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Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times

mafketis 24 | 9,088
8 Dec 2015 #91
much money i can get per hour if i work for part time

I doubt if you can get a work permit for part time work and finding work in Poland (without extremely fluen tPolish) is very, very hard.

So, effectively .... nothing.
Harry84 1 | 81
29 Dec 2015 #92
Hi arunmozhi,

Have you started the work permit process ? even i wanted to apply for work permit process, so let me know the procedure for the same.

Thank you.

arunmozhi - | 3
7 Feb 2016 #93
hi harry..Yes i have started my work permit process. Work permit process has to be initiated by your employer. Once you get the hard copy of that, then you have to book the appointment with consulate for VISA interview..Thats it..
10 Feb 2016 #94
Hi! Should I pay for the health insurance as a requirement for visa in poland once I get the work permit? I'm in the same situation. Or the company (employer) will care for that?
Harry84 1 | 81
12 Feb 2016 #95

Usually employer sponsor the health insurance as part of company policy.
you should have travel and medical insurance at the time of visa application.

20 Apr 2016 #96
Merged: Time taken by Poland authority to approve work permit

Hi, i am from India. its been more then 5 weeks since my work permit application was filed to Poland authority for approval but still no response from them.

can any one please tell me the standard time which the authority takes to approve the work permit?
Its taking so much time that the client has started to re-think about my onshore position.
RLB_RED - | 6
25 Apr 2016 #97
Thanks for the response Harry :)

The thing is, my employment to Poland has no relocation package :( So I will be handling the travel insurance stuff. I know a friend who works for an insurance company. Here are my questions:

1) Is the travel insurance same as medical insurance? when I check the benefits it already included medical and or hospitalization.
2) Is 1 month travel insurance OK when applying for a National Visa to Poland? This is because, I will go there for work, so definitely there is a medical benefit offered there.

Thanks :)
Harry84 1 | 81
28 Apr 2016 #98

1. Yes, travel insurance same as medical insurance but there are limited insurance company letters consider for National VISA.
you have to check the site for those company names.
2. For National Visa, you have to get the 3 months of insurance otherwise possibility of rejection of VISA.
RLB_RED - | 6
1 May 2016 #99
Thanks for the help Harry :)
9 May 2016 #100
My company applied for Poland work permit on 16th march, 2016 but still the work permit is pending for approval.

I wish if I had chance for another country. Not happy with this kind of delay.
If they delay more then most probably my onshore will get cancelled.
terri 1 | 1,665
9 May 2016 #101
You forget that we had Easter, that people might be off sick, that there may be other important things for them to do.
If you are not happy with the delay - then please write and raise your complaint with the appropriate department - who will no doubt, answer you immediately.
Harry84 1 | 81
14 May 2016 #102

It will take almost 30- 45 days to get the work permit letter.

RLB_RED - | 6
16 May 2016 #103
I have the same dilemma too. I believe that they (Polish Employer) filed my work permit 3rd week of March 2016. And now its like 10 weeks and no permit yet. My Polish hiring manager e-mailed me asking when I will be arriving to Poland and I said, I don't know yet, I'm waiting for the permit from you guys (in a nice way). But deep inside I'm becoming impatient :( Good thing he's nice and he understand that it really takes a long time for the permit and agreed that he'll wait. So I told him, safest assumption would be July. Gosh, this is so long. I am hoping that it is worth the sacrifice. Good thing I have not resigned yet from my current job here in my country!!!
vickysilva 1 | 5
16 May 2016 #104
My permit is also taking too long, and I have no proof that it has ever been submitted by my prospective employer.

For the people waiting for a work permit, did you have to sign a preliminary agreement saying that if you change your mind you would have to pay a sizable fee (something like PLN 10,000)? I had such a contract, and only after signing it that I realized that there are no penalties assigned to my employer if they change their minds about hiring me if the work visa takes too long or if my application gets rejected.

My dilemma is, I will soon have to send my decision about a master's degree acceptance, and I am not even sure if I will ever get this visa and this job. Do you guys think that my prospective employer would ever be able to charge me for this preliminary agreement fee if I am a non-european?

RLB_RED - | 6
18 May 2016 #105

I have not signed any documents yet. So I am not aware of such agreement. I just had an email conversation with my hiring manager and HR. We are all at the same page.... Waiting :-(
18 May 2016 #106
i applied for my temporary residence permit on the basis of work permit on 21 december 2015 in warsaw and my decision was suppose to be on 16 may 2016 (already been extended once)

I have no update yet. I hope they are not gonna extend my decision date this time or soon im gonna have a nervous break down :D

Good luck to those who applied in March. I have no clue what's going on!!!
RLB_RED - | 6
24 May 2016 #107
Hello Harry,

Do you happen to work with the Polish Govt.? What are the factors that the work permit takes so long :( As I mentioned, I believe mine was processed last 3rd week pf March 2016. I wonder why its more than 10 weeks now :-(
vickysilva 1 | 5
8 Jun 2016 #108
Have any of you people who are waiting for a work permit got it?
9 Jun 2016 #109
yes, i was waiting and i got it last week. but lack of dates in embassy!!!! this is mess
RLB_RED - | 6
11 Jun 2016 #110
Hello, how long was the waiting time?
rahularya198920 - | 1
25 Jun 2016 #112

Anybody got visa appointment after work permit, please share your contact number/mobile number.

Oluromeo - | 1
1 Sep 2016 #113
Hi Everyone,

I'm so happy to discover this great website.

At this particular topic I started reading from first post because I had similar queries about the work permit application procedure and duration and I found this online community helpful.

I got here based on having some polish employee general similar questions like most of us here in this thread but I'm glad to know that it takes about two to three months to get the work permit approved by the appropriate offices/locations.

My work permit application processing started last month but initially my employer told me this would take about 14 days but now I knew better;

I'm patiently waiting. (I pray I'm successfully approved, I can't wait to start working for my new employee in the Republic of Poland).

Thank you all that had responded, it had really helped and its relieving.

But I have some questions about the application (my employer showed me the ePuap logged in page while applying for the work permit last month, yesterday I was asked by my employer if I had been contacted by the ministry of foreign affairs of which I haven't).

A. Please is the ePuap one of the way to submit the work permit application?
B. Is it possible for either/both the employer or/and the employee to track/see the process of the work permit?
C. Will the work permit office contact the employee during or after the approval of the application?
D. How much would it cost the employer to get the work permit for the employee(s)?

And if anybody who works at those permit offices enlighten us the more would be appreciated.

I'd be glad to read some answers.

Thank you for your time.

God Bless
Sebb13 - | 13
18 Sep 2016 #114
Merged: Visa Application Reply

How long does it take usually to receive a reply for the visa application?

I have asked the embassy here, they told me it takes up to a month, does it really take that much of time??, knowing that I should be starting my studies in Oct 1st!!
DominicB - | 2,709
24 Sep 2016 #115
If the embassy told you it can take up to a month, why don't you believe them? They are the ones who know best. In some countries, it can take three to six months, or longer. Count yourself lucky that you only have to wait a month.
Sebb13 - | 13
25 Sep 2016 #116
Merged: Visa Renewal

I'm applying for student national visa for one year. If I receive the visa and I go to Poland to study, and my visa expires while I'm in Poland. Can I renew my visa while I'm still in Poland ???

The embassy in UAE where I'm applying said that I have to come back to UAE everytime I want to renew my expired visa.

Anyone has an idea about it??
DominicB - | 2,709
25 Sep 2016 #117
If the embassy told you that you have to go back, then you have to go back. Why don't you trust the information that they are giving you? They are the most reliable source about their own procedures. They are not lying to you are just making it up.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,865
25 Sep 2016 #118
If I receive the visa and I go to Poland to study, and my visa expires while I'm in Poland. Can I renew my visa while I'm still in Poland ???

i should think that the visa will not run out during your study period, it probably expires when your course ends. At that point you would have to go back to the UAE. What is the problem? or were you thinking a student visa meant you could stay forever?
Sebb13 - | 13
25 Sep 2016 #119
You were not reading the question carefully. If I will receive the visa for one year, and I'm studying bachelor 4 years. This means Every time my visa expires I need to return to UAE and apply again, which is ridiculous and overwhelming, and I may miss some courses while I'm away. Why can't just renew my visa while I'm in Poland?

I trust them but it seems very weird that everytime my visa expires I have to go back to UAE to apply again for visa, whilst I can renew it while I'm in Poland!!

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