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tracing my family roots- the surname Tarasiewicz?

25 Nov 2006 #1
I am trying to discover more about a gentleman called "Zigmunty Tarasiewicz" he came to the UK just after WW2 along with quite a large number of other older generation poles, Zigmunty married a british female called Margaret whom happened to be my father's mother though i am not 100% sure if he was born prior to Zigmunty and Margaret's marriage or before as my father was born in 1947. Tragically my father died age 53 in 2000, 6mths later i traced Zigmunty to an address in the Derbyshire area of UK called South Normanton, where he had lived since prior to Margaret death in the mid 1980's, but due to the shock of being told my father had died i didnt persue asking questions and i believe as no contact has been made in a while that it is possible that Zigmunty may have passed away.

If anyone knows how i can go about discovering my ancestry and polish connection this would be really appreciative :-)

thanks to all

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
25 Nov 2006 #2
The name is probably Zygmunt.
rdywenur 1 | 157
29 May 2010 #3
My parents had friends names Tarasiewicz but they live in central NY.
TimTucson - | 1
3 Apr 2011 #4
Hello Tara,

My great-grandmother's surname is Tarasiewicz. My sister and I went to Poland in 2009 and found family members in the farming communities of Szabin and Krasnybor, in the area south of Augustow and north of Bialystok. At a village church there, the parish priest told us that older birth and death records records are kept regionally. You might start with the website and see where that takes you. While in Warsaw, we walked by a gallery featuring Leon Tarasiewicz' artwork; I did some Internet research when I got back home, and he is a well-known artist from this same region, the borderlands between Poland and Belarus. From this, I am assuming that the family came from this area.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Apr 2011 #5
TARASIEWICZ: patronymic nick for the son of Taras (a popular Ukrainian first name).
kulick3 - | 1
8 Sep 2011 #6
I am tracing my great grandmother, Petronella Tarasiewicz, as well. She was born on June 17, 1882 in Sejny Poland. She came to the USA in 1906 and was married in 1907. She lived in both Maynard and Lowell Ma.

Sejny is not that far from Augustow. Do you know what Parish would have the records for either Augustow or Sejny?

30 Nov 2014 #7
It sounds like an eastern polish name from the former eastern territories. Your family may have been ukrainian or belorussian poles. Wicz is a name ending commonly found in the east of poland, and many of the poles who came to the west after the war came from lwow and wilno.
Jordan Giese
7 Aug 2021 #8
I know this is very late, but my grandfathers name was Peter Tarasiewicz, (passed in 2016)who was married to Sally Tarasiewicz, and had their daughter Andrea (my mother) and son Peter III, and his son Peter IIII (passed in 2017). Those names you mentioned sound very familiar, the Tarasiewicz is an old name and has a lot of interesting history. I've been researching a lot as well, and trying to find history of my last name Giese. Been thinking about getting a Ancestry subscription, I've just questioned if it's all real.

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