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A Korean guy got an offer in Poland (Walbrzych)... 8000PLN (gross)

Korean Intl.
21 Feb 2012 #1

I'm from Seoul, Korea who recently got an offer from an intl. company in Poland.(Walbryzch, within special economic zone)
It is 8000PLN(gross) 5461PLN(net)/month and for housing I will be paying 700PLN for 50㎡ newly built company adminstered apartment.
If i take this deal, I'm leaving korea on the first week of april.

5461PLN(net) is actually about 20% below what I've been getting here in Korea.
but of course the price of living is slightly higher in Korea.
but at the same time, i've lived with my family here and so i could save a lot of cost. (plus a lot of mental support for having family friends with me)

this company offered me the sales specialist position because they want to do business with korean production sites all over poland and E.europe.
and they thought i'm the right one because i can speak english, japanese, korean fluently. (japanese is also a plus because this intl. company is headquartered in japan)

They also liked me for having experience living in japan and working in a japanese comapny.

im 25yrs old with only 2yrs of experience in a japanese company (not even sales. its management support). They are telling me their offer is really a special one as 8000(gross)is a salary for over 10years of experience in poland.

also, they don't offer company adminstered apartment for those with such a high salary but they are doing it for me as the best possible offer at the moment.

i've asked them a few times for a possible salary raise and they said no each time.

I'm ready to live overseas ('ve lived overseas before) and willing to study polish really hard if that can make me more valuable in my career.

however, i've never been there and im not sure if i have a good career prospect / vision in the future.
i ll have to leave my family, friends and everything behind and don't know when i will ever come back to korea.

is this 5461pln(net)deal a really special one? that i should never let it go away but TAKE IT?
please share your ideas PF people!
phtoa 9 | 236
21 Feb 2012 #2
is this 5461pln(net)deal a really special one? that i should never let it go away but TAKE IT?

No, this is not a CRAZY good offer.
On the other hand you can live a very good life for that amount of money in Walbryzch.
You should more consider if this is something that may be good for your career (which being stationed in a foreign country usually is) and also i can promise you that you will come to love life in Poland!

Its easy to meet new people here, and most likely you will find a beautiful polish girl and seatlle (happens to every expant in this country) so id def. say go for it.

But dont think that salary is a once in a lifetime.
noreenb 7 | 557
21 Feb 2012 #3
Iust, man, what's your problem?
A salary is decent, if you want it, just take it.
I always base on my intuition when it comes to anything actually.
When yours says yes, thats the beginning of the new story in your life.
Yust discuss the details of the salary and agreement.
Gooood luck!
gumishu 12 | 6,103
21 Feb 2012 #4
is this 5461pln(net)deal a really special one? that i should never let it go away but TAKE IT?

yes, it is really special - Poles won't be earing this without 10 years of experience just as they say
noreenb 7 | 557
21 Feb 2012 #5
Gumishu, you are genial! This guy's salary is perfect. It would be perfect for me. So far I can only dream about it.
21 Feb 2012 #6
is this 5461pln(net)deal a really special one?

For a Polish person of your age and experience it definitely would be! However you're not Polish and I have no idea what are your expectations. It's you who have to analize what's your prospects. On this forum you can ask about costs of living in Poland etc. but not about whether take up a job or not.
pip 10 | 1,659
21 Feb 2012 #7
I took a Polish language course with three Korean guys- I got to know them and their work ethic. Honestly- that salary is nothing special for a Korean. I know the cost of living is so much higher in Korea as compared to Warsaw- but even saying that you won't manage to save a lot of money here in Poland.

You could do better for sure, but if you want to come here for the experience than you will really enjoy it. The language is hard- it is nothing like you know but it is still possible to learn. I can recommend there were a good number of Koreans when I went here and they were all super nice.
1 Mar 2012 #8
I'm a Korean who is working with Korean company in Poland. But I don't think it's a really special deal for Korean. It can be for polish but not for us.

I'm an intern now but I've got offered with KRW 30,000,000 in a year when I would be turned to a full timer. Of course, I got a flat and the company provides every meals and more benefits.

My English isn't perfect and i don't speak polish at all. If I were in your shoes, I would like to make a decision to go to Japan. You can speak three language, right?

Please think over, I think you can go a Korean company with a better offer. If you have any questions, leave a reply. :>
13 Jan 2017 #9
'5461PLN(net) is actually about 20% below what I've been getting here in Korea.'

But you have to work around 20% more in South Korea (overtime) so it equals. Plus, the welfare in Poland is better: not paying for your children's education, not paying any fees for a doctor in case of illness, subsidised medicines... the government pays for this and in Korea if something goes wrong, you're on your own
topumasum 1 | 2
11 May 2017 #10
Can you please share the name of the company?

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