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Census Records of Galicia - databases online?

Koach 16 | 128  
15 Feb 2007 /  #1

Were censuses taken in Galicia? Also, are databases online?
hello 22 | 891  
15 Feb 2007 /  #2
I guess there were (but dont' think they have it stored online now - if anything, this is paid service)...
10 Apr 2007 /  #3
Have you tried asking that question at the Central Statistical Office in Poland (where census records are archived)? They have a website and email address and the site can be viewed in English as well as Polish:
Tarzana8 3 | 27  
19 Apr 2007 /  #4
Could not access that website. Is it still in use?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
19 Apr 2007 /  #5
Central Statistical Office in Poland

But they have informations about economy, transport, wages etc. not about individuals.

Is it still in use?

Looks like temporarily It's not working.
20 Apr 2007 /  #6
That place is supposed to have older archival records (possibly very early) for the parts of Galicia that were returned to Southern Poland, but try also here:
21 Apr 2007 /  #7
Go to this website
in English version see "data bases" like SEZAM, ELA or PRADZIAD.
In the XIXth century there was census called "kataster galicyjski" so try with it. But you won't have all this data there, only information what it was about and what villages concerned. In order to see it you would have to visit this State Archive in Krakow.

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