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Abortion - how is the Polish government going to deal with this issue?

aussie_expat 5 | 41  
9 May 2009 /  #271
some of you people make me sick.yeah I am smart but not on drugs I smoke weed which is legal.

Well if its not our job to play god and kill then why is the death penalty legal?
Thats still murder isn't it?

And I think you misunderstood *maybe your high?*. I don't think woman would get pregnant if she was going to die, but some women are at risk of death when pregnant which is why abortion becomes an option.
grethomory 1 | 154  
13 May 2009 /  #272
If the final decision is her's then it rises some doubts.

ha, if it is a one night stand or a fool around buddy...what makes you think that guy is going to be with that girl if he doesn't love her? Number 1 reason is this...they were sleeping around before...not in love with her. As I stated before, a woman would not be considering abortion under normal circumstances. I wouldn't trust that some guy was going to be there for me. Regardless if a guy pays child support it still is not enough to take care of a child when you are on your own. A check ever other week is nothing compared to 24/7 of taking care of a child.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
14 May 2009 /  #273
No doubt Tusk is asking around for ideas ;) ;)

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