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Hi All, I have received an offer from IBM Wroclaw of 10,000 PLN Gross Per Month - Sr. Wintel Position.

aadipatel 1 | -
8 Aug 2016 #1
Currently I am working at Bangalore, India, I'm having Rs, 1,22,000 per Month salary, after all deduction getting Rs. 1,03,000. My question is.. I have read other folks questions - Answered by experts. I would like to know whether to reject the offer or accept it of 10,000 PLN. Only I was comparing, Lifestyle in Bangalore is good but much of traffic and crowded. I am bored in Bangalore. I would like to explore the Europe and this is my first onsite opportunity. Could you please help me ? Can i accept it and come to Wroclaw Poland, I am married. First i will be coming alone and later, I can call my wife. Another Question is My wife would like to start business if she comes.. She would like to open Western wear clothes. Please advise.

From Aadi Patel
Neerajt - | 3
8 Aug 2016 #2
Hello Aadi, congrats same here as I am in Blr n got an offer from IBM Katowice . N planning to move.. Plz share your email id to discuss further

sudhakar - | 2
7 Oct 2016 #3
Hello guys ,

im also from blr , can you share your contact information , I also got offer from IBM Katowice. need to apply for VISA, can you please help me.
26 Oct 2016 #4
Merged: Indians at IBM Poland

Each day there is a new thread created by someone from India asking about their offer.
I'm quite sure there is one company behind all of these offers. Discuss them here.

Here are some basic stats about income in Poland.
The median income overall is 4,5K gross (3,2K net), while top 10% is 7K gross (6K net)
You need 6K net to live comfortably.

In the IT industry,
the median income overall is 6,5K gross (4,6K net)
Experts make b/t 9,5K - 13,2K gross (6,7K - 9,3K net),
but making 15K-20K (10,5K-14K) is not unheard of.
IBM has a reputation of paying at the lower end of the market range.
Something like 1 - 2 % of the staff is rumoured to be Indian.


Home / Work / Hi All, I have received an offer from IBM Wroclaw of 10,000 PLN Gross Per Month - Sr. Wintel Position.