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Good place (a bar or a pub) in North London to meet Polish people?

PapaDragon 1 | 2
29 Jan 2015 #1
Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to come on a Friday/Saturday night to have a drink and meet new people? (preferably polish, as this is my native language).

I am married but my brother is not so I generally mean new people, to have an interesting night out.. ;)
Thanks in advance!
30 Jan 2015 #2
Hi I am originally from Wroclaw in Poland, I don't know any Polish clubs in North London, but you will find them in so many bars! The trouble with many people who come from Poland to the UK is that they are not willing to integrate which has caused many British people to be hostile against the us! Why bother coming if you don't want to mix with the British people! When your brother comes I am sure he will like the UK Native people here!
OP PapaDragon 1 | 2
30 Jan 2015 #3
Thanks for the reply - what I didn't communicate properly maybe was that we've already lived in London for years (more than I care to admit). The trouble I'm having is due to the madness of a lifestyle these days (work, work... and then some more work). The circle of friends tends to shrink, too. I stopped visiting pubs long time ago and social life became practically non-existent.. just wondering if my case is an isolated one.. ;)

That's why I was asking, hoping that while I was hiding in my cave, the social life (with considerable contribution of polish folk) was secretly booming out there..

I know of a polish "White Eagle Club" (Klub Orła Białego) in Balham.. I was just hoping there was something in North London, too.
Andreas123 1 | 5
14 Feb 2016 #4
Merged: Meet Polish in London

Hello everyone,

I ve been living in Warsaw for the past 7 years now. I ve managed to speak polish on an average level (took me a while). Its really beautiful and hardcore language. in the next few weeks I will move to London. I would like to keep practicing polish so I will not forget and even get better at it.

I was wondering if someone could list some places where polish are hanging out. I dont mind male / female. Polish are Polish.
I do mind those who dont know how to drink and they crawling in bars (I ve seen "few" insistence in Warsaw :P ).

I would like places with culture.
I know there were few threads about it but they usually are getting off track with guys wanting to find girls.
I have tried joining some facebook polish groups in London, but they all ended up been advertise pages for polish items and random sales.
(Please no churches. It has nothing to do with religion. I respect people's believes, but I would feel awkward standing in a church greeting people....)

Is there any pubs, clubs, social meetings, gatherings maybe (although Im not sure i ll be welcome in gatherings, it will worth the shot heh)

Just enter and shout Dzien Dobry and hope for the best.

As people commenting I will be updating the list for others to see if interested :)

What I have so far is:
b)Somewhere in London there is Polish neighbor... not sure where... but from what I ve read, non-polish speakers are not very welcome there. I hope Im wrong with this one. I would LOVE live in that neighbor

c) there is a unique UK-Polish dating website?! ok, understandable.. but I would prefer this as last solution to meet some polish.
(Even though it could be fun, I really like polish people, I would like to make few friends. would be hard to date them all)
Roger5 1 | 1,457
14 Feb 2016 #5
Somewhere in London there is Polish neighborhood

Polish in London boroughs.
London Borough of Ealing - 21,400 (6.3%)
London Borough of Haringey - 11,300 (4.4%)
London Borough of Hounslow - 10,700 (4.2%)
London Borough of Brent - 10,900 (3.5%)
London Borough of Merton - 7,050 (3.5%)
London Borough of Waltham Forest - 8,600 (3.3%)
London Borough of Lambeth - 6,950 (2.3%)
London Borough of Wandsworth - 6,600 (2.2%)
London Borough of Enfield - 6,350 (2.0%)
Plus Balham, Hammersmith, Streatham and Lewisham.
Andreas123 1 | 5
14 Feb 2016 #6
That was fast. Thank you :)
I cant edit the post for some reason tho.
But at least we have the full list.

Thank you Roger5
12 Mar 2016 #7
Anywhere is good to meet polish people!

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