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Polish Gypsy Roots & Roma ancestors in their families

KORO 1 | 2
13 May 2013 #151
This is a beautiful story, that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Justyna for sharing it, and showing people, that it is not right to make judgements based on color of their skin, religion, language spoken etc. Thank you and wish your dreams will come true.
15 Mar 2014 #152
I lived/worked in few European countries and this is my take on this:
In Europe, Gypsies are regarded as a subgroup that does not contribute much to anything. They live in their dirty little communities on the outskirts of towns. Don't work much, don't go to school much. They are such subgroups in almost every country in Europe (not just Poland). They are known to beg, steal, tell fortune, sing and dance and are regarded more as a liability to the host country because they don't do anything productive. Gypsies are not Poles and Poles are not Gypsies. French Gypsies are just that, FRENCH Gypsies. And this is true for all Europe. In most places it is frowned upon to mix or even befriend them. I believe this is due to the mistrust and the difference in lifestyles.

See for yourself: If you ever travel to Europe notice how many Gypsies are hanging around famous landmarks to place themselves closer to tourists. You can easily recognize them by their long full skirts and their annoying persistency to get your donation. They usually beg, steal and pass notes such as "my child is sick please help", "I'm blind please help", this is all lies. In Paris I saw presumably "blind" Gypsy read a note to another. It's a miracle! I was more shocked to see that she can actually read rather than be shocked by the fact that she's not blind. Sometimes they will surround you and tell you bunch of nonsense to distract you and then later you realize your wallet, passport, watch are gone, and so are they. So, if you want to save yourself a lot of trouble, when approached, stand up to them and firmly tell them to GET LOST or get police involved. As much as I tolerate Gypsies I just don't trust them. My advice: IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR CULTURAL ENRICHMENT, LOOK ELSEWHERE....
15 Mar 2014 #154
I am convinced that they are not pure Poles. As it happens, Poles, especially first generation immigrants, tend to be model citizens in every meaning of the word. Their homes are clean, they are friendly, compliant with town ordinances and extremely hardworking. They take pride in their home and how they present themselves in front of others.

I'm sorry about your ordeal, my American neighbor used to be the same. In US you can contact the town and they will make them clean up. Not sure if it's the same where you live...good luck.
15 Mar 2014 #155
Poles, especially first generation immigrants, tend to be model citizens in every meaning of the word. Their homes are clean, they are friendly, compliant with town ordinances and extremely hardworking.

Well, Polish women fit that description. Polish men...not so much. ;-)
Wulkan - | 3,203
15 Mar 2014 #156
I see you like saying self-flattering staff... however you are not the best example of that :-)

That and my past 5 boyfriends being English men haha.

why don't you tell your father that he sucks? :o
26 Sep 2014 #157
I know quite a few lazy white people, who sit around on their sofas drinking soda or beer all day and have major weight problems. Laziness can be anywhere, especially in Virginia. My great grandmother was half gypsy and her family was far from lazy. They were proud of their heritage, took care of the land around them and themselves.

In all of the photos I have seen, there is not one fat person on that side of the family. They had a lot of self respect.
Szalawa 2 | 240
27 Sep 2014 #158
Sometimes people go through hard times in life,some turn to food to try to ease their pain or Drinking...
27 Nov 2014 #159
My grandad was a roman gypsy and my grandma was fully polish. I personally don't count myself as a gypsy, even though I do embrace my roots
1 Dec 2014 #160
My mother was a Gypsy a very fine lady. Her father, brother and sister died in a concentration camp in Poland. I am proud to be a Polish Gypsy.
9 Jan 2015 #161
what does Chawo mean. I remember hearing it as a little kid at family gathering but I never learn roma
12 Jan 2015 #163
ah is it used in slang or in certain context?
jon357 74 | 21,999
12 Jan 2015 #164
Child or boy.

Of low repute, sometimes the child of a loose women (as in 'hoor's get/git'). Probably the origing of chav - in Leeds we've been saying


for years ;-)
12 Jan 2015 #165
Ive also seen ciawo and schawo used?
jon357 74 | 21,999
13 Jan 2015 #166
Sounds right - similar rules apply to the various gypsy dialects around Poland and Germany. Remember that these ways of speaking, together with Angloromani, haven't until recently had much of a written form and do not have standardised spelling - they are also part of a linguistic continuum used by constantly moving groups.
15 Jan 2015 #167
is there a reason it would be a term of endearment or something someone would call themselves by
3 Jun 2015 #168
Merged: Is there any actual evidence that all Poles are Gypsies?

wait- i'm basically half Polish on my mom's side and the information on our roots is a little foggy. so far, mom's not a Gypsy, therefore my siblings/cousins & i aren't Gypsies. her maiden name is Barski and we know that it was shortened from this 12 letter name when her paternal grandfather came to America in the early 1900s (or some time around then, i can't recall).

someone on here posted that all Poles are Gypsies. is there any actual evidence to back that up? no disrespect- just pure confusion.
Wulkan - | 3,203
4 Jun 2015 #169
someone on here posted that all Poles are Gypsies

There are a lot of trolls on this forum, just pay no attention.
4 Jun 2015 #170
" Chawo "

it just means young boy - from southern spanish slang or gypsy speak 'chavale'.
In English 'chavvy' which got shorterned to 'chav' and then redefined into modern slang.
Romano ciawo
29 Jun 2015 #171
Ciawo means a gypsy boy or a gypsy child.... No gypsy would call an outsider a ciawo a outsider who is a young male would be called rakoro. Hoped I helped you
Polsko ciawo
29 Jun 2015 #172
Loada people here say gypsies are dirty that they steal that they are not educated that they enslave women (enslave women who ever thinks that must be really ****** up in the head I am a polish gypsy and we do not enslave women people these days are really ****** up) that they beg (polish gypsies DO NOT beg we are not Romanian gypsies who ever thinks that is handicap if you'd watch a documentary about Romanian gypsies then you'd hear the person say that polish gypsies DO NOT beg) etc lots of people steal lots of people are dirty lots of people are not educated lots of people beg I've seen it my self so why do people only accuse gypsies for doing stuff like that if other people do it we gypsies don't go murdering people like youse do we don't go rapping women and children gypsy women are not sluts or prostitutes they don't give there hole for money or have sex with 5 people a day they don't cheat on their husbands we don't harras foreigners because we are not racist like you people are. We got our own rules if you people had the rules that we have then the world would be a better place so stop saying that we do stuff like that you better look at your own kind first and then try accuse us of doing **** because it looks like your kind does far more worse then what you accused us of. I am proud of being a gypsy so you should be ashamed of yourself European
29 Jun 2015 #173
See if a homeless person would knock on a gypsies door and asked for some bread they would welcome him with open hands feed him until he is full they would offer him a place to stay give him money and clean clothes because they are not greedy for food they wuld give you to eat and they wouldn't eat there selfs cause gypsies arnt greedy they are nice people and they think about others not just there selfs and if a homeless person would knock on an outsiders door most of them would kick him out and threaten him with the police if he wouldn't leave cause that's how most of them are. I know this cause I have seen gypsies do that and outsiders

Stick to one username only, thanks.
Sandi Mac - | 1
10 Jul 2015 #174
Hi i am Australian born Prussian/( German community town in Prussia ) decent on my great grandpa ( Ompa ) & grandma's (Oma ) history who emigrated to Australia and the town where they were born is now a Polish town as Prussia was divided up after it was at war with Germany,Russia and sum Baltic countries and that back ground is what i am totally drawn to and as a Pagan with this history i feel i am a Pagan Gypsy and on my fathers side is 5 generations of Irish emigrated to Australia .

So drawn the Baltic and a lil to the Celtic, which all countries have gypsies, and called different names, i found a very in depth good and interesting read at > Roma Gypsies and their Indian Origin-Genetic Evidence, type this into Google and it has a lot of Historic info regarding where all gypsies originated from.As for back in Hilter's day,he slaughtered hundreds of thousands gypsies as he felt them to be beggar's and inferior the same as Jews.They have beggars in every country and they are just poor peoples not gypsies so being in a gypsy i think is better as they support each other .

Yes i guess in the depression and way back when they did beg and travel from town to town for work ,for the seasons for fruits picking and such like nomads of Africa and Arab countries. Many countries as England & UK call their gypsies now a days Travellers , Europe is Roma's, Eastern Europe are Roma and Sinti, but we are all the same , very family orientated and community drawn and work to support each other in the community. I have read lots of different historical books,reports and documents about all Gypsies form around the world .. Gypsies and travellers of today are quiet different to long ago have changed due to the laws, climate changes and different class of peoples we now are producing .

Anyway just my opinion ..... this is Polish which is very close to old Prussian
it means Blessings to you and yours .......... błogosławieństwo dla Ciebie i Ciebie :) Thank you for letting me join in conversation :)

I agree with you there's a lot of fat lazy white and indigenous peoples in UK,Europe and Australia who don't want to work and have filthy homes and bring their kids up swearing and dirty ,i am sure there's a lot of thieves in and around all airports and public places ,i was in

Europe & UK 3 yrs ago ,saw lot of beggars in the streets esp Paris, but no gypsies .

18 May 2016 #175
Would any expert out there know if the name Muta could hail from any Roma clans?
26 Apr 2017 #176
I have a question.. I'm a mixed race female (white & Caribbean ) I've had a relationship with a polish guy who is also half gypsy so he says.. anyways he did tell me that he had been asked at 17 to have a marriage he said no he wasn't ready. Anyways he be turning 20 this year and it will no doubt happen again where he asked for this arranged marriage. My problem is, is that we spoke about it and he told me he would say no he don't want to he not ready he don't want to marry he wants to marry who he wants. Well now few weeks on from saying that to me he now saying he don't want to be with me cause of the marriage thing and how he will have to go through with it :\ iam very confused and hurt cause I'm also now pregnant with his child.
27 Jun 2017 #177
Can you answer a question for me??
Myatska - | 6
17 Nov 2017 #178
I found out from taking a very in-depth DNA test that my mother's dziadzio bequeathed me a mixture of Polish, Romanian and a little bit of Roma gypsy ancestry. My mother's babcia Johanna Eisner that emigrated from Poland 🇵🇱 was 100% Ashkenazi Jewish
Myatska - | 6
28 Nov 2017 #179
My maternal grandfather's father my mother's dziadzio John Brzoska I found out from a very in-depth DNA test gave me a mixture of Polish, Romanian and a little bit of Roma Gypsy ancestry. It's incredible because my maternal grandfather looked like he could've been a full blooded Roma. My mother babcia Johanna Eisner that emigrated from Poland too was 100% full blooded Ashkenazi Jewish

The way DNA is inherited it's impossible to say how many generations back my Roma ancestry is because even though it least 12.890625% of my ancestry is Ashkenazi Jewish I only inherited 4.37% Ashkenazi Jewish DNA. I have 2.2% South Asian DNA and the average full blooded Roma has 22% South Asian DNA from what I've read
13 Apr 2018 #180
I had an ancestor last name Sinta. His daughter married a Polish man. I was told I had the gypsy in me when I was 18 by an uncle related by marriage and my grandmother got angry at him for saying that. I am now 67. They didn't want people to know they were mixed Polish Gypsies here in America.

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