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Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times

pawian 176 | 13,997
1 Jan 2021 #181
And what is WP??? I only know Wojsko Polskie or Wirtualna Polska.
Cargo pants 2 | 641
2 Jan 2021 #182
Reading his old posts,I think he means WORK PERMIT.
pawian 176 | 13,997
2 Jan 2021 #183
Yes, I guessed so when the OP`s post was merged with this thread about work permits. But originally it wasn`t and the abbreviated phrase is spelled with capital letters like a formal abbreviation. That misled me.

But if you sayI think and means, it probably means you also had a little problem with WP ???
Cargo pants 2 | 641
3 Jan 2021 #184
you also had a little problem with WP ?

LOL nope never, never worked a day for anyone in my adult life, just for myself and in Poland just got residency and then citizenship from wife with no problems that's why I am now sitting in Germany waiting for my flight to Poland, I just hope I don't have to quarantine, will let you know in evening.
devil_storage 4 | 26
3 Jan 2021 #185
Yes I meant work permit....has anyone got it recently?
devil_storage 4 | 26
10 Jan 2021 #186
Let me answer my own question , it took me 3 months and I have a work permit finally in my hand....
Cargo pants 2 | 641
10 Jan 2021 #187
I have a work permit finally in my hand.

how about resident permit and permanent residence with polish knowledge?
devil_storage 4 | 26
11 Jan 2021 #188
I already had a blue card, but since it was not 2 years I needed a WP for job change, PR with polish will happen after 5 years for me...I will learn polish by then :)
11 Jan 2021 #189
But is it needed, you can learn Swedish faster and Poland isn't wealthy.
Cargo pants 2 | 641
11 Jan 2021 #190
Poland isn't wealthy.

I think you are talking about brain deads,for them even the US is not wealthy.Poland has more opportunities then any other western countries.You have to compete with people from all around the world to be above them there.

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