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Polish Beer In The UK

John 444
26 Aug 2016 #91
Ref : I would like to buy Polish beer on permanent basis in large quantities in the UK. Looking for reliable supplier with adeqite prices. The beer I'm interested in are Karpackie, Debowie, Tyski etc.

There is a new warehouse opened close by me in Liverpool called PP Beer ({Purely Polish Beer) and he sells lots of different types (Tyskie, Warka. DeBowe, Zywiec, Lech, Zubr etc) . Email ppbeer@yahoo Sure he will be able to help you.
Alex90 - | 1
22 Jun 2017 #92

I'm Looking for Polish beer

Hi,I'm looking to buy regulary polish beer,if u have for sale email me. Thanks.
4 Dec 2017 #93
Polish beer supplier cornwall

Hello i am looking for a reasonably priced polish beer supplier in cornwall,England, or a company that will deliver to cornwall
Stunner - | 4
4 Dec 2017 #94

Polish beer UK

Looking for a supplier of polish beer in England. Want a few pallets, maybe more for a decent price.
23 Jan 2018 #95

Looking for karpackie

Looking for a supplier of karpackie to deliver to Bolton

Contact 07484912346
OwCr 3 | 15
23 Jan 2018 #96
Van Pur is one.
Tlum 10 | 157
23 Jan 2018 #97
Is there a good British (maybe except for the Irish Guinness) beer that Poles actually like? : )
Ktos 16 | 440
24 Jan 2018 #98

It will only be great news if the bear companies belong to Polish producers (if the profits go to Polish pocket) and not foreigners as is now often the case with anything produced in Poland, it is mostly foreign.

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