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Poland in photo riddles - part 2

OP pawian 180 | 17,056
21 Nov 2021 #1,201
True independance.

Aaah, now it dawned on me! Thanks Crow. Exactly, that is the personification of Poland after regaining independence lost due to partitions.
Paulina 12 | 2,229
21 Nov 2021 #1,202
She smiles because she knows what coming (...) independance

In a way you've partly guessed it - she's smiling because of independence, but not one that will happen in the future, but one that is already there. This painting was painted in 1918 :)

@pawian, yes, exactly, you've solved the riddle :)) This is "Polonia I" by Jacek Malczewski. You can see it in the National Museum (The Palace of the Kraków Bishops) in Kielce :)

The crown that she's wearing is supposed to resemble a historic Polish crown. The coat on her arms is an army coat worn by Poles sent to Syberia and her black veil is probably a sign of mourning due to all the lives sacrificed to regain her freedom. The man with a broken chain on his leg in the backround (wearing the same coat) symbolises an area of enslavement going into the past. She's also washing her hands of blood, which I guess was meant to symbolise the end of Poles' sacrifice for the freedom of Poland (another interpretation is that she's taking off a violet glove):

OP pawian 180 | 17,056
22 Nov 2021 #1,203
The painting is "Death"

This one isn`t entitled Death though it is depicted. It is an illustration to a known piece of Polish literature. Which exactly?

jon357 69 | 18,360
22 Nov 2021 #1,204

Is it Ogniem i mieczem?
OP pawian 180 | 17,056
22 Nov 2021 #1,205
Sorry, no. But the times of publication are similar.
Paulina 12 | 2,229
23 Nov 2021 #1,206
"Rozdziobią nas kruki, wrony" by Stefan Żeromski?
OP pawian 180 | 17,056
23 Nov 2021 #1,207
Yes! We shall be picked apart by crows, ravens. 1863 January Uprising is coming to its end. A Polish insurgent is apprehended and killed by Russian troops. His corpse is left on the ground. Soon a peasant from a nearby village appears and robs the body of valuable things, e..g, boots. He doesn`t care about the Rising coz it is noblemen`s fancy.


What are this guy`s emotions and why?

jon357 69 | 18,360
23 Nov 2021 #1,208
I know this one but will let someone else answer.

I'll only say that the events of 1905 didn't go well for everybody.
OP pawian 180 | 17,056
24 Nov 2021 #1,209
I'll only say that the events of 1905

Yes, it`s the workers` revolution of 1905 and the painting by Lentz is called Strike.

What is this about?

Alien 4 | 435
24 Nov 2021 #1,210
Lenin and 12 apostles....
OP pawian 180 | 17,056
24 Nov 2021 #1,211
Nope, this guy who looks like Lenin is only a poor impersonator.
Our riddles focus on Polish issues.

Clue: Lenin had similar experiences.

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