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Short break in Gdansk, need advice on the best area to stay

kaze 3 | 13
16 Jul 2010 #1
Me and my brother are going to Gdansk at the beginning of August for 4 days, mainly for the beach, and was looking for some advice.

Whats the best area to stay in the tri-city, we've read that sopot is a popular area, also we would like to stay in a place that doesnt cost too much.

Although we're mainly going for the beach, we do still want to go to a place that will have some good nightlife, we were in Krakow back in April and loved the places that we went to there.

If you could give us some advice or point us in the right direction, that would be great.
1 Aug 2010 #2
I am also curious about the location of the airport. Our flight home is at 6am on the Tuesday and I was wondering if it's worth sleeping that night or going to the airport late the night before? Do trains to the airport go all night?
wildrover 98 | 4,451
1 Aug 2010 #3
The airport is located about 12 kms west of the city centre...I don,t know if the trains run all night to the airport , or even if there is a train from the city centre to the airport...There is a train line marked on my map that seems to go to the airport , but it does not appear to run from the city center....

Last time i flew from Gdansk i got a train from my home to Gdansk , and arrived there at midnight , there were loads of buses outside the station , but none of them were operating , luckily some guys that were cleaning the buses offered me a lift to the airport , so i got a lucky break there...

Like you , i was flying out the next morning at 6am , so i spent my time trying to sleep on the floor with my head on my rucksack , and drinking coffee in the all night cafe there....

its not the best place to spend the night...
warsawmole 6 | 42
1 Aug 2010 #4
Loads of good advice about tri-city at love warsaw/gdansk
2 Aug 2010 #5
Whats the best area to stay in the tri-city, we've read that sopot is a popular area

There is a lot going on in Gdansk. If you are on a budget it is probably better to stay in Gdansk there are more budget places. You can get to Sopot by train from Gdansk and it is very cheap and short journey. You can also take the boat to Hel peninsula to visit Hel and Jurata. There are very nice beaches in Jurata. All of the Baltic coastal towns will be very busy in August.

There is a free bus to Gdansk train station from the airport , I am not sure what time they start. There are no train to the airport so it is taxi or bus.
Trixity 8 | 30
2 Aug 2010 #6
Have a look at:

for some info on Sopot.

If you're after cheap accommodation, why don't you stay in a hostel? I can recommend the Happy 7 hostel if you want to stay in Gdansk Old Town. It's 40zl per person per night (for a dorm room) and the location couldn't be better, it's smack bang in the centre of the old town - it's across the road from the Radisson so you can imagine the location is a good one! I can't tell you about hostels in Sopot but I'm sure you'll be able to find something nice.

There's no train station at the airport. If you can afford 50-60zl, take a taxi from Sopot to the airport. If you're flying out at 6am, you should aim to get to the airport for 5am which means you should leave Sopot at 4.30 (just to be on the safe side).

Enjoy your stay!
2 Aug 2010 #7
Gdansk has lots to offer in the August: see

www dot

I'd say reserve 2-3 days for the downtown Gdansk alone, more if you're interested to go in the museums and the like. Another full day for a trip to Hel or some other place outside the city. Malbork is one awesome alternative for a full-day trip.

If I were travelling there now, I'd try to book some nights in a hotel in downtown Gdansk and some in a hotel in Sopot area, just to minimize the effort going back and forth from the hotel even though the distance isn't that long. I just like the easiness to be a short walk away from where the action is, and hate such situations when you have to leave the city center/bar/event area earlier than you'd really like to do, in order to ensure that you can get back to your accomodation conveniently and safely.

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