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Prices of Clothes in Poland and England

2 Sep 2017 #31
Here in India we are fabricating ladies skirts fr uk brand and ready to push in Poland at 70 pln with Vat do ladi u will push ur stuff
26 Sep 2017 #32
ready to push for 65 pln to Poland
27 Oct 2017 #33
We are fabricating ladies skirts for uk market and looking. To push in polish market at 70 plan fob rate market every where in competitive. So plan ahead
8 Feb 2020 #34
So is it cheaper to shop in Poland, or New York, USA?
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
8 Feb 2020 #35
For clothes ? Depends what you want but for cheap or mid range clothes then New York or even cheaper at a big mall in New Jesey.

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