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Need advice regarding moving to Krakow (got 95K zloty gross offer)

18 Oct 2012 #1
Dear All

I've got an offer to work in Krakow, the offer is about 96K zloty Gross, i need your advice as i need to be able to save 1000USD per month.

i dont know how much it will cost to rent a decent room in a shared flat, and the cost of living there.
i appreciated if you can help me as i should confirm to the company very soon
smurf 39 | 1,981
18 Oct 2012 #2
96k = 8000zl per month, minus your Zus (Health & Social Insurance) and rent leave you with about 6500zl per month

$1000 = 3130zl (according to today's rate)
You're sorted.

Food and beer is cheap in Poland, rent in Krakow isn't the best, but if you're willing to shop around you'll find something decent.

Best a' luck
OP emc
19 Oct 2012 #3

thanks alot smurf for your help, i really appreciate it.
if i understand you correctly i'll have about 3350 zl from the package per month(about 1070 USD), and i'll be able to live with that in Krakow?

how much (in average) it will cost for a a furnished room in there (including electricity, Wifi, gas .. etc ) ?

thanks alot
phtoa 9 | 236
19 Oct 2012 #4
Smurf you've got it wrong.
If you make 8000 ZL gross pr. month that equals 5700 ZL net at the most and trust me, this is true..
So you have 5700 ZL and you wanna save 1000 USD = 3120 ZL.

From the 5700 you - the 3120 ZL and that leaves you with: 2580 ZL. A cheap room on your own will cost you atleast 7-800ZL all inclusiv.

So that will leave you with at the best 1700-1800 ZL pr. month for all other expanses.

It can be done, but you are not IMO going to live very comfortable. Especially because from time to time there will be unpredictable expenses which will be tough for you with the above budget.
smurf 39 | 1,981
19 Oct 2012 #5
Smurf you've got it wrong.

You're dead right chap, I don't know what came over me, I didn't calculate the tax properly at all.

Emc maybe lower you're expectation for saving 1000 to 750 and you'll live more comfortably here.

of the 1700 that phtoa has calculated look at things like phone bill/ 50-100zl per week if you use it a lot, my bill is anywhere from 250-350 per month.

Fuel for car, I pay around 100zl per week but it's diesel so it's a bit better...I get around 250-270km per week out of that. God knows what that is in miles.

Then you're food another 100-150 per week (yea I eat alot, my missus can live off 50zl for a week, don't know how she does it tbh)

So that leaves you with about 600zl for yourself + the $1000 for your savings target.
Not wonderful but at least your fuel, rent, food & phone would be paid

If you didn't have to save the $1000 you'd live like a king.
OP emc
23 Oct 2012 #6
thanks a lot guys that really help, i declined the offer as this is the case.

cheers !

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