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Insuring & driving a car on French plates from UK to Poland

PeeWee Cheshire
1 Sep 2013 #1
Hi - has anyone had any experience of whats involved in buying a car on French plates in UK, insuring it in UK to then drive it & leaving it permanently in Poland?
mr plough
3 Sep 2013 #2
Would be a pain as the uk insurers will not want to insure a foreign reg car the french wont insure you unless its in your name and you have a permenant french address then when you get to poland you will pay import tax plus vehicle checks registration fees etc i would register it in the uk get it insursed and moted drive it to poland after 1 year you wont pay import tax as it falls under personal possessions and then register it
15 Feb 2017 #3

Car insurance for a UK resident in Poland

hi i am 21 and live in the UK but i am looking to insure a car in Poland as my girlfriends family live there. but i cant seem to find out if i can insure a car in Poland whilst living in the UK but also i would like to know if when i go there would i be okay to use someone else's vehicle if they have AC or OC insurance.

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