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Are there any Americans teachers left in Poland?

16 Sep 2009 #31
Warsaw can cut the love for Poland clean out of a person.

totally. Anyway, there are less now for two reasons, but the main one is that the dollar isnt what it used to be (and many teachers would take what little savings they had here and live the high life) plus wages for teaching used to be really good. Now, prices have risen noticeably but wages haven't gone up to keep up with prices.

The other reason is the EU, much easier for Brits to come over so there are more of them proportionately. For Americans it often isn't worth the red tape. I used to know teachers from the US that would come over on tourist visas and teach and no one would care, now the border patrol has wisened up.
1 Aug 2010 #32
What is the current tefl/efl job market like?
Are there jobs aplenty for american teachers?
What about Korean - American teachers? my roots are korean
but i was raised in the US so will that have any affect
on the perception of the hiring managers?

im gonna do a CELTA in poland but im not yet sure if
im going to do the IH in Wroclaw or British Council in Krakow.
Ive heard that Krakow is the place to be but it is getting expensive.
What are the other cities like in terms of people/city, nightlife, expenses,
public transportation? Im looking at Katowice, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow.
2 Aug 2010 #33
I'm an American teacher and will be heading to Poland in about six weeks for my first teaching contract. I'm excited, but I've been hearing a lot of negative things on the forums that worry me quite a bit.
26 Jul 2012 #35
Well, hello. It seems that there are lots of emotions in the posts above. What about the human perspective of trying a winter or a year in Poland? I'd like to go there from the US of A to learn about the people, the language, the culture, the fruit crops, the history, the architecture. It is an opportunity to learn about life in a different country.

Maybe I can learn something about life, maybe I can share something about my own learnings in the US of A. I'm not a teacher but I am a student of life, raised by a teaching family and I have worked in the field of ESL for a while. I am a native speaker of English and Spanish and would like to see what else I can learn. My own climate is of snow and cold and gardens and fruit trees. I'm tired of working for the system and want a chance to just immerse myself into a new world. As a educated professional in various industries and a few careers I want to try living among the people of this country.

ronemtz at g mail dot com

Do you have any advice suggestions that are positive in nature? Any contacts on how I might go about moving forward on this type of idea of trying life, one country at a time with a focus of sharing life experiences, teaching what I have learned as an engineer/teacher/agronomist?

26 Jul 2012 #36
People who speak negatively about Poland are either on drugs, thinks that the whole world is like Britain or the U.S or have met a few scaly wags that have tried to cheat them (which you would find in all countries of the world)

I moved to Poland in November last year and I love it. The country is beautiful and the people are very hospitable,especially if God forbid you try to learn something about their culture and talk to them as an equal instead of thinking that because they can't speak English then they are in some way inferior.

I make about 7500-8000 zloty netto per month and live a life that I could only dream about in England. I'm about to buy 1000m2 land in Wilcza Gora and build a 190m2 house, I live in Poland, I feel very welcome and have no plans to return to England.
26 Jul 2012 #37
I know Poles prefer British teachers

Facts seem to show Poles like both British and American teachers.

People who speak negatively about Poland are [etc]

AT LONG LAST a normal guy here who says straightforward the essential truth about Poland and Polish people.

Hello, brother.

9 Mar 2020 #38
So, are there any Americans English teachers left in Poland?

I suppose each English Department at major universities in main cities must have at least one.

UJ in Krakow:

E.g., check Mr Noel Harold Kaylor.

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