytow Pomorskie Łódź Army Corp but think the Brygiada was split between facing Pomorskie and slot between Kraków and Kalisz Poland in the World War II Wolynski Brygiada.
gumishu 14 | 6,288
13 Apr 2022 #343
Maciej I think is Mark, Masteus is Matthew

both Maciej and Mateusz are forms of Mathew which arrived in Poland through different routes and at different times
gumishu 14 | 6,288
13 Apr 2022 #344
both Maciej and Mateusz

I was a bit wrong Maciej come from Matthias a diminutive form of Matthew in the Hebrew Bible
jon357 75 | 22,595
13 Apr 2022 #345
Janowka is a form Joan or Joana Augusta

No. Janówka is a place. There are many villages called that. In this case, it is a place called Janówka near Augustów.
Cynsmo - | 1
14 Apr 2022 #346

Smolenski - anyone have relatives with name?

Any relations? Looking for relatives. My great grandfather arrived in US with my great grandmother. Family still in Poland? Curious
rkonczyk - | 4
7 May 2022 #347

family history

i remember awhile back my dad told me that if u trace the family crest back, we were decended from some polish kings... i have no way of corroborating this. 🤷‍♂️ i can't even find so called family crest online. when i was a kid, i used to hate how uncommon my name was here in the u.s., turns out its not even very common in poland. i know 2 of my uncles Stanislaw and Casimir were named after polish kings, does anyone know of a good way to look into stuff like this?
pawian 224 | 24,560
7 May 2022 #348
we were decended from some polish kings... i have no way of corroborating this.

Yes, you have. Cut open one of your veins - what colour blood can you see? Blue? So you are of royal descent indeed. Simple.
4 Aug 2022 #350
[Moved from]: Kandefer Surname


I've been doing research into my Polish heritage and was hoping to connect to others with this surname. My family came from the village of Iwonicz-Zdroj but ended up emigrating around 1900-1905.
Veles - | 200
4 Aug 2022 #351
I typed "Iwonicz-Zdrój Kandefer" in Google, and there are some results showing people with this surname having some businesses nearby this village. It's not a common surname, so possibly there is some relation.
Addison devall
11 Aug 2022 #352

Henryk Szczesny

Hello! I am Henryk Szczesny's great granddaughter and if anyone has any informatipn about him please email me at or just reply on this chat
25 Nov 2022 #353
I am looking to learn more about the surname Szpejna. My great-grandfather Wojciech Szpejna immigrated to the U.S. from a village northwest of Warsaw. I was once told Szpejna could mean "sawdust" from a local dialect in that part of Poland. Or, perhaps Szpejna is a shortened version of longer surname? Thank you.
Paulina 16 | 4,446
25 Nov 2022 #354
@pspana, I don't know about "szpejna", I only know that there's a slang word "szpej" which means "equipment, gear, tools" - stuff like this:

I have no idea where this word comes from and how old it is though.

Or, perhaps Szpejna is a shortened version of longer surname?

There's a Polish surname "Szpejna", so not necessarily.

There are also other Polish surnames beginning with "szpej", btw:
marion kanawha 3 | 95
3 Dec 2022 #355
I've skimmed through this thread.
A good reference is William F. Hoffman's POLISH SURNAMES: ORIGINS & MAEANINGS. As of 2012 it's up to the third edition, VOL. I only. There's a revised Second edition and the original edition from 1993. All of them are now ridiculously expensive or unavailable.

What you can do is request a copy through your inter-library loan system if you belong to your library (USA only). They will search for a copy that another library might have. If it comes, you take it out like a regular library book. When finished your return it. No charge.

This book will give you the English meaning of your last name.
To find out something more about the last name (like in my case a place) you can Google it.. The results will be Polish sometimes. My searches brought up Polish Wikipedia. The menu gives you options to translate the page into English.

My last name is derived from a place --- it's called a "place surname". Doing further Google searches I found out my surname came from the 1500s. That's the period of time when the churches started to require last names (Council of Trent). People were Catholic or Protestant of Orthodox or Jewish. All types of records had to be kept and a surname was starting to become a necessity.
pawian 224 | 24,560
3 Dec 2022 #356
My last name is derived from a place -

Poznański from Poznań????
pawian 224 | 24,560
3 Dec 2022 #357

Wow, you inherited a nice property, I see.

MarieR - | 1
3 Jan 2023 #358

Rozenbaum Bezalel - Research of mygrandfather born in Warsaw


I just start to search information on my grand father Mr Rozenbaum Bezalel born the 17/09/1928 in warsaw

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance
jon357 75 | 22,595
3 Jan 2023 #359
A useful contact is the Jewish Community Organisation in Warsaw. They helped my friend piece together his family tree.

This is a link to their Facebook page
Alien 20 | 5,202
3 Jan 2023 #360
you inherited a nice property, I

Poznański like Kempinski.

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