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Sułoszowa is one of the longest villages in Poland

10 May 2020 #1
..., 29 kilometres north-west of Cracow, is "the longest" village in Poland (the main street is 9km long) and it has recently become famous thanks to a series of aerial view photos:


The village is located near Ojcowski National Park and Pieskowa Rock (XIV century cliff castle).
gumishu 15 | 6,184
10 May 2020 #2
"the longest" village in Poland

according to google the longest village in Poland is Zawoja at the feet of Babia Góra mountain
OP Torq
10 May 2020 #3
Indeed. I should have checked first, sorry. Can a mod change the tiltle to "one of the longest" then? :)
jon357 74 | 22,276
10 May 2020 #4
Like a shtetl, on two sides of a long road. Quite a lot of villages like this in PL.

Great to see you back.
kaprys 3 | 2,242
11 May 2020 #5
Since it's so common, perhaps it's shetls that are like Polish villages; )

Such lining of houses in the countryside is quite common in villages around the place where I live.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
11 May 2020 #6
I really can't stand this. It just creates endless urban sprawl, and means that these villages have no real 'centre'.
pawian 223 | 24,567
30 Jun 2020 #7
When in high school, one of my mates came from there. I even spent a week at his house/farm during summer holidays. And he invited us to a sleigh ride - kulig - one winter. The village is conveniently situated close to Ojcowski National Park and Pieskowa Skała Castle, with wonderful views and great trails for hiking.

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