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Photos from Poland

pawian 200 | 21,510
7 Jul 2021 #211
These are in-your-face screamers.

What? You are still obsessing about the rainbow?? Give it a break, I posted new pics for you.

Fighting Nike

Novichok 4 | 7,685
7 Jul 2021 #212
You are still obsessing about the rainbow??

Now, why would I comment about the sick gay colors? Hmm...

Oh, yeah, it's because of all the pretty things Warsaw has, you decided to bring this crap here.
Joker 3 | 3,161
7 Jul 2021 #213
How dare you - you homophobe, transphobe, patriarchal racist!!!

Hey, Im just trying to save the rainbows!

The choice of colors was deliberate and its main purpose was to attract kids.

The same way the cigarette companies market to little children ( Joe Camel) they were sued over it too.

My vision of the rainbow is after a summer storm, not these sick weirdos destroying society.

you decided to bring this crap here.

Hes not gay, I think. He just wants to push his lefty agenda and get you riled up.
Novichok 4 | 7,685
7 Jul 2021 #214
get you riled up.

I am fine with that. At my age and with that dementia, every drop of adrenaline is precious.
Personally, I find the screaming fag colors hideous. Just like the message.
pawian 200 | 21,510
8 Jul 2021 #215
every drop of adrenaline is precious.

Hmm, but a sudden rush of a big adrenaline gush can do a lot of damage. You should be careful - we don`t want to lose you - every PF member is worth his/her weight in gold.


colors hideous.

Try to rediscover a child in you, anew. Remember the fairy tale about a leprechaun who has a hidden pot of GOLD at the end of the rainbow???

Oops, sorry, when you were a child, they didn`t know this story.
pawian 200 | 21,510
8 Jul 2021 #216
He just wants to push his lefty agenda

Are you as obsessed as Novi and see agendas everywhere, instead of enjoying attractive urban views?? You must be a very miserable person if you are haunted by such sick predilections.
Novichok 4 | 7,685
8 Jul 2021 #217
such sick predilections.

induced by sick leftists - always waiting for an opportunity to push that envelope a little bit further.
9 Jul 2021 #218
For me, rainbow is not the disease it is one of the symptoms, the disease is screen based entertainment (which is pretty much all pornography in various forms) causing a society of adrenaline addicts.
Oathbreaker 4 | 474
9 Jul 2021 #219
And increases resistance to high dopamine levels, so to feel as happy/successfully/victorious again.

One doses it more to gain the same amount of feeling again, which wrong. The more rarely one does something, the higher the enjoyment is from doing it.

By reducing the resistance you have for dopamine built inside your body, by reducing the amount time doing it. You build resistance to the time you don't have it (which is most of the time).
9 Jul 2021 #220
Yeah the way I see it is we naturally build immunity to adrenaline abuse to protect the heart and so we need more and more of it as time goes by to try and achieve the same effect, hence the wonderfully wholesome phenomenon of chemsex parties becoming a reality.

Also adrenaline abuse withdrawal naturally causes anxiety and depression type symptoms for a day or two, i.e. perfectly normal symptoms which has been medicalised and monetised into a massive global industry of antidepressants and 'wellness/happiness'. So in summary, turn off your f'in screens.

(apart from this website which is great)
pawian 200 | 21,510
14 Jul 2021 #221
Do you have any beautiful views of Poland

Hmm, I suspect some forum members might consider you a little obsessed with beautiful views. And they might be right coz we can`t stick to beauty all the time - it soon becomes boring.

How about some ugliness for a change then??

Hitler`s headquarters in Gierłoża near Ketrzyn. Wolf Lair.

Alien 12 | 2,679
15 Jul 2021 #222
"Wolfsschanze" and Graf von Stauffenberg. Who knows him?
Oathbreaker 4 | 474
15 Jul 2021 #223
You mean the German officer in the Wehrmacht during World War Two, that tried to assassinate Hitler when it was too late and then tried to arrest SS-members from reacting to his group of German officers coup D'etat, which didn't bear fruit as Hitler survived the assassination attempt? Then Hitler-sons in the Wehrmacht still loyal to him turned on the coup attempters, from trying to sign a peace treaty with the western allies and continue the war with the Soviet Union?

Heard of the guy, he was linked to the Prussian aristocracy (Jünckers) if I am not mistaken. He believed in the true Germany, not the third reich. It was a rather late attempt to save face, to avoid another false accusation of "stabbing" Germany in the back. Which was a myth after ww1 and a lie which the Jünckers gladly supported as it shifted the entire German elites responsibility and that of their Kaiser for the war on to "the Jews". Which Germany as a nation was blamed, quite wrongly as Germany despite having certain democratical tools within it's country was still a Monarchy (non-elective too).

The German public had no say in exchanging their leader before 1918. What happened after 1918 however is another story, which from a modern day perspective is quite an abomination. Germany as a people/nation/it's elites/army/journalists were not ready for such a drastic democratical change.

One only needs to compare it to Poland post-1989 turning from a one party state into a modern democratical republic with an multi party parliament. So far, there haven't been any "Führer" in Poland post 1989 and people trying to brand Kaczyński as one is quite ridiculous. If anyone get's even close to it, it's Piłsudski. Only difference is that he succeeded with his coup d'etat while Hitler failed with his by force.

Ironically, Hitler was able to represent Germany and it's people better then Piłsudski representing Poland and Poles. In formal terms according to rules of democracy. How that worked out we all know very well, still thinking about Poland it still stands the test of time
Alien 12 | 2,679
15 Jul 2021 #224
As always nice explanation, one can rely on you.
Lenka 3 | 3,077
17 May 2022 #226
A nice article with old photos from Poland,30bc1058
Lyzko 37 | 8,705
17 May 2022 #227
Stauffenberg, Hans & Sophie Scholl, Alfred Delp, Prof. Kurt Huber along with all those who gave their lives for truth and freedom were bona fide heroes whose memory deserves to be enshrined in all our hearts!

Many, if few in the total picture out of the entire German population, did resist Hitler and showed that there were good Germans who refused to merely troop along by following the party line.
Joker 3 | 3,161
17 Oct 2022 #228
Krakow.... It really is beautiful city!

Joker 3 | 3,161
17 Oct 2022 #229
Ahhh there's our forum parrot.. I knew, I could get you to finally contribute sth constructive to the forum... I see how jealous you became and had to paste a review from trip advisor, do you think you proved something? Now, lets see some photos or bug off!

Joker 3 | 3,161
17 Oct 2022 #230
Zwierzyniecki Bridge, Wroclaw Poland

Some very talented photographers as well.

pawian 200 | 21,510
17 Oct 2022 #231
Krakow.... It really is beautiful city!

No, it isn`t.

Joker 3 | 3,161
17 Oct 2022 #232
Every city has its bad parts.. So, where is the best place in Poland?

Alien 12 | 2,679
17 Oct 2022 #233
The best place in Poland is the castle in Moszna.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,912
17 Oct 2022 #234
The best place in Poland is the castle in Moszna.

The truth is that Poland has got so many great places to visit that I am amazed that it does not have more tourism than it already has.
Joker 3 | 3,161
17 Oct 2022 #235
I am amazed that it does not have more tourism than it already has.

The weather has to have some influence upon making a decision unless youre visiting friends or relatives. Its a good question. They should do more advertising with cute Polish women:)

The best place in Poland is the castle in Moszna.

This one? It looks nice there.

Joker 3 | 3,161
17 Oct 2022 #236
Come visit Poland. We are waiting for you..................

Alien 12 | 2,679
18 Oct 2022 #237
@Joker; castle in Moszna.
I also recommend a monastery in Częstochowa - Jasna Góra.
johnny reb 40 | 8,629
18 Oct 2022 #238
I also recommended the Salt Mines.
There is nothing in the world that compares to them.
They should be recognized as the "Eighth Wonder of the World."
Alien 12 | 2,679
18 Oct 2022 #239
Yes, Wieliczka salt mine and Auschwitz dead camp nearby. Last is not recommended for kids.
AntV 5 | 660
18 Oct 2022 #240
I also recommended the Salt Mines

Yeah, that place is amazing. The chapel is something to behold.

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