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Professional Poker Player seeking Polish Laws on Gambling help.

Kamil1988 1 | -    
7 Mar 2010  #1
My name is Kamil and I live in Canada. I Moved to Canada at age 4, I am now 22 and in my last year of university. Anyways, as much as I love school, once I earn my degree I'm going to try and play poker for a living. For the past 3 years (36 months) I've averaged approx 2500 USD a month.

2500USD x 2.75 (zloty) = 6875 zlotchs.

If you can see where I'm going with this, I want to move and play in Poland. I speak the language and make frequent trips back. I beleive I can bring in 6875 zlotychs a month GROSS playing poker online.

Now my questions are :

Does Poland allow for Online gambling yet?

If so, would the standard 19% Tax apply for my nature of work.

Any info is appreciated.
delphiandomine 85 | 17,702    
7 Mar 2010  #2
Does Poland allow for Online gambling yet?

The opposite, in fact. Online gambling has been outlawed, though there is no technical reason why you can't play. Tax is high as well - I can't remember the figure, but if they catch you and force you to pay, the penalties are huge.

Why not move to the UK? No tax on gambling winnings!
magdalenaG 2 | 67    
2 Apr 2010  #3
check out the regional tourneys on ....thousands of polish players .
newagedoc - | 2    
10 Feb 2012  #4
Kamil1988 , use Moneybookers they are registered in Uk , the main benefit is that you can also request a MasterCard attached to your MB account.
welshguyinpola 23 | 463    
17 Dec 2013  #5
Merged: How to obtain a gambling licence in Poland?

A friend of mine wants to get a gambling license to host Poker games in his bar. Does anyone know how he can go about this?
bobolek - | 3    
30 Jan 2014  #6
I think the polish online market will be open in June. It was announced for January but then got delayed. I assume they will follow the Italian/French model (AAMS/ARJEL).

We have to wait and see :-)
fredobook - | 1    
6 Nov 2018  #7
Hi. As far as I know it is legal now in Poland.

Home / Law / Professional Poker Player seeking Polish Laws on Gambling help.
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