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Polish wedding in NZ

scottandemilia 1 | -
16 Feb 2010 #1
My finance and I are getting married in December 2010 in Wellington, NZ and we'd like to make the wedding as Polish as possible. Having been to 3 Polish weddings in Poland, I have an good idea what to expect though would appreciate any help in making it possible in Wellington (ie are there any good caterers, venues, Polish bands, etc)

Any help would be appreciated

Looker - | 1,134
2 Feb 2015 #2
It's long after the wedding already, and I hope you both are doing well together! I found two Polish weddings in the Wellington area - beautiful pictures and nice online coverage. Since I haven't found any typical Polish catering company there - it would be good idea to reach for advice from the people who were more directly involved in such event (if somebody from this place would like to get married someday yet - also in a "Polish" style)
eric33 - | 1
3 Feb 2015 #3
Polish weddings are great!

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