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4 Jul 2008
News / Poland: the 51st state of America [119]

According to CIA man James Pavitt, "Poland is the 51st state of America"

- Is he right about it? Why?

How does it make you feel Polish people, that Poland is looked upon by the CIA as nothing but a puppet, slave state of America.

- But does the CIA 'look upon' us this way? where, when?

Poland has no choice but to accept black sites for torture

- What do you mean by this?

build missile bases in Poland that don't work for foreign soldiers,

- And what do you mean by this?

and engage in dumb wars for America like in Iraq.

- Here at least I think I know what you mean. Well, some 90 % (if not more) of Poles have been against this war and our participation. By the way, you don't seem to like us Poles apart from Mr Pavitt's dumb and false opinion about Poland (he should more true to the facts call 'Israel' a 51st American state, but perhaps he wouldn't dare). Are you American? One of those ethnicks (Third World?) who attempt to raise their low self-esteem by joining real-American racists in slamming the Poles? Where did you come from, eh?

2 Jul 2008
News / Father Rydzyk In the News Again [28]

Bet you think it's a pity that Adolf didn't finish the job, eh?

- Why would you bet like this? Aren't you afraid of losing the bet, creep?

Morons like you are the reason that Warsaw's only synagogue is under 24 hour a day armed guard by the Polish police

- You mean I am the reason or one of the reasons the synagogue is guarded? How come? I suspect over-guarding the synagogue is one of the usual Jewish theatrics whose purpose is to create in the outside world the conviction that Jews are always poor oppressed victims (while in reality they are oppressors, e.g. of Palestinians, and of Poles too - re: their hate campaign against us).

You're exactly the kind of Pole who is happy to use a Jewish tombstone as a doorstep.

- What facts would you base your above jugment of poor moi on, arrogant foul-mouthed creep? Aren't you the kind of Jew who tortured and murdered Polish patriots in the 1950s?
2 Jul 2008
News / Daniel Libeskind -Polish Jew supporting Poland [19]

this is how the business works.

- In case of Libeskind and the other mediocrity it shouldn't.

libeskind, by the way, is very clever in marketing his jewish heritage to get the prestigous jobs.

- I've no doubt he is.

one has to understand

- Come on, Falkster, do you really believe I'm such a numb guy I appreciate a bulding in terms of its utility only? The fruits of those two fellows' 'genius' offend my sense of harmony, or aesthetical sense.

i think it is just great...

- Is that what a fellow countryman of the great Gropius, and an architect himself, should really think about this monstrosity? Aren't you merely being politically correct when you're praising it so high? - The 'monument' brings to mind a bunch of carton boxes waiting to be taken onto the truck when one is moving out. It's totally dull, trivial and ugly. No wonder some folks feel like having a pi$$ upon it.

2 Jul 2008
USA, Canada / US wants Poles to visit, spend lots of money :) [28]

Listening to U2 now, 'Lemon'

- I like them. I went three or four times to their concerts (in America).

What about you?

- What specifically are you asking about?

haha, you sound like a dumb stupid pole who comes to this country and knows it all. Hahaha

- Why would I sound so, specifically? As for you, you sound like a typical vicious Polonophobe. 'Dumb stupid pole' is an expression from the American racist's vocabulary. I wonder why Polonophobic racists like you infest Polish forums?

2 Jul 2008
News / The Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, refused to sign the Treaty of Lisbon [43]

My point is that Kaczyński should have voiced his reservations at an earlier stage. Any concerns should have been aired then.

- And didn't he? How do you know that?

Kaczyński is playing political Russian roulette, playing with Tusk and being stubborn

- He's doing specifically what?

he lacks commitment

- You mean he lacks commitment because he refuses to sign an invalid document?

One wonders how he would have behaved had his twin still been in office.

- Why would you wonder about that?

By opting out, this jeopardises the very fabric of it.

- Who's opting out? So far, I know only about the Austrians wanting out of the EU. Any others do too? Who are they?

Don't try and push me into a corner,

- You mean: let me get away with any nonsense I Seanus say? ;)

I've already told u that I don't have hard facts to support a claim that the Poles are draining resources from EU funds

- But nonetheless you're asserting the Poles drain EU resources?

the Polish govt has received numerous set-up grants which have been beneficial and efficacious.

- Haven't other governments received such grants?

Look into the allegations of money mismanagement

- What specific allegations? Is there any proof they are true?

It remains true that Poland has dipped into the coffers quite leisurely at times

- It's again metaphorical speech. What specifically do you mean by that - what facts?

U r picking the wrong guy to scrap with

- Why would you think so? You should value yourself and your intelligence way higher. I'm debating with you because it doesn't seem to be hopeless.

I'm broadly pro-Poland

- But some of your statements don't seem to prove it.
2 Jul 2008
News / Father Rydzyk In the News Again [28]

Not in my experience.

- What kind of 'experence' is that?

I have seen and done what I described. My statistics aboviously look different than yours.

- What specifically have you seen and done? What is your stats?


- No. The evidence of Jewish Polonophobia and racism is abundant.

As to Rydzyk, I'm not a nut-case enough to keep records of his statements

- You mean you cannot prove your negative statements about him?

I've heard a few that have made my ears prick up.

- Can you quote them?

o. Rydzyk: - Jest takie przysłowie: "Jedno jabłko zjedz dziennie, a lekarz będzie z daleka od ciebie". Żydzi to jabłko zamienili na czosnek i teraz wszyscy porządni ludzie są z daleka od nich.

- It reads in English: ' There's a proverb: "Have one apple daily and the doctor will stay away from you." Jews have used garlic instead of apple and now all decent people stay away from them.' - So this is supposed to be the worst evidence of Father Rydzyk's alleged 'antisemitism'?! Why?! :) How does it compare with the rabidly hateful utterances of some Jews, e.g. 'rabbis,' about Poland and Poles?
2 Jul 2008
USA, Canada / US wants Poles to visit, spend lots of money :) [28]

Good point Puzzy. It is defection for sure. Many Poles who go and live in Germany for a few years, having lived in Poland for even longer b4, are the same. They start speaking German and identify themselves more as German. WTF? I would never abandon being Scottish. Sure, I can embrace the cultures that I encounter when I travel, but u shouldn't lose ur identity through it.

- Oh, I haven't been talking solely about the Poles, but by immigrants from other nations as well. I've seen quite a few interesting cases of immigrant behaviour in America.

As for your being Scottish, well, I must admit I suspect you are actually an ethnic guy, perhaps born and living in Scotland. Am I right on that?
2 Jul 2008
News / The Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, refused to sign the Treaty of Lisbon [43]

this is a little different

- And why is that that when Kaczynski doesn't sign it's suddenly 'different'? Why can't it be the same and equal whether Kaczynski or Koehler or any one else signs or doesn't sign the Treaty?

Kaczyński proceeded along a certain road during the preliminary negotiations and also came with some degree of compromise in him

- This selfsame thing can perhaps be said about any of the folks who negotiated the Treaty, can't it?

However, latterly he has been recalcitrant, perhaps due to some Europhobe whispering nonsense in his ear.

- What do you specifically mean by Kaczynski's being 'recalcitrant'? Give facts, please.

U must be decisive and stick 2 ur guns in politics. He has been wavering more than a schizophrenic kite ;)

- You're again talking metaphorically. What do you specifically mean?

I meant, from that 2nd point, that there will be a rock or 2 somewhere along the smooth path

- I take it you mean:' there will be difficulties'? If yes, then what difficulties?

Kaczyński must accept some degree of setback or sacrifice in order to encapsulate the spirit of the treaty.

- Do you mean Kaczynski hasn't accepted some setback or sacrifice? What setback and sacrifice could that be? Hasn't he accepted the Irish 'no' as a setback? What do you mean by 'encapsulate the spirit of the treaty'?

The Poles have prospered immeasurably in some areas as a result of EU intervention.

- Specifically where have the Poles 'prospered immesurably' thanks to the EU? Do you mean the EU has been doing the Poles a favour, without taking anything back? Do you mean: 'EU has been feeding you, ungrateful beggars'?

I maybe implied that the Poles leech but, frankly speaking, I have little solid evidence to back it up.

- So you admit you cannot prove Poles have 'a collective kitty smash and grab approach' to EU?
2 Jul 2008
USA, Canada / US wants Poles to visit, spend lots of money :) [28]

most of the people living in the US have immigrant roots

- Well, but some don't - they were born in the US and raised in the US all their lives. Don't you really see the difference between them and those who come from outside and after a few years time come to believe they are just like those who were born and raised in the US? They start pretending they don't know their native language, treat their countrymen with contempt, etc. It's very very stupid, isn't it?


Where did your screwed up

- How's it going, pervert? How's your sexuality? Still confused as to whether you should screw guinea pigs or fat little boys?
2 Jul 2008
News / Father Rydzyk In the News Again [28]

Rydzyk's simple-mindedness is best shown by the fact that he doesn't see anyone else's views as having any value at all

- Please give evidence (facts) that Fathert Rydzyk 'doesn't see anyone else's views as having any value at all.' In fact, your judgment better applies to Father Rydzyk's main adversary - Michnik, owner of the Gazeta Wyborcza (and fanatic zionist-Polonophobe). It's he who seems to be keen on keeping the monopoly on 'informing' the Poles, the evidence of which is his hacks' constant smear campaign against Father Rydzyk and his media. The purpose of this campaign is to wipe out Rydzyk's media from the Polish media market.

As to people scared away from the church, that comes from people I've spoken to personally, not public appearances

- This seems to signify that even if some people have really been scared away from the Church by Rydzyk, the phenomenon must be totally insignificant in terms of numbers. I wonder how on earth one can be scared away from the Church by the extremely pious Father Rydzyk?

Jews are a very diverse group of people. Some carry a serious and unjustified bias against Poles, and some don't.

- The problem is this 'diversity' is extremely teeny-weeny when it comes to the subject of Poland and Poles, and those Jews who are racist towards the Poles are legion, whereas those who aren't are very few, if any.

You can debate various issues with some of them, and others will just ignore all arguments, no matter how reasonable, and keep repeating the usual mantras.

- How idyllic and optimistic.

Lumping them all into one category is as crazy as assigning uniform character traits or intentions to all Poles, Americans, Brits or Zimbabweans.

- Any Jew would perhaps feel very offended if I didn't classify him as a Jew? So there are uniform categories of people, e.g. Jews. And yes there are traits and 'intentions' that whole groups share. Polonophobia of Jews is an example of such a mass attitude.
2 Jul 2008
News / The Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, refused to sign the Treaty of Lisbon [43]

Not really Puzzy, he lambasted him because he was sitting on the fence, perhaps anticipating a negative outcome for Poland

- In the above phrase, you're saying something metaphorically. State it, please, in a matter-of-fact manner. What do you mean by 'sitting on the fence, perhaps anticipating a negative outcome for Poland'? Can you give any pertinent facts in this respect?

U've gotta accept the bad with the good

- And what specifically do you mean by this?

The EU was borne out of comity principles, not a collective kitty smash and grab approach.

- Do you mean we Poles have 'a collective kitty smash and grab approach' to EU? Any evidence to support your claim? Oh, and thank you so much for your full-of-superiority yet unsolicited preaching to us on what the EU is and isn't.
2 Jul 2008
News / The Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, refused to sign the Treaty of Lisbon [43]

Your info is not correct. Koehler hasn`t refused anything

- Oh yes, he has refused to sign the Treaty. If Kaczynski is required to sign the Treaty despite the fact the Irish have rejected it in a referendum, then Koehler should be required to sign the Treaty despite its being taken to court by the German left-wingers.

The Czech Republic doesn`t matter

- Why not? Are the Czechs less equal than others?

while Poland is a heavyweight player among newly acepted countries

- How 'heavy' a player is Poland, according to you?

If Poland rejects the treaty, it will be a major setback

- What do you specifically mean by 'a major setback'? So you mean the fact the Irish have rejected the Treaty isn't a major setback? Why not? And do you mean that if Poles rejected the Treaty it would be a major setback? Why is that?

Was Sarkozy wrong? Kaczynski is a liar who last yeart negotiated the treaty and today rejects it.... If immoral or just stupid, it is still to decide.... :):)

- Facts show that Kaczynski only suggested that since the Irish have rejected the Treaty then the Treaty does not matter any longer, and so doesn't Kaczynski's signing or not signing the Treaty. Isn't it absurd - and possibly dangerous - to sign an invalid document? Signing an invalid document is lying that the document is valid. Kaczynski's words seem to me rational and truthful. Now how about the folks such as Sarkozy who demand that Kaczynski sign the invalid document? Aren't they up to some big lie?

Good. You may pull out. I am staying and other Poles too....:):):)

- Save us God from 'Poles' like yourself. An advocate of liars, slanderer of Polish President - that's who you appear to be. You're actually a Polonophobe. You say you're a history teacher in Krakow? I can imagine what 'history' you 'teach' the kids.

probably the first thing he's done right in a while

- Really? What wrong things did he do before?
2 Jul 2008
News / Daniel Libeskind -Polish Jew supporting Poland [19]

Very actively supporting Poland.

God bless Polish Jews :)

- Dear oh dear.

My only worry is that these beauties might be placed just across the street from some commie apartment blocks

- These 'commie blocks' aren't any worse to live in than the buildings people live in elsewhere in the world, e.g. in US and UK.

I wonder how much dough did Mr Libeskind collect for his rather mediocre projects? Why is it an American architect who designs buildings in Poland and is paid big money for it rather than a Polish or EU architect?

daniel libeskind is on of the most controversally discussed architects of our time.

- He seems to me a mediocrity as an architect. The buildings he has designed in Poland are lacklustre and ugly.

peter eisenmann (the one who built the holocaust memorial in berlin)

- Do you mean the bunch of concrete slabs sticking out the ground? But it's a total monstrosity - from an aesthetical viewpoint.

but both are equally genius

- The monstrous 'Holokaust' memorial in Berlin is supposed to be evidence of genius?! Oh dear. I've heard some Germans show their aesthetical appreciation to this evidence of 'genius' by using it as a toilet.

2 Jul 2008
News / The Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, refused to sign the Treaty of Lisbon [43]

The Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, refused to sign the Treaty of Lisbo

- But so did the German President Koehler and the Czech President Klaus. And yet the media psychopaths and racists - also in Germany! - have been slamming only the Polish President. The German media nazis are depicting Poland as the chief hampering influence to the unification of Europe. Also, the French President Sarkozy has had some very harsh words only for the Polish President for not signing the Treaty (he suggested Kaczynski was an immoral liar). Therefore it seems Kaczynski is right not to sign the Treaty. Maybe we Poles should pull out altogether from this club of Polonophobes that the EU seems to be?
2 Jul 2008
News / Father Rydzyk In the News Again [28]

Rydzyk is a simple-minded provincial priest who doesn't recognize the fact that his message and way of preaching scare more people away from the church than they actually attract to it.

- Please give specific examples of his alleged simple-mindedness. Give facts as regards those people allegedly scared by Father Rydzyk from the Church.
Concerning your allegation that Father Rydzyk is a 'provincial priest,' in reality his radio and other media are popular not just in the whole of Poland, but among Poles in the whole world. And the enraged reaction to him by the media psychopaths in Europe alone seems to show he's not as obscure and backwards as you seem to paint him.

What he thinks are his "common sense" views most people consider xenophobic and anti-Semitic rants, and I'd personally tend to agree with the latter.

- What specific 'common sense' views of Father Rydzyk 'most people' (who?) 'consider xenophobic and anti-Semitic rants'? This should be easy for you to answer since you 'personally tend to agree' with those people's opinion.

You can certainly point out some pretty questionable actions by Jews and Jewish organizations, but once you cross the threshold into generalizing about "The Jews", you're on pretty shaky ground in my book.

- Do you mean some Jews are Polonophobic but the majority aren't? In my own experience, the opposite is true. The vast majority of Jews I've encountered were Polonophobes. It looked like a mass psychopathy. And the things the Jews blurt out about Poles - openly, without the outraged condemnation from the media and 'human rights' phonies, with total impunity - are hate propaganda and hate-mongering of the worst kind. If we Poles spoke about them the way they speak about us (and we have many reasons not to like the Jews, e.g. because of their communist crimes), we would be castigated by the media psychopaths, media-fooled audience, Jew-philes, etc. out of existence.
2 Jul 2008
News / On the news: 600 of the 700 Polish criminals in Holland come from Warsaw [30]

but on the Russian/Albanian/Transdnester scale

- Are the alleged 'powerful mafia elements' in Poland nastier than Israeli drug smugglers, or Negro gangstas in US (you are from US, aren't you, cyg)? Are they nastier than criminals in UK, e.g. Scotland? Finally, are they nastier than criminal gangs in Holland? I wonder.

2 Jul 2008
USA, Canada / US wants Poles to visit, spend lots of money :) [28]

Are they really going to return back? Lol

- Why would they want to stay in US? In quite a few respects, Poland is a better country to live than US. As Bob Dylan croaks: 'The times a-changin,' you know? If you went to Poland, I would actually wonder whether you were going to 'return back' (sic) to where you came from.

We invited a friend to visit us this summer and she was able to get an appointment at the embassy in less than a week!!!

- Oh God, it's pathetic.

That's stricktly for us Americans.

- Are you a trueblue American or one of those immigrants who after a few years of living there get screwed on their minds and start pretending they're natives (examples in this forum: darius, mirandupa - both from Canada)? Your English certainly doesn't seem to be trueblue American.

29 Jun 2008
Love / Polish Gay Life [142]

I'm apparently polonophobic because I am uncomfortable with my sexuality. Yes. Thats makes sense Piddly. Why didnt I think of that myself.

- So you admit your racism comes from your sexual frustration? Why don't you do something about it, pervert?
29 Jun 2008
History / Jews-Officers in the Polish Armed Forces 1939-1945 [52]

How about Dzierzynski - Sword of revolution. Native Polish nobleman.

- Why when I mention Jews-Stalinists you are asking about Dzierzynski? In order to distract from the uncomfortable for you topic?

Dzierzynski was a Russianised Polonophobe, a traitor of Poland. I've never found any evidence of him joining the Bolsheviks for Poland and Poles.

So Dzerzynski is just ONE prominent 'Pole' among the genocidal commies.

And now how about the numerous Jews in the Stalinist 'security' apparatus?
29 Jun 2008
Love / Polish Gay Life [142]

men.Who might not be entirely comfortable with their own sexuality

- Are you one of them? If so, is your Polonophobia an expression of your uncomfort?
29 Jun 2008
News / What if Poland has decided to withdraw from the European Union? [54]

Poland received money from EU (Germany) to catch up to the other EU countries

- Like other EU countries, Poland pays a huge EU member fee. Besides, hasn't the EU limited the Polish industrial and agricultural output? We contribute to and take from the EU, just as other members do.

What do you mean when you say "become a free country again"?

- A good question indeed. I wonder why these folks wonder about Poland's leaving the EU rather than about Poland staying in the EU and helping build united Europe?
27 Jun 2008
Life / How do you Poles feel about the fact that so many Poles work abroad? [145]

They rip off the Poles big time but instead of leaving them in peace, let alone thanking them,they insult and abuse them, and accuse them of being those who do the rip-off.
If they dont like it they can go home

- You mean it's okay to rip off, insult and abuse the Poles, and if they don't like it, they can leave? Hehe, tell me more of what you think about Poles in UK, blast it all out.

You are missing the point there Pissy

- Why? If they problem is that the monies earned in Britain aren't all spent in Britain, then it's a problem that the British don't spend their money in Britain, isn't it?

and I would imagine they dont have p$ss poor relatives that await that Western Union transfer every week back in the UK...!

- Do you mean Poles have such relatives? :)

Poles are heading home. It's good for Poland. They can't lose all their young people, they are needed.

Whatt do you mean above? Don't you exaggerate a bit?

how boring for us scots

- An Asiatic ethnic pretending to be Scottish? :)


- It's a complement being called a fool by such a hopeless idiot and wretched pervert as vafuk (bubba), shitelley, isthatty and similar cretins infesting this forum.

25 Jun 2008
Life / How do you Poles feel about the fact that so many Poles work abroad? [145]

And Versille and 30s appeasment were designed to prevent a repeat of the horrors of WW1, the path to hell can be as they say littered with good intentions.

- Is isthatty suggesting that the EU activity will necessarily end in some new 'horrors,' such as WWII? How would he know this? Is he a psychic knowing the future? Is isthatty, like his tribesman calling itself 'nonimmigration,' suggesting the EU is good for nothing and so Britain should pull out of the EU...?

25 Jun 2008
Life / How do you Poles feel about the fact that so many Poles work abroad? [145]

I can see the brute pretending-to-be Scottish calling itself 'nonimmigration' has posted the Nazi swastika and a cartoon equating the European Union with Nazism. It's really criminal; the brute should be taken to court for this hate propaganda. Of course, Britain's full integration with the EU goes against the interest of the types like him; the integration would signify putting an end to, among others, numerous Asians of his ilk sneaking in.
25 Jun 2008
Life / The nations Poles don't like (stats) [55]

Serbs hate poland of their recognition of indipedent Kosovo.

- It's the Polish government that has recognised Kosovo. Many Poles were against it. And the vast majority of Poles like the Serbs, regard them as brothers.

Soon we will have Silesia indipendent

- I sincerely doubt it. All the 'separatists' in Slask can be comfortably seated on one small sofa, as we say in Poland. It's all really much different than in Kosovo.