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Taxes working remotely B2B, Poland

MrComric 2 | 21
7 Feb 2021 #1
Hi all,

I am making the big step of going B2B working for a foreign entity full-time but I live permanently in Poland. I am native Belgian, I bought my house in Warsaw (no mortgage), graduated from a Polish university and I am married to a Polish girl. I have my PESEL, and I am officially registered as a Polish tax resident.

I am native Belgian. I am working already 1,5 year from the very start (pre-launch) for a big start-up bank with the administrative HQ in Belgium but the operational HQ in Poland. Recently, I requested a change of department from Poland to Belgium. Because I wish to stay in Poland, I will need to go B2B to avoid issues with social security in Belgium vs Poland.

My work is 100% doable remotely. I do not need to be physically in Belgium to fulfill any part of my job. And if needed this foreign presence is covered with a per diem and surely is lower 183 days.

Since I wish to be prepared to carve out a plan to make everything work, in negotiation with my employer, I had a few questions on this..

a. As B2B, I will have my office at home as official working place. Hence, my PE will be Polish. So am I correct to assume as my PE is Polish, my taxes will also be Polish?

b. Does this change if 100% of my corporate income comes from abroad and nothing comes from Poland?


Strzelec35 31 | 901
7 Feb 2021 #2
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Atch 16 | 3,322
7 Feb 2021 #3
If you're resident in Poland you pay your tax in Poland, regardless of where the income comes from (unless you've already been taxed on it in the other country, which in your case you won't be. Also Poland has taxation treaties with many countries to avoid double taxation).

Basically to go B2B, you need to register as self-employed and then you will have to invoice anybody you work for, for your agreed salary plus VAT. You will have to pay PIT (personal income tax) and VAT (I would do that monthly if I were you, it's easier to keep track of) and you have ZUS to pay each month also. You'll get a preferential rate on that for the first two years, I think, then after that it'll be about 2,500 a month out of your salary.
Strzelec35 31 | 901
7 Feb 2021 #4
that's retarded just like Poland is. only morons deal with Polish offices or bureaucrat from communist times. no wonder Poland is so far behind silicon valley or Berlin or London. who deals with such old women retards from communist times or even registers **** just to start making money in those countries?
Einstein 6 | 53
4 Mar 2021 #5
Yes you have to pay tax to Poland if you reside here, no matter where your income is from. But if you don't want to deal with VAT and ZUS then there is no reason why you can't register your business in a different country and operate it from your Polish home office.
Strzelec35 31 | 901
5 Mar 2021 #6
2500 is a lot of money most Polish people in Poland on unemployment or retired dont even make this much. What an eastern European country.
Cargo pants 2 | 975
5 Mar 2021 #7
preferential rate on that for the first two years

true that and most of my tenants change names of the owners and still claim that benefit.

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