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19 Aug 2007
Life / The Narrator voice on Television & Films in Poland [29]

I'm interested in your opinions of how foreign-language films and TV programmes in Poland (nearly) always have a man's voice translating the dialogue.

Not always. Sometimes they use a woman's voice.

Is there only one narrator in the entire country, or are there many identical-sounding ones?

Like I said, they need at least one woman too, so this interesting theory has - unfortunately - failed :)

If you're learning or practicing speaking English, do you find it gets in the way?

Not as much as if they would make the dubbing, you know :)

Do you like it or do you hate it?

Hm. It's not that I love it, but if I have the choice between narrator and dubbing I'd go for narrator. Because Poland has no tradition of doing them so when it is done then the results are (usually) bad. As for narrator you may believe me or not, but when done properly somehow his monotone non-emotional voice is mysteriously mixing in your brain with the original voicetrack, making you feel like listening to the original voices but speaking everything in Polish. In other words - yes, it works.

Of course, when I can choose subtitles I do it, but sometimes, usually if I am very tired and don't want to concentrate on reading too much I prefer narrator too.

Do his smooth tones turn you on

No, they doesn't...

...even on the dullest of documentaries?

...neither in narrated porn :D
19 Aug 2007
Law / I need to get my girlfriend back home from Poland - need legal advice [34]

Marry her.
Where should I send the bill?

ps. seriously, if she exceeded terms of her visa once, then you can forget about her getting another one. BTW, say 'thank you' to the US govt which so generously revoked visa obligation for Poles recently.

...or maybe not.
20 Aug 2007
Life / The Narrator voice on Television & Films in Poland [29]

Failed not. I said nearly always.

I stand corrected then

Watching people's lips move out of time to what they are saying can take more credibility away from a production than it is worth.

That is one problem, but the other is the dubbing is in Poland unpopular. So unpopular that there is no such profession as "voice actor" in Poland. Those who are making some dubs are usually second (or even third) rate, poorly payed and poorly doing the job actors. Some brilliant dubbing examples like Shrek can't change the fact that dubbing in Poland is not being treated seriously (contrary to, for example, Japan where the best voice actors have the status of stars, idols or even showbiz celebrities).

s this a peculiarly Polish phenomenon, or is it more widespread than I had realised?

Good question, it seems it's not widespread concept and quite unique in Europe at least. I know our western neighbours, Germans, are dubbing everything. From what I've heard, whole western Europe don't use narrator - they use subs or dubs. The same goes for our southern slavic brothers, Czechs and Slovaks: dubbing everywhere. But on the other hand I'm pretty sure some shows in Russian tv were narrated (that was few years ago, don't know how is it today). If I'd suspect any other countries that use narrators then it would be the post soviet ones. And the next suspects would be from former eastern block... let's be frank: the narrator was an invention of the poor ones. And in terms of TV/movie industry we were, and still are definitely poor.
21 Aug 2007
Life / The Narrator voice on Television & Films in Poland [29]

I don't think that there is the profession of voice actor anywhere

Like I said before - yes, there is. Certainly in Japan, I remember in Germany there were some actors who specializes in dubbing too and could be called voice actors.

If you are an actor you may be asked to do advertisements for example. This doesn't make you a third rate actor.

No, but where is the point?
If you are known, popular actor, you'll be paid large sum of money for taking part in CMs. If you are some unknown beginner you'll be paid for the same much less. And vice versa - if there is big budget we can hire a big fish, if not then sorry. And the dubbing in Poland is unpopular and poorly paid, so...

It takes a certain amount of skill to narrate or do over the top dubbing. Firstly, if you don't have the voice, you don't get the work. Secondly, you need to be able to read. Think about news readers, they can't afford to make mistakes. In the recording studio you very often have the director, engineer, narrator and sometimes client. This costs money and there is no time for time wasters. There are many other factors that make this job difficult for the ordinary guy on the street.

This is all true, but what if the client is paying poorly and generally doesn't care? Dubbing in Poland is being done almost exlusively for (little) kids' show only. These clients don't have too much to say, neither money to spend.
16 Sep 2007
Language / Pomagac, pomóc [6]

Pomogać w czymś...pomogać w pracz domowej...

Please, when is the instrumental (or locative???) used with pomogac/pomoc w, and when is the genitive used?

Genitive? Never.
Dative is when you say whom are you helping, for example:
I'm helping mother - pomagam (D: komu, czemu?) matce
Help me - pomóż (D: komu, czemu?) mi

Locative or instrumental is when you are precising the action:
I'm helping with the housework - pomagam (w kim, w czym?) w pracach domowych
Help me with this - pomóż mi (z kim, z czym?) z tym
19 Sep 2007
History / Poland-Russia: never-ending story? [1341]

Poland is EU member. Poland isn't free in its activities. It is limited by EU subordination.

That's right, she is.
For example, the production of meat is limited by very strict EU sanitarian standards, and not complying with them results in immediate ban of it on whole internal EU market.

Oh dear, why I brought this digression here, I wonder, I wonder :)
19 Sep 2007
History / Poland-Russia: never-ending story? [1341]

A gratuite step because meat is abundant in world market. And East European EU members gain a reputation of scandalists within the EU.

Keep on dreaming, my friend :)
In fact it's exactly the opposite. That is, as long Russia will keep this groundless embargo every anti-russian Polish vetos will be treated in EU maybe not with joy but with full understanding.

Earlier, Polish diplomats often have tied hands, because of the usual accusation of "typical anti-russian Polish diplomacy". But now even the biggest rusophiles have to keep their mouth shut, and, hey - thats really nice! :)

So I'd say: please Mr. Putin, just keep this embargo longer, much longer... while in the meantime more and more people and countries will understand that Russia is not trustworthy partner to do any business.
8 Jan 2008
Work / Relocating to Krakow, Poland from England. How easy to find a job? [94]

There is absolutely no chance of getting any kind of simple job such as working in shops, pubs - ex-pat pubs included even if you have a good knowledge of the Polish language (which I have)

Really? Sounds strange. If you do have good knowledge of Polish, then you shouldn't have any problem to get such "simple" job.... the question is if you can live by its salary.
24 Jan 2008
Language / So many words for "Kisses" in Polish? [13]

Hmm, let me think...
Cmok = smooch
Buziak is rather informal. For example you'd say it to a child "Daj buziaka mamusi"
Pocałunek is all purpose good one :)
And "całus" sounds kinda noble. And in some tenses there is no verb form of "pocałować", you have to use "całować" then (for example in present: "I'm kissing" - "Ja całuję")
19 Feb 2008
Language / Is this a TRIPLE negative? [9]

Nie ma nic, na żadnych stołach.

Excuse me, this is polish forum not a russian one, thank you

You are all a great resource for someone learning Polish.

Not all, not all...
21 Feb 2008
Language / Double entendres in the Polish language? [37]

smerfy - smurfs or... cops
canarinhos - yeah, the national football Brazilian team. Or the ticket-inspectors in Poland ...although I admit more popular is "kanar" :)
banda - imported from english. Twice: strip of metal delimiting something (for example playing field) or group of people, usually with negative connotation

Życ in Polish means to live but in Silesian it could also mean arse/ass.

This is true, but as the pronouncation is the same the notation differs:
żyć - to live
rzyć - ass (in silesian)
Similar examples:
morze/może - the sea/maybe
hełm/Chełm - helmet/Chełm (city)
bóg/buk - god/beech

cipka/cipa - chicken or vagina

First heard. Ever.
You only use "cip, cip" as onomatopoeic for (small) chicken but you won't call them that way.
21 Feb 2008
Language / Double entendres in the Polish language? [37]

If you haven't noticed, this is link to the free dictionary used by polish net scrabble players... Maybe you can find this entry in other, serious, dictionaries but the one thing is its existance and the other usability. And in my opinion it's close to none. Or maybe none except using it in scrabble - while making sure you're not using vulgar words, of course :)
28 Feb 2008
Language / Kupować vs Kupić [27]

Nie musisz kupić tej książki, jesli nie chcesz.

Such sentence strongly implies "now":
Nie musisz kupić tej książki (teraz), jeśli nie chcesz (choć pewnie i tak będziesz ją potrzebował w przyszłości)
15 Aug 2008

Great work Poland...a huge contribution to safety and stability and good relationships in Europe...thank you, thank you, thank you! *bows*

Not so huge as signing by kanzler Schroeder the "Ribbentrop-Molotov" gaspipe deal, but thank you anyway. BTW, how do you think, where will go Merkel when she retires? Personally I bet for Lukoil, Gazprom would be too trivial (besides, two ex bundeskanzlers in one company..)
15 Aug 2008

What about if suddenly Washington would order Poland to stop the Gas delivery to Germany??? Poles would comply of course...

Oh of course...
We would stop the Gas to Germany and then Russia would do.. absolutely nothing! No, Russia in that case definintely would support Washington's case and would not stop the gas delivery to Poland.

May I ask you to start using some brain when thinking, ok?
15 Aug 2008
News / POLAND TO SIGN US MISSILE SHIELD DEAL TONIGHT [239] know that Georgia started this, don't you?

No, I don't. And nobody who can think does not. Unless he blindly believies in all what Russian propaganda tells. Why don't you ask Georgians what happened there, huh?

You know that all this kerfuffle is about Abkhazia and South Ossetia not wanting to live under georgian boots, don't you?

How about Georgians who lives in Abkhazia and South Ossetia who do not want to live under russian boots, they don't interest you at all, do they?

Shouldn't the US support small, independent people fighting for their freedom and not supporting their jail master???

Definitely. That's why US support Georgia, being invaded by they old russian jail master tanks.
15 Aug 2008

"Bush administration officials have been adamant in asserting that they warned the government in Tbilisi not to let Moscow provoke it into a fight"


Hey, BB if you're still talking with me - so what were the real reasons with the Ribbentrop-Molotov pipe? Already thought it out?
15 Aug 2008

Germany and Russia made a deal to build a new, bigger, better pipeline, what's it to you?

Ever heard of Amber pipeline project, didn't you?

Do you feel threatened?

So don't be surprised we are looking for safety somewhere else

Or is it just the money you won't get any longer???

If we are talking about money... how do you think: which pipeline costs more (MUCH MORE) to bulid and utilize: the one build under Baltic or the one build normally on the ground?

The Idiot gambled and lost and has now to pay for it, to bad!

The "idiot" version of truth:

And what can you say about heroic, "peacemaking" Russian troops marching further into Georgian territory? I thought they wanted to "free" SO only, and now what? Breaks in their tanks got malfunctioned so they can't stop or what?
15 Aug 2008

Think logical's stil a business contract!

Hahahahaha :D I admit, I still don't know if you are really so young and naive or you only pretend to be...
If this was a bussiness contract then pure bussiness merits would decide which pipeline is build


...EON, BASF and Gazprom decided to build much much more expensive variant of it. Halloooo! They decided to earn much less than they could do! What does this mean??? Are they insane or what??

And please, don't make me laugh again saying that such giants as EON or BASF (not to talk about Gazprom :D) don't have anything to do with politics :)

You would be only satisfied if we would cut all our ties to Russia and show them the cold shoulder as you do, am I right?

Could you point all those cases of our cold shoulder we were giving to Russia, I'd gladly hear about them.
16 Aug 2008

In civilized countries this "Georgia attack" is called self-defence, my friend

You are a russophobic paranoid! But that's nothing I can help you with!

Blahblahblah... that's all your arguments, as usual.
You have NO ANSWERS for my questions, don't you?
Yet instead stop and think for awhile, you repeat all the formulas your brain was washed, only louder.
16 Aug 2008
News / Tornado hits Poland [39]

Upper Silesia, right in the middle between Opole and Gliwice
16 Aug 2008
News / Tornado hits Poland [39]

Are Tornado`s indigenous to Poland?

Not at all, they are very rare.
Or maybe I should say: they used to be? 10 years ago there was absolutely none of them, but now they do appear from time to time.
16 Aug 2008
News / POLAND TO SIGN US MISSILE SHIELD DEAL TONIGHT [239] was Nazi-Germany's against Poland....or against Russia some time later!

Yes, yes, exactly as now you know it's Georgians fault, 60 years ago whole Germany knew it was Poland who attacked radiostation in Gliwice.
Except they where wrong...

And you should try some other news input but Fox...

Is Reuters ok?
How can you now explain this another act or Russian aggression?
Oops, I forgot - you never answer uncomfortable questions...
16 Aug 2008

BB, maybe they forgot to teach you about this in schools, so...

The similiarities of that incident to today's war in Georgia are... fascinating.