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Polish kishka

15 Sep 2014 #61
I just got some from Kramarczuk's in Minneapolis, MN and fried it up with a scrambled egg and a BIG sauteed red onion, sliced thick. I had to remove the skin because it absolutely refused to take a non-goopy consistency, but it turned out like a pate once it finished and I spread it on some homemade rye sourdough with hot whole grain mustard and a bit of masowiecki cheeese. I threw in a zubrowka/apple juice cocktail to drink, for good measure.

My mouth is in heaven.
1 Jul 2015 #62
pulaskis meat products in linden nj sell their products out of state you can order kielbasa, kishka, babka, chruscik, pierogi, coldcuts like blood and tongue, krakowska, can even get those cottage hams that you cant get in stores anymore. they ship quickly and you get within 2 days reasonable prices
17 Aug 2015 #63
Fried with fried eggs the best.
28 Jan 2016 #64
For those near Cleveland Ohio..go to Jaworski's in Middleburg Hts Ohio on Pearl Rd. The best Kiszka and Kielbasa!
7 Apr 2016 #65
Buy excellent at urban yaks in erie
4 Dec 2016 #66
Trawka's Market Erie, PA. Corner of E8th and Payne Ave. Excellent kishka and many other sausages, golumpki, etc.

Urbaniak Brothers Quality Meats...has excellent kishka/sausages as well. Erie PA at 24th and German.
14 Aug 2017 #67
Italian girl marry's Slovenian guy..just made kiska,blood sausage we bought on west side of Cleveland,Ohio.we Lived in Ohio 67 years,married since 72.Raddells on 478 E.152nd street 44110.Have bought at many different. Butchers is the BEST AT RADDELLS.So cook bought a lot & brought down to Florida....
9 Mar 2018 #68
stores in new york state that sell kiska poughkeepsie or kingston
4 May 2019 #69
S&D Polish Deli in the Strip. You have to visit this place. bigots is fantastic.
Lyzko 29 | 7,108
4 May 2019 #70
The "bigoTs" I could do without, however the bigoS can't get enough of:-) S&D Deli, eh? Have to remember that!
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
5 May 2019 #71
Kiszka = the fastest way to get indigestion. Goes well with Tums or pepto. Mixes well with vodka.
Joker 2 | 1,287
6 May 2019 #72
I love Polish food, but not Kishka. It looks like blood sausage and smells nasty also! No Thanks:(

Mixes well with vodka.

Everything, mixes well with vodka:)
Miloslaw 8 | 2,425
6 May 2019 #73
Kishka. It looks like blood sausage and smells nasty also

That's because it is blood sausage.... :-)
I don't have a problem with it,but then, I have an iron constitution and am used to French cuisine, which has much more disgusting stuff than Polish cuisine....LOL!!
8 Dec 2020 #74
The Ashland Sausage Company is a Polish family owned business in its second generation located at 280 Westgate, Carol Stream, IL 60188 Phone 630-690-2699
You won't find a better-tasting kiszka.
10 Dec 2020 #75
I am looking for someone to make kishka with. I have been making it for about 10 years and am looking for a partner. I line in Lower Burrell PA which in 20 miles north of Pittsburgh PA Mark Mazur
pawian 176 | 13,997
10 Dec 2020 #76
am looking for a partner.

Does kishka become better when you have a partner?

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