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My visit to Poland - Likes & Dislikes.

Seanus 15 | 19,706
25 Jun 2011 #121
There is this tendency to shout your piece and stuff everyone else. Many are not good listeners either. Before you actually finish giving instructions to them for a task, they are off. There are many gibberers here in Poland. Motormouths that speak ten to the dozen and they irritate me.
25 Jun 2011 #122
Especially frustrating when you are trying to sleep on the fault line of the in-law's pull out wersalka....

As if sleeping on wersalka itself is not punishment enough ... Poland sucks big time when it comes to sleeping apparels :/
Marynka11 4 | 677
25 Jun 2011 #123
I liked the new terminal at Okecie Airport on my last visit. And the ladies who weigh your luggage are extremely friendly.
31 Mar 2012 #124
why do you expect polish people to speak english in poland , polish is their first language and obv they wont learn it just for a selfish person like you to come down and judge them because they didnt say ''hello i speak english, I've learnt it to make you happy'' Im half polish I've learnt the language fluently and I can tell you now people might stare at you in a weird way because a diva from US comes and tries to come in and show what kind of a place she lives in , to be honest hunny your english aint as good so you cant talk yourself. I've got russian and italian and polish in it. If i went to US alot of my friends from UK have said all you can see is some fat shits as their mcds is way cheaper than veg and fruit. but you wouldnt like that would you? no ... so just stop being rude and respect other countries that dont really have as much money as your country has cause it aint their fault and they still try and make the best of it you spoiled barbie.
Schmokes - | 3
1 Apr 2012 #125
I disagree with the first post. Warsaw doesn't come off as particularly beautiful like Switzerland or the French riviera, but it definitely has it's charm. I think you just need to find the right guide to take you through from of the nicer areas. I recommend the old town as it's definitely worth a visit.
DepressedOne - | 34
2 Apr 2012 #126
Well, Warsaw isn't as nice as Prague but not as bad as other cities I've seen. I'm living here for some time and when I just came it was rather depressing experience(as you can conclude from my nick). Now it's not so bad, I met some nice people and knew some places in here. Maybe after a year or two I'll even like this city.
2 Apr 2012 #127
Warsaw is a well hidden gem. It takes some time to get to know what's going on here, where to go, what to do. But once you have done that you cannot help but love the place :-).
DepressedOne - | 34
3 Apr 2012 #128
So, Zman, where to go and what to do to like this city? ;)
pawian 202 | 21,132
3 Apr 2012 #129
Check my link in PM. Warsaw is a great city.
3 Apr 2012 #130
I love this city, and I'm still not sure why. But it's true to say that its attractions aren't obvious like Paris/Rome, etc. But I keep returning to Wawa but never bothered to go back to those more fashionable capitals. I've just returned after a few years away and I can't wait to rediscover my favourite Polish city.
pawian 202 | 21,132
3 Apr 2012 #131
I can't wait to rediscover my favourite Polish city.

Indomitable city!
MarcinD 4 | 135
12 Feb 2013 #132
People will like and dislike whatever city they want. I only beenn living in this city for over a years. its not the best looking but there is alot of caring and friendly people and resouces here. its what is in the city that counts. I come from a large city origianlly that has a big mixture of poeple. there is alot of reasons why Eastern European people come immagrating and runnig to USA why because have alot.this is my opinion.

I live in San Diego, which is the ''FINEST CITY IN AMERICA''

Obviously your post is 2 years old but Europeans stopped moving to the sinking Titanic known as the USA, decades ago. The only people still immigrating here are the poor, starving and uneducated.

My sister finished her Masters, after teaching at the University she packed up and moved back to Europe. My parents are planning to return to Europe once they retire in 6 years and I myself (As a European member) dream of returning to Europe once I finish my college degree.

Unless you are wealthy (2%) or Not White why would you choose to live in the USA over most European countries? Americans distrust the government, their neighbors and co workers. Average American is in debt, over worked and addicted to prescription drugs. Education continues to decline from already pathetic standards. Americans are ignorant to the World around them, based on what the poor, starving and uneducated Immigrant brings over.

This country is the model of how to NOT construct a nation. Unless you are wealthy, of course. Then again, some people prefer a lower quality standard of life in exchange for TVs, 1$ cheeseburgers and endless traffic.
12 Feb 2013 #133
can't wait to rediscover my favourite Polish city.

May be try along route 28?
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,313
12 Jul 2022 #134
A you tube film made by an American that moved to Poland and I think that could have been of some interest to Americans visiting this forum.

here it comes:

Miloslaw 15 | 4,690
12 Jul 2022 #135

Great Video.I couldn't disagree with a single word.
Although I have been to America I have never been to LA, but I have friends who have lived there and one also went to Poland and expressed very similar views to the video.

For me LA v Poland is no contest!
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,313
13 Jul 2022 #136
I couldn't disagree with a single word.

I don't know, I just found it interesting. I have never been in the USA, wasn;t interested even I have an older brother in there.
13 Jul 2022 #137
I have never been in the USA, I have an older brother in there.

Nice fairy tale....:):):):)

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