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Moving to Poland from Ireland - starting a professional life

19 Jan 2020 #31
Also Torq, people in Poland are much quicker to get annoyed/angry over trivial things

I'm afraid that is correct, but I think it's getting better these days (much better than, let's say, 20-30 years ago). Maybe that's the influence of all the people who went to Ireland and came back? ;)
Lyzko 33 | 8,153
19 Jan 2020 #32
There is much to be said about what Atch stated, in my experience at any rate.
The Irish certainly see themselves as having the proverbial gift for gab, at certain almost devil-may-care way about them, not given to the Poles, who had years of

oppressive Communism, something Ireland was thankfully spared.

Generally, the Poles I've met here in the States, particularly those entrenched in middle age, never struck me a particularly happy lot, nothing that smoking and

a good shot of wodka couldn't cure.

Again however, these are cultural stereotypes, yet are such given the fact that a large number seem to fit that description.

The millennials though are a different matter, I will agree.

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