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Best way to get boxes from UK to Poland?

Margyboom 2 | 1
29 Nov 2010 #1
i have moved to Krakow , what is the best way to bring boxes of item here , DHL & UPS will prove to be too expensive

thanks in advance for your advice
polishmeknob 5 | 155
29 Nov 2010 #2
Ship them via regular mail. Also, if there is a bus driver going from UK to Krakow, you can give them to him and pay a courier's fee. That usually works.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
29 Nov 2010 #3

Can totally recommend - plenty of forum users have had positive experiences too with him.
Ajb 6 | 232
29 Nov 2010 #4
Can totally recommend

I agree, but he hasn't been doing much lately, we were waiting 2 months for him to do a trip.

This morning i got my stuff from this guy:

1 pound per kg. and he goes every weekend. picks up Sat and delivers Monday :)
Neil Warsaw 1 | 19
17 Oct 2011 #5


I will need to move some stuff over pretty soon, is there anyone on here that does removals form London to Poland, i probably only need half a transit van,

Any one else need to move some stuff and fancy splitting the cost?

Cardno85 31 | 976
17 Oct 2011 #6
If it's only about half a transit then don't bother with moving companies. Go to a Polish shop and ask the people in there about it. Very often they will be taking a van back and forth to Poland to get stock and it's better for them to get some money taking stuff to Poland than driving with an empty load. I know that my friends that stayed in London often took stuff back to Poland for people if they had space and they were going anyway.

This often works out cheaper, you just need to ask :)
squirrel2012 - | 1
4 Apr 2012 #7
Merged:Removals from Poland to Leeds, UK

We are trying to organise to move my Grandmother from Warsaw to Leeds. There would be a small amount of stuff to move with her- round a bout a transit van's worth. Can anyone recommend any companies that might be reliable/good value to do this?

wildrover 98 | 4,451
4 Apr 2012 #8
Pity.. A few years back i was driving between Leeds and Poland pretty often , i would have moved your stuff for free...

Try contacting the Polish people in the Leeds area , there are lots of them..

You could try the Polish center , or one of the Leeds Polish sites on the net , i have seen a few people advertising removals on there...
terri 1 | 1,664
5 Apr 2012 #9
You could also try gumtree. There are always people travelling between Leeds and Poland. A private person will charge less than a company.

I've found this website - there are people going to Poland from Leeds and surrounding areas who are willing to take parcels, there may be someone going in a van.
Hipis - | 227
21 Apr 2012 #10

Some text, please.
simpix 6 | 27
6 Nov 2012 #11

Can anyone recommend a Company that can help with removals from London to Lublin?
Probably a van one size up from a Transit van should be ok....
Thanks in anticipation....
badgervan - | 1
11 Dec 2012 #12
are you sorted with this? if not email me and we can assist.

tonyparker - | 1
13 May 2013 #13
There are many companies who can provide the service of removal from one location to another. You need to do some work on searching to find the best company for your to complete the job.
15 Oct 2013 #14
Merged: Moving items from UK to POLAND

Hi There

I'm just wondering if anyone can help

I need to move a lot of my stuff from the UK Kent area to POLAND Gdańsk area, quite a lot of boxes with general household goods.

Is there anybody who regularly travels there or will be travelling there at the Christmas period, obviously I'm looking for somebody who travels with a large van or lorry.

If anybody would be interested in helping out and of course earning some cash please contact me


15 Oct 2013 #15
Is there anybody who regularly travels there or will be travelling there at the Christmas period.

Why not speak to the people in your local Polski skleps? I'd be amazed if at least some of their suppliers weren't going back to Poland with empty vans.
johnb121 4 | 184
15 Oct 2013 #16
I'd vote with Harry - perhaps even a card on the Polski Sklep window. There are people running commercially between the UK and Poland - that's how we gpt all our stuff out here, but you have to be careful - our original "contractor" send a sub-c who was told a smaller amount than we'd said so he could not take it all, then there was a con going on where the sub-c was supposed to get cash in PL but the cont asked the customers to wire him the money --- luckily the driver called ahead to us from the German border to explain and make sure we had some cash for him, which we did, so he could buy the fuel to get here! The rest of our stuff was brough out a couple of weeks later by the orginal driver's son, for £100, on a shared load.
17 Apr 2014 #17
use this company this is London's best removal company
11 Jun 2014 #18
I am looking for a good removal company (only a small van required) from London to Poland. Can anyone recommend a company?

Markjhill 1 | 10
11 Jun 2014 #19
Hi annie12 , I can help you. I'm native English living in krakow. Let me know if your interested.
Email me
harryhull 3 | 8
5 Aug 2014 #20
Merged: Bringing items from UK

Hi all

Does anyone know a good company to bring items form UK to Warsaw. I have some furniture and boxes which I want transporting.

Alternatively, does anyone take/bring items back themselves??

All hep appreciated. Very flexible with dates.

Roger5 1 | 1,455
5 Aug 2014 #21
I've used Catrina Trans a couple of times for boxes.
rachelbah 1 | 6
14 Aug 2014 #23
Merged: sending a parcel to Poland from the uk

I was wondering If anyone could please advice me on the best carrier company to send a parcel to Poland my box weighs about 5kg and is 47cm long the content is not that valuable just contains cds dvds clothes a ps2 and some toiletries for my friends daughter thank you rachel
Ziutek 9 | 160
12 Dec 2014 #24
Merged: Transport some large, heavy and valuable boxes from Manchester to Gdańsk, any removals firm?

I need to transport some large, heavy and valuable boxes (audio equipment) from Manchester to Gdańsk. Does anyone know of a reliable removals firm that could do this for a reasonable price?
twopints - | 1
9 Apr 2020 #25
Get in touch with the many man and van services out there that do runs between the UK and Poland

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