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Polish Gypsy Roots & Roma ancestors in their families

3 Jun 2006 #1
Hello... I was just wanting to ask a question... How many people here who are Polish or of Polish roots know of any Roma/Gypsy ancestors in their families?
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3 Jun 2006 #2
Well, as far as I know the Gypsies see it as a "dishonor" to have a relationship with someone beyoned their own kind. (as far as I know they have to have a permission from their "elders" to be engaged wits omeone beyoned their "clan") So I don`t think that you`ll find many people who have Gypsie roots here.

The Gypsies are for Central/Eastern Europe - you can compare them to the Moroccans who live in ghettos in W. Europe - in most cases they both make out their living with robberies, muggings, pickpocketing, smuggling, and begging.. You could see an example of what they are capable of during that loud murder in Belgium where 2 Gypsies (who had a Polish citizenship) had killed a Belgian boy becaouse they wanted to have his MP3 player.
bossie 1 | 123
19 Jun 2006 #3
You can find many Gypsies claiming to be Polish or having Polish citizenship. But you are not likely to find a single Polish who calls himself a Gypsy. In general these two genres live separately with single exceptions (I only know of one or two villages somwhere far where Poles and Gypsies actually mix). Polish fing Gypsies inferior (thieves, beggars, women enslaving), and the latter don't do much to ever change it.

Answering your question in brief - hardly any or none.
23 Jul 2006 #4
i am half polish half gypsy . So in effect i should claim to be a gypsy.

i hjave a Polish citizenship and an Australian one.
23 Jul 2006 #5
Ok well Half Gypsy sir ji... U know Gypsies came from India. And you are a Polish citizen so u must have something nice to say about Poland at least... do u? Cause so far Ive only seen that Australian pride trying to put down Polish. So it seems u put down ur roots... Putting down Poland is one, and now India... *tsk *tsk *tsk :)
23 Jul 2006 #6
U know Gypsies came from India

Hmm - interesting (never heard of it before..) but it's quite likely. I meet some Gypsies once a year when we are on a catholic pilgrimage to Merrillville, Indiana, in the summer months. They are always well-prepared (have tents up before we reach the destination - their families assist them in doing it) and have plenty of good foods :).
16 Dec 2006 #7
I believe one of my ancestors was a romowie.. They never mentioned it though.. They were Roman Catholic, they had Polish surnames. Although they had straight black hair, olive skin, and black eyes.. I know my great grandmother was Polish and Ukrainian with these features. I even did a Autosomal DNA test, and it showed 100% European. I must say this comprises of Northern European, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Mediterranean. Most of my ancestry is English though. I have fairly light skin but not pale, red-brown (more brown) hair, and black eyes myself.
Eurola 4 | 1,902
16 Dec 2006 #8
Autosomal DNA test

Where and how it is done?
16 Dec 2006 #9
You can take 2 types of autosomal tests. One is a percentage test through Ancestry By DNA and the other is a population match test from DNA Tribes. I can't seem to post the links to their websites but if you just add a dot com after the company names, you'll get their websites.
Eurola 4 | 1,902
16 Dec 2006 #10
Thanks shewolf. I found some good info here :
17 Jan 2007 #11
All Poles are Gypsies.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
17 Jan 2007 #12
U know Gypsies came from India

All Poles are Gypsies.

therefore all poles are indian...

... so could somebody explain why i cant get a decent curry in poland...

cheers then
30 Jan 2007 #13
Well with the hundreds of Polish relatives I have, a small handful are dark haired with a more olive skin. We are mostly light haired and blue eyed. They (mostly the old generation) seem to dislike all others, mostly dislike Russians and Germans. I have heard stories of relatives in the old country who were taught not ever to mingle with the Gypsies, they were dirty drunk and dangerous. My relatives are all from Ontario, now, but most were born in Poland. Only a few tall relatives, most average height and some short, mostly women. My grandfather had a few years in a Siberian prison camp, he hated Russians more than anything, and Germans of course. The young crowd don't show too many strong opinions about politics or hating anyone. Not many old school relatives left now. They were all stubborn about learning English, and I was stubborn about learning Polish. I wish I learned more like my other cousins, they were forced to speak Polish and to go to Church. I was raised more Canadian than anything, except for the food, my mother cooked Polish mostly, and when relatives were together everything was pure Polish. Lots of eating, drinking and arguing about politics from the oldsters. That's my observations on Polish culture!
uk_ 8 | 85
20 Feb 2007 #14
Feb 20, 07 [15:41] - Attached on merging:
need information about polish gypsy "cygan"

i need some information about " cygan" or gypsy in poland.

for example.... any famous singer, their life style & cultural difference with poles..

also you can give me web address where i can get more information
5 Apr 2007 #15
i was in paris last week, and the gypsies there ALL had dark hair and olive skin- they didnt seem recognizeable as polish- are the gypsies in france polish often, too?

none of this is intended to sound racist
9 Apr 2007 #16
Today, 22:28 - Attached on merging:
polish gypsy

Aloha-Just found out my great grandmother was a polish gypsy. My sis told me she was a card reader, and a "kustovian"(not sure of spelling) gypsy. We were told this was a well respected type of gypsy. Anyone know anything else?-Carey I know my grandmother's maiden name was Bulda, but not sure of her mothers.
5 May 2007 #17
to anyone who can answer a ?
I was born in poland was adopted and moved to the states.
i would like to find my roots. it's been very hard. where on the web can i turn for answers.
6 May 2007 #18
I believe that name gypsy was not given accidentally to European Romany (tsigans). Part of those who are called Romany now, really came from Egypt, they were simply a part of Hebrews , exiled from Egypt. Can you imagine 600.000 families would spread from Eastern Egypt throughout surrounding countries. Some of them could mix with Romany of Indian origin. Even more, those hebrews , probably, had in them ancient Indian blood all along, before they even became slaves in Egypt during some historical period. The name Romany, Romans, which they prefer now-days, sounds surprisingly close to Raamses, or Rimasses, city where they worked as slaves under pharaoh.
Sweet Wildcat - | 1
12 Nov 2007 #19
If "Gypsy" people "roamed" in these areas including Poland, what would anyone suspect. Of course there could be Rom or Gypsy heritage is certain cases. Regardless of a race staying within it's own heritage, they will mate with others if preservation is necessary.
z_darius 14 | 3,965
12 Nov 2007 #20
The name Romany, Romans, which they prefer now-days, sounds surprisingly close to Raamses, or Rimasses, city where they worked as slaves under pharaoh

Not even close.
Genetics allegedly shows that Romani oroginate from India about 40 generations ago. It is generally accepted that there are on average 4 generation for each century, which would put the origins of Romani at about 1000 A.D. Even with some rounding up or down, it is impossible for the Romani to have been slaves in Egypt.
16 Nov 2007 #21
Anyone know anything about the last name Gil from Widelka Poland? How about Czyryt from Luchow Gorny?
24 Nov 2007 #22
hahaha egyptians. hell no i am romano gypsy and proud to be one as i am proud to be indian too
prettypretty 1 | 12
1 Dec 2007 #23
I'm Polish and Gypsy... but being first gen american, my background has always been rather mysterious... I was raised like a regular Polish-American girl mostly by my dad's side of the family... and they have very beautiful polish features (blondes, gray and green eyes) and I'm pretty but always felt like the ugly duckling because I have black hair and black eyes and a very oval face. They always call me gypsy girl and my dad always tells people he's not sure if I'm his daughter. When I dyed my hair blonde, I get compliments like "ohh you finally look like one of us!" "You are a Polish Princess now!"

When I started to get really antsy about all this (I was like 15) my mom started telling me all these family stories about my great-grandmother the gypsy and how she ran away to marry a pole, even with 2 kids from a ypsy but I don't know who my actual great-grandfather was. My grandma had a very exotic look, like full gypsy and I'm always told I look like her. She married an American.

I never really knew anything about romany though, but researching.. I start to make sense, and it's quite clear that it is in my roots!
9 Dec 2007 #24
Random question but my grandmother- the people in her neighborgood remember her when she was a young girl, she married my grandfather and it wasn't ever spoken of, my dad's been called out by modern gypsies, they say he belongs to their kind, he refuses to believe it as it is looked down upon by the polish in the area where he grew up, but they do show him an elevated respect, i've encountered a few in my day and they've asked me to travel with them, i'm a little modern in my upbringing so i refused but it is nothing i am ashamed grandmother still won't talk about it, and that's that....
rohit21sa 1 | 8
9 Dec 2007 #25
I know some polish gypsy who live in england with family. They are the laziest. never work, uneducated

why don't you poles teach them some lesson

their tradition and culture completely different then polish.

i heard they have their own law, king
24 Jan 2008 #26
hi i am married to a romany gypsy in the uk most romany gypsys do not like to be called gypsys they prefere the phrase traveller gypsy in the uk is commonley associated with the irish who are not true travellers
31 Jan 2008 #27
31 Jan 2008 #28
All Poles are Gypsies.

hah yeah. Of course we all are Jews too. I am heh
9 Mar 2008 #29
i am not gypsy but i am considered as a gypsy in front of my boyfriend's polish mother. i dont know her but i seem to like my polish mother in law. i just discovered im ugly if i look like a gypsie
9 Mar 2008 #30
noo You are not considered being a Gypsy
only thing is that i was warning You that some people might confuse Your face lines with Gypsies and that You might get disrespected because of the fact that some polish gypsies has given a bad name to the nation by bumming around and being dirty...

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