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Russian looking for a job Krakow/Gdansk, need your advice;)

Juli_Grig 1 | 1
12 May 2012 #1
Hello everyone!
I am Russian, and i am planing to move to Poland soon. 5 years ago i lived already in Poland since one year, and now i would like to back, i think about or Krakow or Gdansk.

For the moment i start looking for a job. Maybe someone from you already was on this way, and can give me some suggestions about that.

I speak Russian, Polish very well, i think;), and English as well, not pretty well, but i lam working on it;) and i am working in TUI Russia. Actually i would like

to found a job in TOURISM case i like it very much and i'm good in, but i'm not sure that it's possible with good salary. What do you think?

Another question, which companies can employed people with Russian languages?
Can you give me some advises?
Thanks a lot
pawian 175 | 13,459
12 May 2012 #2
A lot of positions for people with fluent Russian.

Home / Work / Russian looking for a job Krakow/Gdansk, need your advice;)
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