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Polish kishka

15 Sep 2014  #61

I just got some from Kramarczuk's in Minneapolis, MN and fried it up with a scrambled egg and a BIG sauteed red onion, sliced thick. I had to remove the skin because it absolutely refused to take a non-goopy consistency, but it turned out like a pate once it finished and I spread it on some homemade rye sourdough with hot whole grain mustard and a bit of masowiecki cheeese. I threw in a zubrowka/apple juice cocktail to drink, for good measure.

My mouth is in heaven.

1 Jul 2015  #62

pulaskis meat products in linden nj sell their products out of state you can order kielbasa, kishka, babka, chruscik, pierogi, coldcuts like blood and tongue, krakowska, can even get those cottage hams that you cant get in stores anymore. they ship quickly and you get within 2 days reasonable prices
17 Aug 2015  #63

Fried with fried eggs the best.
28 Jan 2016  #64

For those near Cleveland Ohio..go to Jaworski's in Middleburg Hts Ohio on Pearl Rd. The best Kiszka and Kielbasa!
7 Apr 2016  #65

Buy excellent at urban yaks in erie
4 Dec 2016  #66

Trawka's Market Erie, PA. Corner of E8th and Payne Ave. Excellent kishka and many other sausages, golumpki, etc.

Urbaniak Brothers Quality Meats...has excellent kishka/sausages as well. Erie PA at 24th and German.

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