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Polish Wedding Documentation for wedding in Ireland

BluefishJD 1 | -
28 Jun 2011 #1
Hi all - hoping to get some advice/Help
I am Irish and my fiancé is Polish and we are just wondering what exact documentation we need to get from Poland for her to be able to get married in Ireland - from what I know she needs birth cert / baptismal cert / confirmation cert and a letter of freedom - is this correct? and she also needs to get them translated, Yes? and if yes do we get them translated in Poland or here in Ireland - sorry about all the questions but we haven't been getting any help from our priest here as he might not be even able to do the wedding yet so we have not had meeting so hoping someone here might be able to help or give advice - many thanks in advance.

smurf 39 | 1,971
28 Jun 2011 #2
Call the Polish embassy in Dublin, they'll probably know......but you should get married here, Polish weddings are way better and I'm saying that as a Irishman too.
maillme 1 | 8
20 Mar 2013 #3

Wedding video scenes in Poland

Hi All,

I was just wondering what the wedding video scene is like in Poland? Are there many Expats get married in Poland?

I am currently doing a lot of in-expensive wedding videos in order to build up my portfolio - I spend a lot of time in Krakow, and was wondering if I should maybe offer my services there......

Just looking for anyones experience of this topic.


- Have you had a wedding video done?
- What is the normal rate?
- Is it standard to have a wedding video in Polish marriages
- Do you know anyone getting married who may want one? (English speaking preferred).

my video work is here:

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kamil007 - | 1
28 Mar 2013 #4
Hi Neil,

Making film from the wedding is a must in Poland. Average rate is between 2-3k PLN. If you are really good, you can ask more. I was looking for thous kind of service for 2 months, my own wedding is on August 2013. Fortunately for my, we already made our choice. I have one conclusion, if six months before date, half of companies are busy it's mean this business is doing well.


maillme 1 | 8
28 Mar 2013 #5

thanks for getting in touch - that's really helpful.

Who did you eventually decide to film your day?

smurf 39 | 1,971
28 Mar 2013 #6
They're usually brutal man, so if you've any talent whatsoever you'll be lightyears ahead of the rest.
There's a wedding channel on your tv I bet, check that out for the brutality of what's on offer.
maillme 1 | 8
28 Mar 2013 #7

in Scotland and the Netherlands (2 countries I live/lived) they are the same - hence I see a huge gap in the market!

Guys are charing around GBP 1k for them in Scotland and they are terrible.


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