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Native Polish women living in the US - do they prefer Polish guys?

7 Jan 2007 /  #1
This question is directed towards Polish women living in America for any length of time.

Pushing stereotypical attitudes about American men aside, do you think native Polish women in the US have an automatic preference, no matter how small, for a Polish guy living here, over an American guy ? I am taking into account that both guys would be attractive, kind, and polite. I haven't seen this through actions of my Polish women friends, but it is talked about sometime, how a couple of these girls think Polish men are generally better than US guys. These same girls, however would talk about an ex-boyfriend in Poland that was an ass, and didn't know how to show them affection.

C'mon, girls. We're not ALL beer drinking, football watching, frat boys. Some of us know how to treat a woman.

Eurola 4 | 1900  
7 Jan 2007 /  #2
I don't really have a preference. Both kinds have issues.
I was married to a polish man, but now I mostly date American men. I think, they have less expectations when it comes to cooking, cleaning and other domestic chores. Polish men tend to think, it's my job... Also, polish men do not like it when their girlfriend (wife) has her own circle of friends. They get jealous and suspicious.

However, polish guys are excellent in fixing stuff around the house. They seem to be born knowing how the plumbing and electricity works :)
American men have to call a plumber when the faucet leaks (and a washer needs to be changed). However, I don't have my mind set on neither and I'm open to date both.

American men like to go out, movies, restaurants, trips and seem to be more generous. I like that.
krysia 23 | 3058  
7 Jan 2007 /  #3
It all depends on the person.
Some Polish girls would tend to go for a Polish guy because they have something in common and understand each other better. They grew up in Poland, same culture, easier to communicate, etc. An American guy might not know much about Poland, it's people, experiences and they might not have much in common.

And Some girls would prefer American guys because they are so different than they are, and they want some excitement. The American guy would learn about Poland and it might make their relationship very interesting. But she could get homesick after a while and try to find comfort in things she is familair with. Mainly a Polish guy.

I was married to an American. Went through hell. He was conceited, narrow minded, saw the world through his narrow mind only and everyone had to kneel before him.

I have a Polish Guy in my life now. Happy! Happy! Happy!
Polish Guys have more respect for women, are more romantic and gentle.
But that is only my observation because I was deeply wounded by an American guy. There are good people and bad people everywhere.
10 Jan 2007 /  #4
I think so, especially if that girl still practices her traditions. I KNOW it is much easier to introduce mom and dad to a Polish guy. The guy already knows how strong the family ties are also knows the customs, etc. There are many American families who say that the "Polish" family has a family gathering when someone sneezes. I have a huge Polish family and so there are always family parties for something. I enjoy it, but someone who is not used to it would RUN! Itallian families are as close to the Polish family structure as I can find in America.
11 Jan 2007 /  #5
Yeah, so true, alot of italians and polish get married here in the US because the cultures are so similar.

And opposites attract. Light Poles go after dark italians and dark italians go after light poles. Not a bad combo, the children are often good looking. Once I met a girl who was half polish half italian. Beautiful blue eyes, black hair, and tan skin. Nice... Only problem is that sometimes Italian men tend to be too short for Polish girls.

I think Polish girls tend to stay away from cultures that are too different. At least I do, but I am a Polish guy.
OP jeff23  
12 Jan 2007 /  #6
Thanks for the input. I understand the connection to someone from your country when you're away from home. However if I was living in Poland, I'd probably prefer to date a Polish girl than maybe an American or English girl. To each his own.
17 Jan 2007 /  #7
And opposites attract. Light Poles go after dark Italians and dark Italians go after light poles. Not a bad combo, the children are often good looking.

As I have an Italian father and Polish mother, you couldn't be closer to the truth, thanks for making my evening :)
ROZ 2 | 93  
17 Jan 2007 /  #8
C'mon, girls. We're not ALL beer drinking, football watching,

You forgot fast cars, boats and loose women...

Get your sheit straight! :)
Eurola 4 | 1900  
17 Jan 2007 /  #9
fast cars, boats and loose women...

...they wish they had... :)

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