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Do Poland's taxes apply to foreign pensions?

Magician4 1 | 4
29 Jan 2015 #1
I should also add that I have a good pension here in the U.S., which would probably be a better pension in Poland given the exchange rate. I'm curious if Poland's taxes would apply to foreign pensions?
pigsy 7 | 305
29 Jan 2015 #2
Poland's taxes would apply to foreign pensions

I am not sure but if you are not a polish citizen I am sure it does not matter then.Dual citizens have to declare there incomes in both countries.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
29 Jan 2015 #3
Dual citizens have to declare there incomes in both countries.

Not in every country. Poland has bilateral agreements with many countries (all EU), which allow to pay taxes only in the country where you have tax residency.
Looker - | 1,047
29 Jan 2015 #4
I found this article on a Polish website, and I hope it will clarify some things (if my translation is understandable enough)

Pensions received from foreign institutions by the Polish tax resident are PIT taxable income, as well as benefits paid by ZUS. Together with other income, taxed on general principles, they are subject to progressive rates, which is currently 18% and 32%.

From the foreign pensions, during the fiscal year, PIT advances should be accounted. If benefits are obtained through a Polish bank (foreign institution sends a pension to an account in Polish bank), then it will be paying for those advances. In another situation the taxpayer-pensioner should settle accounts himself.

It should also be noted that there are provisions of the agreements on avoidance of double taxation - in most cases pensions should be taxed in the country of residence, in this case, only in Poland. In most agreements to which Poland is a party, to the income from foreign pensions is applicable so called exemption with progression method, according to which the income in Poland is exempt from tax, but it is taken into account when calculating the PIT rate. Sometimes the proportional credit method applies. It consists that the foreign income is reported in Poland, but the PIT shall include the pension tax paid on abroad, to the amount of tax that would be payable on the income in Poland.

bullfrog 6 | 603
29 Jan 2015 #5
Dual citizens have to declare there incomes in both countries

Taxation has nothing to do with citizenship/nationality and all to do with (tax) residency, except of course for US Nationals.
pigsy 7 | 305
29 Jan 2015 #6
except of course for US Nationals

The OP is from states as he states that.
6 Jul 2015 #7
I'm a Canadian citizen receiving pension from Poland (ZUS) and just received a questionnaire asking for canadian social insurance number, apparently because of some recent requirement that ZUS must relay income info to the polish government. This is puzzling since i've been getting year end tax receipts for the pension from ZUS prior to this and don't understand what's changing. Also, how does that make them need the canadian social insurance number? I can't find anything on the form either, it's called 'Kwestionariusz dla nierezydenta'. Anyone else got anything like it or knows what it is about?
terri 1 | 1,665
6 Jul 2015 #8
It all depends whether you are a Polish resident or a Non-resident. I cannot easily determine from your post the country where you are a resident.
scottie1113 7 | 898
7 Jul 2015 #10
To answer the OP's question-yes, if you receive your US pension in a Polish bank, as I do. I have to declare that income on my PIT along with income from my school and a company I have skype lessons with. I have an American friend here in Poland who receives his US pension in the US and transfers it to his bank in Poland-no tax on that.
7 Jul 2015 #11
I'm a canadian resident. the polish pension is taxed here in canada and i declare it on my canadian tax return, that is nothing new. I am puzzled as to why an additional form and information, which seems redundant since all that information was already provided on the pension application, is required now. I found no evidence of changes to taxation of foreign pensions in either country.
terri 1 | 1,665
7 Jul 2015 #12
Get in touch with whoever is named on the form and ask. Ask them to quote the relevant Law for this requirement.
8 Jul 2015 #13
Thanks Terri. I won't bother with ZUS (form sender) because based on previous experience it would be a waste of time but I might try the Ministry of Finance since they wrote the law. I was hoping I would find other polish retirees here and see if others were getting the same forms to fill out.

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