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Minimum wage, multiple jobs and ZUS

20 Jan 2020 #1
I am a non-EU resident of Poland, and have 2 jobs.
One is where I am employed 1/5 of the week (part time contract) and where my ZUS etc gets paid. Since the beginning of the year, I do not have minimum wage from this place.

The second job is on the basis of umowa zlecenie, where my ZUS was so far not being paid because it was unnecessary.
Has it now become necessary to have my ZUS paid by this second employer because I no longer earn minimum wage from any one job?
terri 1 | 1,663
20 Jan 2020 #2
It does not matter how many jobs you have or that you do not earn the minimum in any of them. If ZUS states that each job is subject to ZUS payments, then you have to pay. End of.
cms neuf 1 | 1,765
20 Jan 2020 #3
Depends on few factors - type of work, type of ZUS coverage etc - get a Polish speaker to talk you through the examples in the ZUS guide on umowa zlecenia

Or ask the HR dept of the second business. Or ask an accountant for clarity.

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