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28 Apr 2007
Genealogy / What does Surname "FRASKA" mean in Polish??? [12]

I have looked through many websites and still cannot find a true
meaning for my ancestor's surname.
There is even a model house in Poland with that name.
23 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Siekierczyna/Siekierczyn? [6]

Thank you both for that idea. I never thought to go to a Jewish website,
but now that makes sense. :) Since there were many Jewish folk living
in Poland. :)
20 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Siekierczyna/Siekierczyn? [6]

I thought I had it all pinned down, but now I have to do a little more in depth
20 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Siekierczyna/Siekierczyn? [6]

Siekierczyrna or Siekierczyn

Are these two different towns? Or different spellings of the same town?
Searching for birth records of my grandmother.
19 Apr 2007
Feedback / Checker: "You have unread messages in your queue..." [17]

May I ask the the reason to have a Checker? Is it like "Favorite Places"????
Or is used to just eliminate only those sites that interest the person?

I wish to stay in the Genealogy Section.
And have deleted oodles of unnecessary messages.
19 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Looking for Turkiewicz, Maisenhalter, Himmelfardt [7]

For location of Catholic churches, world wide


I come up with nothing in Zubarz, but it can be a surname. There is no such area as "Zubarz", so far as I can see.


Trying to find my relatives who i know little of. Ida Maisenhalter married Julius Hausmann. The lived in lodz before 1912. Julius father name Was albert.

They would have been German.

MAISENHALTER: perhaps from Meise (titmouse) and Halter (holder); might have originated as one of the rather funny-sounding names given to Jews such as Rosenzweig (rose twig), Wasserstein (water stone), Katzenberg (cat hill), etc.

HAUSMANN: house husband (probably suggesting husbandry, ie good economical management).
19 Apr 2007
USA, Canada / Shootings in America; over 30 people shot [52]

Sorry, but the government is going to use this terrible slaughter as another good
excuse to ban handguns. Most licenced handgun owners are responsible, and
God fearing.
With crime in our country escalating, the public has to protect itself, that is why
private homes keep loaded handguns. What is the crime rate in Switzerland?

It is a national tradgedy. Our hearts go out to those innocent victims.
However, the school must take part of the responsibility because of the 2 hr.
lapse of warning the rest of the students.
19 Apr 2007
USA, Canada / Shootings in America; over 30 people shot [52]

There are already in US, many gun laws that are on the books, but
Lawyers for anti-gun lobby are making up more and more laws that people are not aware of, that will take more of our rights away.

Our telephone books in US boast the thickest part of the pages are LAWYERS.

Take the cars off the road, they kill more people than do guns!
19 Apr 2007
Polonia / Your opinion about Greece and the Hellenic Histrory [16]

I'd love to go to a place I think is called Zakynthos(sp)

We have been to Zakinthos, it is where the Greeks get away from the tourists on
the mainland. Relatives told us about it. The town of Zakinthos has a hotel there;
make sure you ask for misquito deterants. Otherwise you will be smacking them
all night and leave blood spots on the walls. LOL Don't be afraid to go off the
beaten track either, residents are friendly. Some families will even put
you up for the night. I love Greece. Learn a bit of their language, and they love you for it.
Ritaki :)
8 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Maludzinska [29]


Type in the name of the city in Poland and you will get a listing of their churches.
God bless you for having such an urge to find out about ancestors.

Please let me know if that website worked for you?
:) :)
3 Apr 2007
Life / Polish Parents are controlling [58]

I never had a Polish mother, but my mother (now dead) could have been one.
She was a hard to live with Yankee. Very cold too.

But the sad part is, that I never was interested in her past, or her relatives.
So now, I have few clues as to her ancestry, and will never get the complete
story of her ancestors.

Those of you still having mothers and fathers to talk with, get them to tell you all
they know about their ancestry. You won't regret it. :)
27 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Zakopane Church Records [3]

Thank you for those coordinates. It would be the mountain resort of Zakopane
in the Tatras. (Miasto)
24 Mar 2007
Life / Natural Cures in Poland? [10]

It's too bad that we did not pay attention to the older folk's remedies, so that we
could pass them on.
24 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Surnames - Fraszka, Mylnarczyk, Lis and Jasko [3]

I live in Massachusetts and am researching my family in Poland.
Right now Zacopane is my target area for birthplace of grandfather,
but need to know church addresses there to write for records.
I hope to gain knowledge of my ancestry, and gain some new polish friends.
I am 1/2 Polish.
I am protestant and of the Baptist Fundamental denomination.
Also like to bird watch from my backyard deck.
Have travelled to Russia, Spain, Greece, Canada, Nova Scotia and Israel.