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Polish language tuition needed in the essex/north london area

tnewson 1 | -
24 Feb 2013 #1

I'm just enquiring whether anybody on here would know of a good Polish language tutor or class in the essex/north london area?

Been trying to learn polish for ages now, i know quite alot of words and can understand quite a bit of converstaion, but whenever I try to put a sentence together it just seems i couldnt get it more wrong if tried!
iloneczka - | 1
13 Mar 2013 #2
Hi there,

I have just come across your post. I have the same problem as you, but with the English. I have been learning English language about 1,5 year and still need help. I am a Polish teacher living in London (East) and I am more than happy to exchange Polish for English if you are native? It dosent matter if you dont have any teaching degree, I just need someone who could correct me when I speak, as lots of English are polite and never tell you when you are wrong with your grammar. Get in touch if that something of interest.


Learn_4skills - | 1
10 Apr 2013 #3
I am willing to teach you Polish via Skype. I am a Polish native speaker with more than 5-year experience in learning English & Polish in public schools mainly. Today I run my own business with exactly tailored language courses via Skype. As a representative of Education & Translation Services I promote our courses worldwide.

Using online technology connected with language learning is really effective. To prove this I offer your first lesson free:) Next lessons: 17 GBP per 60 min. Additional adventage is that:

- you learn anytime from home
- you choose the most suitable starting date for you (you may also plan your next lessons in a convenient term for you)
- you have free consulation with your teacher

If you are still interested feel free to write on my e-mail: englishtool1@gmail
You are welcome:)

Milena K.
Teacher, Translator
Taylor5788 - | 9
2 Jun 2013 #4
Im also looking for a "casual" online teacher, to teach me Polish. Of course I'm willing to improve their English, as I'm hoping to become a TEFL teacher :D
19 Jul 2013 #5
I'd recommend Kasia, Polish tutor from Hampshire ( She's an excellent, highly qualified teacher and a fantastic person. In your case the best choice would be online lessons via skype. Give it a try. Totally worth it :)
9 Jun 2014 #6
If you want I can help you with Polish. Please contact me on skźype kasiapomocwnauce

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