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Additional freelance work in Poland - ZUS, taxes?

SP013 1 | 4
7 May 2018 #1

Currently I am working already full time for a company (umowa o prace), but also I will be doing some freelance translation work next to that.

The company I do that for told me I would have to pay the taxes in Poland myself as this is a foreign based company.

How does this work exactly? Should I for freelance work pay additionally ZUS or just the 19%/32% income tax?

Thank you.
gumishu 13 | 6,099
7 May 2018 #2
if you work on a umowa o pracę, and the additional job is not another umowa o pracę you don't have to pay ZUS for the second job or for a business you own in most cases and certainly not in your case (the cases when you need to pay ZUS from your business (działalność gospodarcza) include a situation when your umowa o pracę doesn't pay you the minimum Polish wage) - but yes you are obliged to pay income taxes from your additional income - (19 or 32 per cent depending on your income as you stated) - you will need to file your tax return covering all of your incomes (well the ones you feel Urząd Skarbowy are able to detect)
OP SP013 1 | 4
7 May 2018 #3
Basically you are saying it is OK to pay the 19/32% taxation during the PIT-37 registration? Or should this be done on a monthly basis?
gumishu 13 | 6,099
7 May 2018 #4
it should be done on a monthly basis yes if you run your own business (which you do when you are a freelancer) - but the final 'rozliczenie podatkowe' will determine if you need to pay additionally (because you crossed the income threshold), don't need to pay anything or receive some paid tax back
OP SP013 1 | 4
7 May 2018 #5
Right, so the best solution would be to just pay out on a irregular basis so I won't have to go to the tax office too often :)
gumishu 13 | 6,099
7 May 2018 #6
ok I just read up - starting from this year if your 'zaliczka na poczet podatku dochodowego' or monthly due tax is lower than 1000 PLN you don't have to pay it that month but you have to include the income in the tax return you file at end of the fiscal year
OP SP013 1 | 4
7 May 2018 #7
Thank you, but then you will need to give them the 19% during the TAX-form period :)
21 Sep 2020 #8
Hi @SP013,

I have the same problem. Did you end up having to pay ZUS premiums as well or only imcome tax? At what rate in the end? Also, if, just like in my case, your client was foreign based, didn´t you have to declare your freelancing income in the tax-return of the foreign country as a Non-tax resident of that country?

Thank you for your help.

devil_storage 4 | 26
22 Sep 2020 #9
QQ is it actually allowed by orgs to do freelance when you have a regular full time job?
Pierre D
19 Oct 2020 #10
Hi, are there tax cuts on your taxable income after deducting social costs like for example, 50% taxable income cut in France and 60% in CZ, meaning that your taxable income is 50% or 40% of your gross salary after paying social charges.

Best, and thank you for your help.

cms neuf 2 | 2,062
19 Oct 2020 #11
Yes there are but you need to pay on time (10th of every month) in order to deduct the social taxes from your taxable income.

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